Oriza L. Legrand

Jardins d'Armide

Eau de Parfum

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Opens with the smell of walking into a bakery. Sweet, and warm. I find the immideate mid dry down, however to be a bit cloying and "cheap" smelling, on my skin. However, my skin DRINKS floral smells, if it has even a hint of flowers, my skin will pull it right out and I will smell like a bouquet. After wearing if a few times though, I really like it! Its sweet, yet floral, grown up and a little sexy. This would be a great second date scent. With a little black dress, at a wine bar. All the other women smell like apple juice from designer perfume and you smell like classy cookies and antique flowers. I get hints of licorice and orange. Unfortunately I don't think this is a scent I can pull off, it goes VERY floral on me in the dry down.
By   - Accountant from Clinton on 9/27/2019
A gorgeous gourmand perfume. Honey almond nougat, with violet pastilles, and meringues with jam sitting on a bed of rose petals. Delicious, and yet not too sweet, just lovely.
By   - artist from RIVERSIDE on 1/30/2019
I was expecting a more traditional floral but this to me is more powdery than floral - it must be the violet or iris. I am in love with Oriza's Relique D'Amour, but I will not be purchasing the full bottle of Jardins D'Armide.
By   - International education professional from El Cerrito on 7/27/2017
UPDATE: My "unfortunate update" has been rescinded. It's not too early to think of Springtime in the heart of Winter. I'm here and I'm buying! :)
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 12/27/2016
Unfortunate Update: Actually, I won't be purchasing this one after experiencing what many call "old lady" soapiness in an apparently reformulated bottle of Violettes du Czar. The soap factor has most likely creeped it's way into Jardins d'Armide. No can do. I'm throughly finished with this niche business. *shrugs* :/
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 9/6/2016
UPDATE! My SIXTH full bottle purchase from Oriza! Jardins d'Armide has the aura of a classic Guerlain (instant LOVE!!) and the development of a Caron (such as French Cancan) with its titillating peeling off of layers, flower by luscious flower. The Iris powder makes up one half of the batter for these dreamy, honey-dipped beauties. I'm just about ready to pop the bunch into my mouth!! :D
By   - Retired Artist from New York City on 8/19/2016
Jardins d'Armide is a parade of luscious, honey-dipped flowers, making their appearance one by one, each flower as memorable as the last. This Legrand is a smile during Springtime captured in a bottle. Very feminine but not too dainty, though I have to admit that this is quite the departure from my usual unisex wears.
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 8/13/2016
Super-clean, powdery musk/aldehyde burst up top subsides to a pretty rose-violet-carnation affair, with a honey-incense note standing discreetly off to the side. A bit femme for me personally, but it's very well-done.
By   - editor from Seattle on 10/14/2015
I took a whiff of this one before putting it on and I almost swooned, it was so beautiful. But once on it became a Sweet Bomb of the first order. I can smell the spiciness of the carnation, something full of powder, honey, and little else. As beautiful as this must be on the right person, on me it's simply too syrupy sweet.
By   - writer from Tacoma on 11/15/2014
I think Jardins D'Armide is somewhere in between Horizon and Reve d'Ossian; these three of Oriza's perfumes seem similar in feeling, meaning that they could all be described as sweet / sweetly spicy). If you like amber, incense, or sweet patchouli, then any one of these three fragrances might appeal to you. While I found all three wearable and well-blended, I am not a fan of this fragrance family and will stay true to my adoration of Relique d'Amour.
By   - Office from Boston on 10/31/2014
Has an clean soapy quality similar to that found in Foin Fraichement Coupe. An attractive fragrance but I would put it as unisex rather than exclusively feminine, owing to the similarity to Brut and its descendents, the sweet fougeres for men.
By   - Retired doctor from UK on 8/28/2014
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