Vanille Abricot

Eau de Toilette

by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Vanille Abricot Sizes Available:
30ml $38
100ml $85
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Vanille Abricot...
This smells absolutely amazing, I just wish it came in a perfume instead of EDT so it lasted longer. It smells almost exactly like Pacifica Island Vanilla Perfume, which happens to be cheaper and pretty long lasting. 5 stars for smells, 3 stars for longevity.
By   - Nurse from Colorado on 5/25/2017
Super sweet. .I honestly could not wear has an unnatural smell..made me a little queasy..but if you love sweet smells this could be a favorite.
By   - Export clerk from Elizabethtown on 9/20/2016
I have bought for my daughter and I five of the different scents of Comptior and this is my daughters all time favorite, she is sixteen. It is a great summer fragrance. I think it smells just like lucky charms with a bit of smokines to it. This is not a deep scent, but lighter. Great for a summer day. try the Vanille Peche as well!
By   - realtor from Iowa on 4/11/2011
Vanilla and apricot. I really didn''t have any expectations only that a lot of reviewers mentioned it''s like wearing cake. And it is indeed like being enveloped in warm vanilla cake. The apricot comes out in the beginning but in the dry down, there is just warm vanilla. It actually reminds me of the way my cabbage patch kid would smell. Take it or leave it, I really love it. I can see myself wearing this cozying up on the couch on a rainy day or when I need a little comfort (as in walking into a warm bakery). A fragrance you would wear just for yourself and whoever wants to come into your inner circle is more than welcome.
By   - Unemployed from Los Angeles on 2/8/2011
would like to add the the review on the bottom....after some time it starts to smell more like "cake" and less like "candy" got better as time passed, but unfortunately it does not last long. You would need to re-apply thru out the day. It''s def. worth getting a sample of.
By   - from Californiaa on 1/10/2011
Not what I expected. Eventho I love gourmand, vanilla, sweet perfumes, this is more of a hard candy smell, not the vanilla foody scent I was expecting. Smells like dried apricot. I don''t consider this a sweet cake smell, it''s more of a sweet hard candy smell, for me it needs more vanilla and less apricot. Just too obvious sweet.
By   - from Californiaa on 1/10/2011
Their most popular in America for a reason, it''s the best of the sweet bunch, and the most subtle. I agree it doesn''t say "apricot" when you wear it, all the notes are blended together. In Europe where people don''t like to smell sweet, their most popular is the Motu one, which smells like seaweed to me, but to each her own.
By   - writer from LA on 11/30/2010
Well, after several years of wanting to try the comptoir sud pacifique fragrance, I ordered a sample of vanilla abricot. what a disappointment. It smells like vanilla custard or very cheap vanilla perfume from wal mart. disappointing
By   - manufacturing from atlanta on 6/18/2010
I''ve bought this as a summer fragrance, and my daughter and I think it smells like lucky charms, in a good way. I like the sugary tones, and candy. Good youthful smell.
By   - realtor from Ia on 10/23/2008
people say i smell like cottoncandy yhe apricot smell is veeerry brief it is noy worththe price more like drug store price
By  on 9/27/2008
this smells like a vanilla tootsie roll or achinese candy ibuy called white rabbit yummy!
By  on 9/21/2008
On me this is sickly sweet for about 5 mins and then dries down to the most wonderful, warm, rich, comforting vanilla scent that smells like warm skin - doesn''t smell like apricots at all - and I love it so much!So many scents don''t last on my skin but this one lingers all day which is wonderful.Also it feels like its almost in an oil base rather than the usual alcohol base used for most scents which I think is what helps it last longer.
By   - from UK on 9/15/2008
This CSP is too sweet. It reminfd me of those scented Strawberry Shrotcake dolls from the 80s. Instead I prefer CSP Amour de Cacao and Vanille Passion. More depth and less sweetness there. I have heard good things about Vanille Banane as well.
By  on 7/7/2008
I couldn''t wash it off fast enough. It''s strong, sugary, and cloying. Not complex at all, just smells like cotton candy. Seems to last well - unfortunate for me, but a plus if you actually like the fragrance.
By  on 6/28/2008
just bought a sample and on me was not at all what I thought it would be. I agree with others that it is cloying, clinical, and synthetic - and to me smells exactly like the laughing gas at the dentist''s when I was a kid.
By   - from portland on 3/27/2008
The part about its manmagnet abilities is totally true. I can not agree more.
By  on 3/27/2008
Well I like it, but don''t love it. I certainly would not pay the full price for this scent. I can appreciate the gourmand quality and I LOVE apricots in any scent. My mother says I was an apricot baby, meaning they were my favorite gerber baby food of all time. lol I would love this as a gift to layer with my other perfumes. Just cannot push myself to buy it yet.
By  on 12/5/2007
It''s not fair to any vanilla scent that I own Lea, because everything else smells so cheap. To me this smells Yummy, but not expensive. It would be great as a a candle!
By   - stay home mom 27 from dewey, ok on 11/13/2007
I wore this one for so many years, I got that ''old lady who can''t smell what she''s wearing so she sprays herself every half hour'' thing with it. it wasn''t healthy for either of us: I had to break it off. but this fragrance is delicious! you are rolling in the softest white fake fur blanket [the vanilla] while handsome footmen refill your crystal glass with a sweet golden cordial [the apricot.] I may have to make a drunken, midnight phone call to Vanille Abricot...
By   - artist from south san francisco on 9/19/2007
I wanted to love this so bad! I love sweet scents, I love sugary scents, and I love vanilla. This spray smells exactly like brown sugar-but not in a good way. It reminds me of a candle or air freshener, not perfume. It only lasts for about twenty minutes thank goodness. Save your money!
By   - Insurance from Sacramento on 9/18/2007
Warm cobbler? Ice cream? Cookies? I''m a grown woman who enjoys BEING dessert...................not smelling like it.
By   - Hair Stylist from NYC on 8/14/2007
Nice occasional pick-me-up. It lasts only for 5 min and NO ONE realises I was wearing any form of parfume. So I decided it''s just great for room fragrance! Very, very pricy one, that is.Nothing like apricot in my humble opinion, but subtle sweetness of vanilla is nicely blended in with something really fresh & yummy (not a smidge bad notes in there, e.g., sharptartoff.. )
By   - from London on 8/12/2007
Too sweet & foody for my taste. Good thing it didn''t last long.
By   - Stay at home Mom from New Jersey on 7/2/2007
Be prepared to hear from anyone within range that you smell like cookies. So if you like smelling like a sugary sweet baked good then by all means spend the money.
By   - Librarian from Clemson, SC on 6/18/2007
Great everyday perfume. Not too strong or offensive, and I get tons of compliments when I wear it. By the way, children love this one. My niece says I smell like cookies and the children I work with come up to hug me more when I wear it.
By   - from houston on 3/21/2007
I get raves when I wear this. I was strongly against anything food scented before I got this perfume. This is a more heady vanilla than I am used to, but it is a good perfume.
By   - from Seattle on 3/6/2007
yucky-yucky-eewww. GLAD i ordered a sample first. smells very cheap, nothing like apricot vanilla would...
By  on 2/20/2007
This one gave me a headache. It has a chemical scent that burns the inside of my nose. It certainly does NOT smell like real apricots. I like some of the other CSP scents but not this one.
By  on 1/19/2007
I don''t get this line. I love vanilla, foody scents and want so badly to buy a bottle in this line. Yet everytime I try it, just once more, just in case, it leaves me wanting to scrub myself to get rid of the assault of cloying and synthetic smells. Demeter seems like a much cheaper alternative (?)
By   - lawyer on 12/12/2006
Nice enough if you love vanilla+apricot ,however it''s much too pricy for the weak staying power and you can get the same fragrance which lasts much longer with Yves Rocher Vanille Bourbon edt layered with Yves Rocher Abricot edt for about 8 dollars each for the 3.4 oz. bottle.
By   - from NJ on 10/23/2006
this is a delight!!! a perfect vanilla based scent that is light enough for summer...i enjoy smelling like a yummy cake,this scent has a loyal following!
By   - artist/poet from eugene,oregon on 9/25/2006
Sugary-sweet breakfast cereal, anyone?Vanille Abricot is for kids!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 8/18/2006
Not bad but the bottle and the smell kinda reminded me of room freshener! It only lasted about 2 minutes on me and it was gone!
By  on 7/16/2006
Like another reviewer, CSP smells clinical, sharp, antiseptic on me. Keiko Mecheri perfumes, including Peau de Peche, do not, nor do the La Maison vanilla perfumes. CSP can react very unfavorably to some people''s body chemistry.
By   - from Texas on 5/21/2006
Yeccchhhh! I love vanilla extract & often throw a dab of it in where it usually isn''t. Wanted a nice vanilla fragrance. This wasn''t it for me -- SO sweet & candyish I felt I might as well be rubbing cheap nougat on my skin. This might be the most cloying fragrance I know that didn''t come from the dime store.
By   - lawyer from Minnesota, US on 4/21/2006
I grew up helping out in my dad''s bakery, so I have an affection for sweet fragrances, particularly vanilla. I love Vanille Abricot for its terrific lasting power. It has a candy like quality because of the fruit notes. I get lots of "mmmm" compliments when I wear this - people trail after me asking what perfume I have on :D
By   - from South San Francisco on 2/20/2006
I love it,I did not like vanilla scents until this one,it is amazing,and it lasts all day on me,I work in a school and all the kids tell me I smell like candy,but I must say as the day goes on the candy smell softens and just smells nice and soft.
By   - from Detroit on 1/26/2006
So strange--I''ve read so many great things about this scent and thought I''d love it, but when I smelled it, it smelled strangely clinical! Not antiseptic like anything you''d clean with, but the way a dentist office smells. Mildly sickly sweet. It was probably just me...! After all, scent is so personal, and clearly, people love this one!
By   - Public Relations from San Diego, CA on 1/5/2006
My FAVORITE CSP of the bunch. I have worn this scent for years and have never received as many compliments on a fragrance (except Bond #9 China Town) Men love this and it makes me feel very girly. Lasts very well too and I can''t say that about all of the CSP line.
By   - Police Officer from Maui, Hawaii on 12/25/2005
This smells alot like the banane to me, only slightly weaker. The apricot really stands out. It gives off a warm, and buttery kind of feeling. On me, I think the banane is better, only because I like a stronger, sweeter vanilla.
By   - from san diego on 11/13/2005
Mmmmmm! I LOVE this! It''s a very nostalgic scent for me. I tried it on after using my pomegranate-scented soap and it smelled really good, so it does seem to layer well.
By   - from Iowa City on 9/26/2005
My two young sons love this on me. They claim it smells like Starburst candy. If you ever want to smell irresistably sweet, this pretty fragrance will be really enjoyable. This isn''t one I''d wear a lot, but I do like the smell.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 9/12/2005
this smells very cotton-candy-like on me, although out of the bottle i smell the fruitiness more. it''s about 90 degrees and very humid here right now, so i was impressed when it lasted for even 2 hours. definitely one of my faves in the CSP line.
By   - college english teacher from pittsburgh on 7/28/2005
all csp fragrances are amazing--and this is no exception! Very yummy, sweet, gets better the longer it stays on the skin, although it doesn''t last too long.
By   - from ny on 7/20/2005
I absoutly LOVE this perfume,I usually don''t like vanille scents that much,but this is wonderful,it smells great and lasts all day on me,that makes it a keeper in my book because nothing ever lasts on me,it is kind of pricy but is is worth it.
By   - from allen park,mi on 6/27/2005
I loved The smell of this in the bottle, but when I put it on it turned from something wonderful to something almost musty and tobacco like. I was so disappointed that it did not work for me, but I have found more fragrances in this line that do work than any other. CSP is the best!!
By   - student from Ca on 6/16/2005
Has little staying power on me. I loved the smell in the bottle, however my co-workers are gagging at the moment. Apparently my chemistry is not working with this one.
By   - Sales Assistant from Chester NJ on 6/8/2005
The best of this line for vanilla lovers. Warm, foody, sensual,creamy and delicate.By the magnet!
By   - from Fla. on 5/13/2005
this smells exactly like cotton candy on me, in a good, good way. you''ll have to fight the boys off with this one
By  on 5/5/2005
The BEST apricot-vanilla scent out there. Don''t waste your money on the imitations, this one''s worth every penny
By   - from NYC on 4/14/2005
By  on 3/7/2005
I Love this scent!!!It''s deliciously creamy and sweet!!!Definetely try this.
By  on 3/3/2005
I am not a vanilla lover.but I really like this perfume,it is not a overwhelming vanilla,very nice,but the other reviews said it last''s a long time,on me it did not last long at all and I do not consider it a strong fragrance as some other reviews suggested.
By   - from Detroit on 2/20/2005
This is a great sweet scent. A little bit of a vanilla, but mainly I think it smells like cotton candy. I love it!!!
By  on 2/2/2005
based on what I read about this scent, I had to get it. I wish there was a little more apricot but its wonderful. It is strong and lasts and lasts. I have received nothing but sweet compliments.
By   - teacher on 1/29/2005
I always loved this delicious, much-copied scent, but my father rained on my parade when he got a whiff of me and said, "Why do you smell like cigars?" No, dad, haven''t taken up puffing Cubans! Now I''m resorting to Vanille Cannelle to get my CSP fix, because despite that, this line is still the bomb.
By   - journalist from the Philippines on 1/27/2005
Even though I believe this is CSP''s most popular scent, I don''t see exactly why. It''s not bad, but in my opinion, Vanille Banane and Vanille Coco are the best vanilla scents around.
By  on 12/6/2004
very sweet, has a hint of vanilla but my initial reaction was that it was very sweet. i like it a lot. haven''t found one better. best of the CSP fragrences in my opinion
By  on 11/26/2004
Divinely delicious - a vanilla lover''s dream!
By   - Teacher from Calif. on 11/24/2004
i loved this.. everyone always goes around asking if something is baking. and im told i smell like marshmallows a lot. for people who cant stand cloying smells, forget it though.
By   - from paris on 11/13/2004
I agree with Susan!
By  on 11/7/2004
Very sweet! Recommend sampling first.
By   - from Kansas City on 11/5/2004
For some reason, people think I smell like chocolate when I wear this. It''s a nice scent, veeery sweet. It lingers and dries down beautifully. My only problem with it is that it tends to smell really strong to me for the first hour or so (all the CSP''s do actually). 2 spritz MAX.
By   - Research Tech from Seattle on 10/22/2004
by far the best vanilla fragrance ever.if u are a vanilla lover try any of the csp fragrances..they do vanilla better than any other brand
By   - teacher from ny on 10/21/2004
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