Escentric Molecules

Escentric Molecules - 10 Piece Discovery Set
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I highly recommend this discovery set to anyone into fragrance. The molecule series is very educational, although the escentric line will appeal to those with similar taste to Geza Schoen. I am having a tough time distinguishing between molecule 02 and 01. It is possible that my brain is playing tricks on me., but I can't tell them apart on skin and paper. Molecule 04 (my favorite) is so strong to me. I could smell it in my laundry basket a week after applying two sprays to my skin! Molecule 03 is like a drug--I can't get enough, and molecule 05 reminds me of fragrances that don't smell like sandalwood, but are labeled as such.
By   - scientist from Nashua on 8/24/2020
..this is a Divine fragrance ??? everything is good and interesting in its own way ?????... thanks a lot ~ luckyscent~
By   - Seamstress  from Woodburn on 7/18/2020
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