Serge Lutens

Vetiver Oriental

Eau de Parfum

50ml $150
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Vetiver Oriental...
How wonderful to see "Vetiver Oriental" available again on this side of the Pond. One of Serge's finest, if you were to ask me. Although I only recently bought my full bottle, Vetiver Oriental was my first favorite of the line. This one goes 24 hours and then some on my skin. A work of warm green, earthy goodness.
By   - homemaker from Coast of Maine on 1/23/2015
The most boring SL scent I've sampled yet. Smell is unassuming, plain and mainstream. Very un-Lutens.
By  on 4/6/2011
I love this scent! It is quite a Unisex scent. and I can see it on both man and woman. it opens with Vetiver and a little chocolate (very little but perfect) and dry down with a very sexy and sophisticated Oriental touch. I see that's how it got its name. I wear many SL's fragrance and enjoyed a variety of "kinds" fragrance that SL is capable of. Vetiver Oriental is really unique and need a little maturity to pull it off. (I don't mean old lady,..I am in my late 20s') It can be elegant, sensual, and sexy. I used to love Chanel no.19 because it got Vetiver, but I would say Vetiver Oriental has much more depth and range than the no.19 I also find myself grown to love this scent more alone a period of time. Staying power is SUPER. and it changes phase with your body temperature. I love it!
By   - from L.A on 2/5/2009
Otherwise known as "where's the vetiver?" Slight earthy hint when first it opens and it is good, but then the intrigue dies and you're left with a sweet, non-descript mish mash. Not lovin' the Loutens. . . .
By   - from Halifax on 12/4/2008
I smelled this at Barney's. Really nice. One of the cooler, more elegant vetivers I've encountered. (And much more staying power than CdG's Vettiveru.)
By   - Rapper on 11/2/2008
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