Andy Tauer

Country: Switzerland

While claiming to be self-taught is practically de rigueur in modern niche perfumery, Andy Tauer is among the few who have truly made the journey from complete outsider to beloved perfumer without even a single stop in the mass market world. A native of Kansas with a PhD in molecular biology, Andy made the decision in the mid-2000’s to walk away from a traditional science career and pursue his lifelong love of perfumery. After his second-ever composition, L’Air du Desert Morocain, received a glowing 5-star review from influential perfume writer Luca Turin (who later chose to wear the fragrance at his own wedding), Tauer Perfumes was off and running. While the challenges of running a truly independent fragrance business are manifold, the rewards include a degree of creative freedom unmatched elsewhere in perfumery, which allows Andy to create thrilling, imaginative, opulent fragrances unlike anything else. Tauer Perfumes often contain the finest in both raw natural materials and cutting-edge synthetic ingredients, with a bottom line of nothing but vision and quality.

Andy Tauer perfumer image
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