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I love Escentric 01 fragrance - so when my friend showed me this, I had to try! I googled Energen, the 'active ingredient' in this product and found this: ENERGEN™ is a natural active cosmetic ingredient that supplies the necessary energy to prevent and combat the signs of skin tiredness through an innovative technological process. Its action is aimed at preventing and reversing the symptoms of men's tired skin. ENERGEN™ restores skin tone, smoothes relief imperfections and improves moisture level, thus leaving the skin radiant and healthy. It can be easily incorporated into shaving products, facial creams and lotions, bath gels and sport products. Well, what does all that mean? smells great and it really does leave skin feeling nice.
By   - retired librarian  from Tidewater area on 1/17/2014
I love the clean, crisp scent of this shower gel. My only complaint is that the bottle leaks no matter how tightly you close the cap. I wish it just had a flip-top cap or lid. I use this scent for showering and a base layer of fragrance. I then use the Molecule 01 perfume and it creates an interesting, transparent, but longer-lasting fragrance. I tried using Escentric 01 perfume with the shower gel but then I cannot smell anything, the scent simply disappears from me! Love the lingering scent that clings to my skin and clothing for up to 48 hours. My favorite scent EVER!
By   - Retired Government Drone from Los Osos on 1/3/2014
This is very nice, but be advised that this smells like Escentric 01, not Molecule 01. It's perfectly fine to use with Molecule 01, but the scent is that of Escentric 01. I love both of these scents, so it's all good. Not sure if I'd repurchase this, however.
By   - teacher from Pennsylvania on 11/8/2013
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