Serge Lutens

Tubereuse Criminelle

Eau de Parfum

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A slap, and then a kiss. This tuberose is quite unlike other tuberoses I've smelled. I find most tuberoses nauseating, including Fracas (the "reference tuberose") with its obnoxious Juicy Fruit chewing gum and metallic still-bleeding flesh accords. In contrast to other tuberoses that smell so *girly*, Uncle Serge's tuberose is cold, clinical, and calculating in its sensuality. This is tuberose dissected under a microscope, of which the operation is projected on the screen in a large auditorium: each facet of the flower is amplified. The opening is methyl salycilate and camphor (think Axe Brand medicated oil), which I quite enjoy. This is followed by tuberose, supported by jasmine and orange blossom (?). The tuberose is creamy and indolic. I've even caught whiff of a "rotten meat" accord several times while wearing it (for some reason, I like the rotten meat accord more than I do the still-bleeding meat accord)! For me, this is the most wearable tuberose. I have gone through 2 bottles in the past 2 years...working over time so I can get my 3rd. I've never been a fan of white florals before, but Uncle Serge has made a believer out of me.
By  on 9/7/2014
I'm getting everything listed, but it sounded better on paper. Tiger Balm, Tuberose, orange blossom, and now honeysuckle, maybe some gardenia. A little synthetic, although it's trying very hard.
By  on 4/18/2013
To me the opening is not menthol, or gasoline, or rubber, or disinfectant, but strongly wintergreen. lt's also not as overpowering as l expected. lt settles into a pretty, but quiet & rather cold white floral, with lily, jasmine & orange blossom more dominant than tuberose. lt fades to a leafy, sweetish vanilla skin scent after just three hours. This lacks the exquisite beauty of Carnal Flower, & the brash seductiveness of Fracas, & both of these completely outclass it in projection & longevity. lt seems l have already found my favourite tuberoses, & this is not one of them.
By   - from southampton uk on 1/25/2013
SO glad to hear that someone else got the mothball effect. This is so bad on me that I have to scrub. The menthol is acrid. I smell like I bathed in muscle rub, then put on my old mothball laden coat. Really awful! NO WAY!!!!
By   - Mom from Minneapolis on 5/11/2012
I was completely disappointed by this fragrance. It doesn't live up to the hype. It's not bad, but Carnal Flower and Beyond Love are far superior in my opinion.
By   - Teacher from Southern California on 2/15/2012
i love it..lasts forever, comes in a close second to Bois de Vanille, my all time favorite Serge...
By   - professor from midwest on 1/30/2012
My favorite Serge Lutens fragrance. Starts out with menthol note that develops into a sensuous tuberose. Very unique fragrance, love it!
By   - RN from Tampa on 1/12/2012
I just received Tubereuse Criminelle, and it's majestic. I was intrigued with the description, "it's a slap and then a kiss," but I totally understand it now! It's feminine and masculine, a yin / yang frangrance. I'm enchanted.
By   - from Chicago on 12/30/2011
On me, this is mothballs, followed by . . . nothing. Don't see what the fuss is about. Fracas and Carnal Flower are far better!
By   - Scent Slut from way back on 12/22/2011
Wonderful fragrance, like no other! This is my fave tuberose along with Malle's Carnal Flower. That strange menthol beginning deserves its reputation - you either love it or hate it. The creamy tuberose that comes after is the most beautiful floral note you can imagine. A must for any floral lover.
By   - from NYC on 12/22/2011
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