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Honey and jasmine, then tuberose, then TUBEROSE!!!, then salt which plays a crucial role in protecting the wearer from death by floral avalanche. (Seriously, this one would be frightening without the salt note.) Once that opening blast is out of the way, the tension between !T!U!B!E!R!O!S!E! and the oddly earthy salt is what keeps this interesting for those of us not merely casting about for a gigantic floral, and it makes for an amazing, slightly animalistic drydown. Very nice indeed.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/15/2016
Big White Floral... I was not expecting quite this much tuberose, but it is well done and I like this take on it.
By   - from San Diego on 4/10/2015
Okay, I will be brave and be the first to review Tagete here on Luckyscent. The description on site speaks of the sea and the ocean. Well, a sea breeze from ten miles out that has to bust through a heft of tuberose hedge. The first wear I immediately thought, "Tubereuse Indiana by Creed." But later it turned into its own character by the marigold, vetiver, and moss. The second wear I thought, "Carnal damnit Flower!." But no, it became a less insistent tuberose that is CF on me. The third wear I thought, "I just can't differentiate the subtleties of tuberose scents." I can say I am highly sensitive to house florals. 99.9% of them absolutely pain me. In my extensive private collection of essential oils and absolutes, I have many florals that I love, blend and can wear with no sensitivity. I have tuberose absolute, too. It is the one floral that I cannot be careless with. It dominates without mercy. Less is more. So given my experience, Tagete is a floral garden...a tuberose garden with a better supporting cast than TI or CF. Very feminine yet dries down in a more unique way of all the tuberose frags I have sampled. If you are a big fan of florals, this is your gal. Bang for the buck and well-crafted.
By   - Vagabond  from Otto on 3/3/2015
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