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I keep coming back to this delicious perfume. Every time I wear it, somebody asks me what it is. Enough said.
By   - Retired living in Mexico from San Miguel de Allende on 3/26/2021
Try before you buy! On me this was less linear than on some of the other (happier) reviewers; it dried down a little flat and dusty, not quite metallic but a little acrid. The search goes on.....
By   - Business from Boston on 1/19/2021
This is *the* tuberose scent I’ve been looking for — for aeons. It’s creamy and lush and intensely floral but with the tiniest hint of dirty jasmine underneath so it’s never candylike. Nary a soupçon of vanilla (thank goodness). It has longevity, doesn’t change on the skin, and dries down to exactly what it started out as. Rich and deluxe. AND Profumum Roma includes - thoughtfully - a tiny rollerball travel bottle, a funnel, and a full-size atomizer sprayer to go with the screw top. A total treat and worth the splurge (even in Canadian dollars!) PS a friend got me hooked on this company with its white floral Sabbia Bianca — it too is gorgeous.
By   - freelancer  from Toronto on 9/3/2019
Developed an unpleasant, flat, metallic aspect on my skin, unfortunately, so not for me. I sampled this looking for a true-to-life smell, but I think I will need some gardenia with my tubarose to get that intoxicating buttery quality of the real flower in a perfume. I also tried Perris Monte Carlo Tubereuse Absolue EDP, which did better for me but was still lacking the essential butteriness that I'm wanting.
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 12/4/2018
People frequently stop me and ask what kind of perfume I am that to me, says it all.
By   - Retired from Acapulco, MX on 7/20/2018
I am always searching for great tuberose scents and this is second only to the original Fracas! it is deeper and more complex than Do Son. I've also found that Profumum perfumes have great longevity (I also have ACQVA E ZVCCHERO by them and love that as well).
By   - software architect from richmond, VT on 4/15/2017
I keep sniffing it from the first moment I received the sample. OMG! It is addictive! It opens with citruses which I love!Smells rich,creamy,clean,fresh,romantic! This is a warming fragrance,Uplifting! Longevity is great. I think people who hate tuberose should give this a try.
By   - lawyer from Istanbul on 2/6/2011
A warm, rounded tuberose with lots of jasmine, & hints of creamy vanilla which remind me a little of Monyette. Long-lasting with good sillage, very nice but too expensive to justify a full bottle.
By   - from southampton uk on 9/12/2009
I bought a sample of Tuberosa just for fun. I wasn't looking to replace my favorite tuberose scent (Fracas), but inspite of the expense I am hooked. This is the closest thing I have found to breathing in the scent of a real tuberose on the plant in a lush garden at night.
By   - nurse from Boston on 8/22/2008
This is an unusual tuberose fragrance. It is not sweet or floral like other tuberose fragrances, instead it's opening is quite citrusy. In fact, it smells like a vitamin C face serum I have. It is also a little spicy. The citrus note tones down in the dry down and the creaminess of the tuberose becomes prominent. Although I like the creamy dry down, the citrus and spicy top notes are a little strong for me.
By   - from England on 11/19/2007
Piano Lady's review is right on the mark as with the Lucky Scent's description. Tuberosa is absolutely exquisite!
By   - from New York, NY on 9/11/2007
This is absolute heaven. My mother took one whiff and declared that this was the one fragrance she'd been looking for her whole life. So we're giving it to her for her birthday next week. I had to hurry up and wrap it or I'd keep it for myself. :-) The fragrance starts out as a glorious nod to tuberose, and it simply stays that way. Nothing changes in the drydown. Just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
By   - homemaker from Nashville, TN on 6/2/2007
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