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I wanted to love this. The notes sounded great, but this was horrible. It smells like cheap soap. I didn't get any vanilla or honey, just sraight up bad almonds.
By   - - from New York on 1/6/2020
far too much almond for my taste. If you can't get enough of almond then by all means knock yourself out.
By   - writer from Chicago on 12/26/2018
To be fair, I hate powdery perfumes. This was the extra sample I got, so I never would have picked it. If you like powder, you might like this. To me, it was straight baby powder. I couldn't even put on the sample. Gabs it two stars because it smells a little less like baby powder in a few minutes. But not enough less for me.
By   - Surgeon from Berkeley on 9/22/2016
After reading the reviews I was hoping for the Grand Love with this perfume. As pretty as it is, it just doesn't work on me. In the bottle (sample) it smells clean and a little sharp, with just a perfect hint of sweetness. When I put it on my skin, it just disappeared for about 5 minutes. Nothing. Then, slowly, the powdery, honey, sweet, almost ambery vanilla scent came through. But again, that only lasted maybe 20 minutes before becoming baby powder mixed with honey. It sits very close to the skin on me. I don't get the longevity or the sillage that others are getting. Too bad; I really wanted this one to work!
By   - writer from Tacoma on 11/24/2014
Not for me. I tried really hard to like it because the notes sound so delicious. But it opens with Johnson & Johnson baby powder smacking you in the face for about 5 minutes, then settles into play-do. (which I understand, common for an almond scent). Then it occupies a kind of nice sweet-spicy-almond place for a while. A long while. This stuff is pretty tenacious on me ... I'm on about 6/7 hours now and although the sillage isn't big I can definitely still smell it. It also has been reminding me of something for hours and I just realized what it was. It's a dead ringer for Jergens Cherry Almond body lotion. (on me anyways - let's hope it's a chemistry issue) Kind of a bummer really. Minus two stars for being underwhelmed, and minus one more for my husband's immediate comment of 'What is that perfume?? You smell like my grandmother!' (eek!!)
By   - Architect from Portland on 2/26/2014
I must say i could not live without a bottle of Alessandro M. with or around or on me! Sensual,clean,dreamy,poetic,ultimately like a fierce angel who'll struggle with integrity for its most romantic ideal of love. It starts sweet,but lovely,never fruity which i resent since reminds me of every other scent today! No, this is an heavenly unisex sweet, with a twist of vanilla and honey almond, that would strike the senses even of someone cold and distant. It settles all over you like a powdery/chypre essence, that some (not very educated) may judge as soapy, but it is only dry clean pleasure with a strong romantic and passionate heart. Precious, priceless, i hope someone else posts on this, it is not very well known, so maybe, i should actually shut up to keep on lying and claim Alessandro is my signature personal perfume as i wear it almost every day, but if i don't, I spray it in abundance on my sheets, so that i can dream of the beauty of real,unspoiled love: a myth!
By   - Filmmaker from Beverly Hills,CA on 9/28/2012
I don't like this at all. Normally I quite enjoy vanilla and almond together, but the honey makes it very fake smelling to me. Sort of like an industrial solvent. I normally don't like honey in scents but I thought it would be different mixed with my two favourite smells. I was wrong. It could be just my chemistry, but I had to scrub this off.
By   - from Canada on 3/4/2012
Now this stuff is amazing! It is just a touch spicy in the opening with the honey and then it slowly transforms itself into a gorgeous almond and vanilla dream. The almond is more pronounced than the vanilla throughout but the vanilla I think keeps it soft and creamy. I am in love with this. On my skin it is sophisticated and rich yet not "old" or "classic". There are only 3 notes listed but yet this fragrance is complex and stunning. I have tried MANY almond scents, vanilla scents, and combinations of those 2 scents and Alessandro is by far the best for me. I keep going back to it among the many samples I have. There's just something about this gorgeous perfume that always makes me feel beautiful and happy when I wear it. Lasts a very long time and the silage is very good as well. No complaints here. One last thing, the top not is quite different from the middle and base notes so just give it a good 30 minutes to really open up and bloom. Not that the top note is bad at all but it's more spicy honey than almond and vanilla. YUM.
By   - from Montreal on 10/3/2011
Alessandro is the pinnacle of all almond-cookie-goodness scents. If this doesn't inspire your man/woman/partner/random strangers to nibble your neck...then they are likely space aliens and you should probably run. Alessandro opens with a liqueur-ish sweetness that almost rolls across your tongue, melting like the finest confection but the slight dryness of the almond keeps it from being "sugary". The powdery note is almost floral and I don't really detect any honey...but that's fine since honey scents don't usually work for me. The nice thing about the almond in Alessandro is that it doesn't go flat and hollow after about 30 minutes like many almond fragrances. If you like need to try NEED to.
By   - Perfume ho ;-) on 8/9/2011
Another nice almond scent (and I am a huge almond fan). Many reviewers said that this doesn't last very long but on me it does last quite long and the silage is also good. I smell the honey and the almond mostly. This perfume keeps changing while you wear it, and I like that. It has a sophisticated air to it, a rich woman's choice of perfume is how I see it. It's elegant but also smooth and warm. I can understand why many people would consider Alessandro to be a "holy grail" perfume. It's easily wearable day or night and it exudes femininity. I would say it has a classic air to it without meaning it smells like an old lady's perfume. I am 30 yrs old and it works great on me. I very much like this perfume but personally, it's not MY holy grail. Worth trying a sample for sure.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 5/25/2011
Wanted so much to have this be a "big love." In fact, I once DID love this--in 1975...It was Avon's "Sweet Honesty."
By   - Consultant from Grosse Pointe on 1/18/2011
My very wpmderful husband bought this for me for Christmas. I had requested a bottle of Lea, but it was out of stock. The person from Lucky Scent helping him on the phone suggested Alessandro. The customer service here is amazing. They sent my husband the bottle of Alessandro, along with a sample of Alessandro, so that I could try it out before opening the bottle, in case I didn't like it!!! They also sent along several other similar sample scents. But this was definitely the one! It is lovelier, more subtle and complex than Lea. Lea is very synthetic-y to me now. This scent has a very strong bitter almond beginning, then softens to a not-too-sweet vanilla. It is the ultimate baby-powder scent, that changes as the day goes on. I really love it, and am very happy with our experience here at Lucky Scent! Thank you!
By   - Mommy from San Diego on 2/11/2010
This is a lovely scent.....for 30 seconds, then is fades almost completely. After a couple of hours I can no longer smell even a faint trace. It has a very gentle powder, though, and isn't an overly sweet scent.
By  on 9/7/2009
Love it!!! I always get the "what smells like play doh comment" I love play doh so I don't mind. It is unique and lovely on the skin. Don't let the play doh thing scare you away from this. I find this is a fall/winter scent.
By   - Housewife on 8/21/2009
Love it!!! I always get the "what smells like play doh comment" I love play doh so I don't mind. It is unique and lovely on the skin. Don't let the play doh thing scare you away from this. I find this is a fall/winter scent.
By   - Housewife on 8/21/2009
Love it!!! I always get the "what smells like play doh comment" I love play doh so I don't mind. It is unique and lovely on the skin. Don't let the play doh thing scare you away from this. I find this is a fall/winter scent.
By   - Housewife on 8/21/2009
Very soft, very gentle, never too strong or overwhelming, though the staying power is not good I really like the almond sweetness on my skin...
By   - HR from Istanbul on 5/23/2009
This smells so much like the shower gel/foam product that came with one of my bathtime barbies when I was a kid. Powdery and that stuff was so cheap!
By   - from Ohio on 9/15/2008
Started out gorgeous, then after the play-dough stage (common for almond) it took on a strong cigarette smell, finally ending in white florals, which don't work well on my skin in such strong concentrations. Reminded me of one of the reasons I quit smoking. eww.
By   - lighting tech from LA on 2/24/2008
WOW! so glad I didnt purchase a full bottle! I cant believe all the hype about this scent---it is a very syrupy-overly swwet-baby powder in a bottle for a SICK amout of money. I adore Luckyscent,but...LEA ST BARTH IS MUCH BETTER!I also was quite amazed at how good CAROLS DAUGHTER ALMOND COOKIE is, check that one out it is 28.00!!! its lovely.
By   - perfume lover from midwest on 1/31/2008
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