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I've been wearing Molecule 02 for years and decided to try a sample of Molecule 03. Thank God for samples. This smells exactly like bug spray. Hate it.
By   - ANalyst from Austin on 8/9/2021
If you like vetiveryl acetate, you will love this. It smells just like the synth-y note in DS&Durga's I Don't Know What, because it's the same stuff, just without that distracting iso e super and bergamot.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/9/2020
This smells exactly like a fresh coat of latex housepaint on me. I could see wearing it if I was in a very specific mood for that, because it is unusual and evokes pleasant memories, but I don't see it being worth a full bottle.
By   - Writer from Chicago on 5/11/2018
Mmmmmm, vetiver. I love the vague nostril-itch it gives me, like when I pick up the rich smell of skunk-spray from far off (I'm not kidding, I love it). This one seems to have no opening, but within several minutes settles into a greenish, soft lemon peel sauteed in ghee, lending it a buttery roundness. I compulsively bury my nose into my arm all day to smell it. It's as good as they say.
By   - Curator from Los Angeles on 1/10/2018
I'm usually very verbose, with an inability to summarize anything. However, as much as I try to think of something more to write, there is simply one phrase that sums this up for me: an edgier version of Annick Goutal, Hadrien Absolu. The end. PS I don't get vetiver; I get sultry, green Tuscany lemons. Mmmm.
By   - Stuff from London on 7/7/2016
This slowly grew into one of my favorites. This is strictly just for personal pleasure. None as commented neither negative or positive but it gives me so much confidence smelling of this wonderful vetiver. I have gone almost a month straight wearing this and nothing else. Im addicted to this stuff!!
By   - sales manager from Los Angeles on 1/31/2016
I admire Schoen's daringness in deciding to bottle and sell dilutions of single aroma chemicals. It runs against everything you expect a nose and a perfume brand to do, and yet, if the chemicals are well chosen, it yields fascinating results. Molecules 03 is a case in point. Vetiveryl acetate has a fascinating smell: dry and damp, rooty and airy, warm and cold. It's complex, and yet very transparent. Now, diluting your own vetiveryl acetate in alcohol is so cheap and easy that there is really only one reason to buy Molecule 03: the pretty bottle. As far as I'm concerned a $2 winchester bottle is satisfying enough.
By   - from NY on 6/19/2013
Like being whacked on the nose by a giant stick of celery wrapped around an iron bar. This absolutely hideous, very strong & does not develop at all. Nothing like any vetiver l've smelled before, & l never want to smell it again.
By   - from southampton uk on 6/15/2012
This scent is dry, woody, and one of the most unusual smells I have ever experienced.
By   - from London on 4/5/2011
Glad i bought a sample instead of the whole bottle. 2 sprays on body and one on t-shirt reveals the following to me: 1. sweet edged, 2 definite grapefruit/pomelo-skin sourness mixed in with raw, reedy woodiness. 3. my nose blocked up (perhaps the chemicals).
By  on 12/18/2010
An exceedingly transparent, dry, and very pleasant citrus-tinged vetiver scent, which does indeed "run the gamut of all aspects of vetiver" - and smells to me almost exactly like Comme des Garcon's Vettiveru, which costs about half the price for twice as much.
By   - Arts on 11/14/2010
Not too impress with this one. it has more of a grapefruit scent on my skin. The E03 is so much better than the M03
By   - from Jersey City on 11/12/2010
a reason to buy another vetiver.. unlike any others I have tried...heavy, earthy and NOT a skin scent...
By   - journalist from nyc on 11/4/2010
Subtle Oud, dry, woody. Very plain and flat, Its a skin scent. No stealth aura as with the other Escentric Molcules. Its similar to M01 though more subtle. Disappointing, I had hoped the new line would be something special that would have some life to them.
By  on 11/2/2010
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