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Contrary to Lisa this one completely knocks Tam Dao out of my sandalwood top rank. On my skin it's mild but has none of the play doh note that I get a lot. The cinnamon is not a problem/noticeable.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/27/2020
For the first hour, I really like this scent. But after that it turns into something very muddy and dismal--like old books maybe left in the damp basement. What I did with the sample is I kept re-applying about every hour so that at least I would have the scent that I like. Not a buy though. For sandalwood, my go to is still Tam Dao. Nothing has knocked that out of first place after trying MANY sandalwood centric perfumes.
By   - writer from Chicago on 8/9/2020
Profumum Santalum is a very simplistic yet artistic blend of woody notes, a beautiful dry myrrh and what seems to be a bit of an incense note. This is Not a softer creamy sandalwood scent, but a meditative, deep, rich, ancient resins, woody scent that seems to lean slightly masculine. Transportive. Performance is very good on my skin (all day) and still on my shirt the following day. Exceptional quality. Wonderful in cold weather. Thank you Luckyscent and Profumum!
By   - Caregiver from Northeast on 1/30/2020
Have worn and love both the old, dark version and the new, light rendition. The original version is woodier, but lacks the projection of the newer. Don't fear about getting the new version that's available now. It's a terrific rendition of sandal with incense and cinnamon. Blending is top notch and sillage-longevity is good. THIS HOUSE NEEDS TO OFFER 30 AND 50ML. BOTTLES along with the 100ml.
By   - Chef from Northwest on 9/9/2011
This is like an incensey sandalwood. Its nice if you like that sort of thing, but I just like my sandalwoods a little creamier, with say a vanillary base. I do think this is expensive, but then again I wouldn't buy this even if it was cheap because its too unsex for my tastes, in fact i think it would be great on a man. I smell the myrrh and cinnamon as much as the sandal in this.
By   - admin from melb on 6/8/2010
Simply gorgeous, and worth the price.
By  on 11/28/2009
Wow! I received a sample of Santalum, and it was love at first whiff! Literally. It is indeed a deep sandalwood, with a hint of myrrh, and cinnamon on the base note. It blends in so perfectly. Excellent staying power. I definitely have to order me the full bottle!
By   - Bon Vivant from California on 3/3/2008
Kudos to the staff at Luckyscent who went out of their way to find me an original Santalum formulation. Excellent customer service and a wonderful scent.
By   - Physician from Prince George, BC Canada on 2/18/2008
I bought Santalum about a year ago and really enjoy the richness and warmth of its scent. I bought another bottle this year and was disappointed in the re-engineering done to the product. It's dark ambery appearance has been replaced with a slightly off-color yellow. The product's scent is lighter now and much of the richness of its former rendition is no longer present to my nose. That is too bad. I wonder what happened here?
By   - Physician from Prince George, Canada on 12/25/2007
S.L. Daim Blonde - very similar scent only Daim Blonde has more leather in it and is creamier. This one is OK but way too deep with the myrrh and Sandalwood for me. I wouldn’t have purchased this if it didn’t come in a sample pack with other scents that I did want.
By   - Caregiver from Bethlehem, PA on 12/14/2006
This is a great sandalwood interpretation. Simply beautiful and smokey. Long lasting and reeking of understated elegance. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Definitely!
By   - Furniture/Interior Design from Chicago on 10/28/2006
This is a great sandalwood wood interpretation. Simply beautiful and smokey. Long lansting and reeking of understated elegance. Pricey? yes. Worth it? Definitely!
By   - Furniture/Interior Design from Chicago on 10/28/2006
Got this as a sample, and am fascinated. I've been wearing it for about three hours, so there may be more. Sandalwood for incense lovers. The mix is heady and wonderful, sweet and rich. Not cloying or annoying, just a wonderful, deep scent.
By   - Artist from Alexandria, VA on 10/17/2006
People who like an extremely well done sandalwood should go and buy sandalwood oil mysore. This is more like Calvin Klein's Obsession, and the myriad similar products
By  on 10/12/2006
This is a lovely scent. When I first put it on I was treated to a wonderful cascade of clove, cinnamon, anise, and myrrh (with an odd frankincense note). It dries down to a very neat, clear mysore sandalwood that lasts and lasts. I have to say that I really don't understand all the protest about the price of this line. $195 is by no means a lot of money to pay for a truly wonderful scent. Would you people prefer that it cost $20 so every middle American mall-rat and urban paralegal would have access to it? If that, very reasonable, price is too much to pay - don't buy it.
By   - Bon Vivant from Manhattan on 10/6/2006
i can't believe i actually sprang for this AND fiori d'ambra. i couldn't choose. when sprayed, they are both uncommon and outstanding. the sandalwood starts out strong and the myrrh augments it in a very distinct and beautiful way. both these scents have extreme longevity. i sprayed them on about 12:30 pm. and it's now 10:10 pm and they are still very beautiful and distinct all these hours later, though muted. the sandalwood eventually emerges into a very mellow and gorgeous primo sandalwood, meditative and spiritual.
By  on 9/17/2006
Just got a sample of this. True to the description, this is a straightforward but lovely (mysore?) sandalwood, just slightly sweet, transparent, and deep. Reminds me of Etro Sandalo cologne, but with perhaps more staying power and depth. If you love sandalwood, you won't be disappointed.
By   - Editor from Providence on 9/16/2006
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