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Toned down A*Men? This is luxurious. The previous comment on cashmere is right. Perhaps a bit sweet for me, but nevertheless a seamless scent. Very approachable, and not engulfing like A*Men. I’m thinking winter, late night out in the city with friends? Nothing great, but well made. Pass.
By   - Not for Profit from Chicago on 11/27/2015
This is fantastic! I received this sample with a few others, looking for a spicy Fall fragrance, and just threw 21 into the list on a whim. Little did I know that I would fall completely in love! The opening was a bit harsh and piercingly floral, but it softened into an intoxicating, slightly honey sweet/creamy/spicy fragance within a half an hour or so. I get a whiff of fresh dryer sheets and spicy saffron every once in a while as well. With such a long and seemingly incongruous list of notes I was concerned that the scent would just be a weird melange of contradictions...but instead the result is smooth deliciousness that defies description, and on me reads as totally sexy, fresh, and feminine, but definitely not cutesy or girly. 21--utterly addictive. Signature scent worthy.
By   - Architect  from Portland, OR on 10/5/2012
I got this as a sample and I LOVED it, it was so utterly different from any perfume I've smelled or own so I had to buy a large bottle of it. Now, without anyone else's opinion interfering with my own, I was in love. However, when I wore it to work a few girls were quite the critics, saying that it was too "musky", " cologne scented, smells like a man", and only 2 other girls liked it on me but did admit it was at least unisex but definitely not a feminine scent. I hate how someone else's opinion can effect my own judgement because now i feel self conscious wearing this and it has ruined my initial crush on this fragrance. I am determined to just keep at it and wear it among a different crowd, or even just on "home" days. Also, maybe it was the amount that I put on, because the 1st time I wore it to work the 2 girls liked it and I didn't have a lot on, but the next time I may have over done it because I knew I had a LONG shift and wanted it to last all day. Suggestion: a little goes a long way with this one. Go more for the radiance than the longevity.
By   - makeup artist from ny on 9/26/2012
With 21 contributing scents, it's highly complex, and by extension - highly intriguing. On the masculine side of unisex...ideal for late fall.
By   - accountant from central NY on 7/9/2012
I wonder if we are smelling the same fragrance. I like spices, but this seems dominated by pepper (black peeper) on my skin. I don't get the "tender floral" in the opening, mentioned in the description. I am not sure about the 21 notes; it just doesn't seem so complex.
By  on 1/1/2012
I was looking for a signature fragrance and this is in my top 5. It smells sweet and clean on my skin with a hint of vanilla and spices. It's kind of feminine but i can understand the unisex label. Not a summer scent really, this might make it on my fall wear list.
By  on 7/29/2011
I really liked it when I first applied it. It starts off smelling very similar to Idole by Lubin. The cool down is totally masculine though. I still love it but only a man.
By   - Artisit from Maryland on 2/16/2011
I like this..just not on a woman. This smells like a cologne I've smelled before. I'm not impressed.
By  on 2/12/2010
This was a blind buy for me and I must say that it was well worth it. So far it is my favorite fragrance that I own. This would be ideal for cold weather but perhaps suitable for warmer weather if you only use a couple of sprays at most. I spray this on clothes so it can linger much longer.
By   - from Sacramento on 2/7/2010
This in INCREDIBLE! Truly one-of-a-kind. Im surprised it isnt getting more attention. As far as Im concerned, Luckyscent is right. It is destined to be a cult fav. Im a young girl and Im obsessed soi I really think this is genderless. Dont be scared is intoxicating on a man or woman!!
By  on 10/28/2009
OK - should I be concerned with all the posts that reference it as the perfect Men's scent (Read, I am female) or any frightful reference to Hillary Duff? YIKES! When I clearly was thinking it was a hot & sexy scent for women, BUT anyways..I still envison it's scent to a dreamy honey infused, sandlewood & incense filled night at an exotic & sexy local-albeit perhaps in an opium den (or what I imagine a sexy opium den to be!). I keep indulging in my own wonderful scent and can't help but to think those around me won't be far behind.
By   - from San Diego on 10/23/2009
this scent is so gooooood,i will be buying this one again, they created one fantastic mens fragrance, i love this scent, this goes beyond wow! the one thing i hope for is that they make it in a 100ml,thanks luckyscent!!!!!
By   - peace keeper from hawaii on 9/17/2009
THIS ONE IS A KEEPER,its sweet, and with all of the different notes this is a great for daily use, there is only one setback,I want the scent to last longer, I have 15 different mens fragrances,and this is fanstastic, from first spray until drydown so if you are looking for a great mens scent and you have a flavor for having a large collection then ad this one to it you will be glad you did.
Incense and honey are two of my favorite notes in perfume. It feels like this scent was custom made for me. It's almost too good to be true. This is a heavenly honey/ incense combination with an undercurrent of milk, citrus sunshine, and spices. If you like it at all buy a bottle so hopefully it will never be discontinued.
By  on 7/18/2009
WOW!! Why do I like this so much?Im addicted. When I first received this in a pack of samples I thought it was nice but not necessarily anything to swoon over. However, every time I went to try one of them out I always found myself reaching for that one. Then I realized-it isnt just nice-its AMAZING. I dont know if I get the milk scent but the overall effect is spicy, sexy mix with a hint of creaminess. I guess thats the milk because it isnt a dry spice/peppery scent-very comforting and warm. I can honestly see how this will become a cult fav. It reminds me of somehing along the lines of 10 corso como or costes but better...alot better (and I like those scents) Seriously, try it out and give it a chance. I bought a bottle a week later!!
By  on 5/28/2009
Love love love this! I have been trying so many perfumes lately and nothing is grabbing me by the collar and saying Take me! But this one did! Gorgeous sexy smell, it has my favourite note in it - milk, but it's 100% sexed up with spices, patchouli, vanilla and all those other notes which make it totally appropriate for dirty nighttime rendezvous!! No but seriously, this is NOT a sweet milky scent, although I do love those too, Im so glad Ive come across something with creamy milk in it but in a sexy sophisticated concoction for when I dont wanna smell like a lolly, but I still want to be eaten!! ;) The best thing about it is that no one note takes over here, everything is blended to perfection. I could kind of describe it like something similar to Dior addict, that strong spicy scent which you can't really escape from, but with milk rounding it out. Also I sprayed this on my wrist and I still smelt it on my clothes 2 days later. Amazing staying power! ADD: just read about the comparisons to Hilary's with Love, well I have that and I like that too. There are similarities in the way the 2 scents are laid out with sweet stuff blended with spices. yes. But they are WAY different enough to warrant having both.
By   - admin from melbourne on 5/17/2009
I love how it smells on my man.....I LOVE IT!
By   - house wife from LA on 11/27/2008
This is sooooo sexy I want to huff my own skin when I wear it. Got the sample today and I am definitely getting a bottle. I don't see the Hillary Duff anywhere in this. It's much more sophisticated and complex.
By   - Floral Designer from Saratoga Springs,NY on 6/11/2008
how can anyone compare this to hilary duff that is an insult!
By   - from LA/NYC on 5/10/2008
I agree with the reference to Duffs With Love though With Love is MUCH better than this scent. What I get the most from this is a strong milky vanilla sandalwood, that's it. And what's with cumin in a scent, do you want to smell like a taco? Doesn't matter here anyway as this scent is unremarkable for Costume National but brand aside would be nice for a sweet old man wearing a tweedy cap. It is reminiscent of old man aftershave which I am discovering I have a fetish for, but with that said this isn't my favorite of old man scents, but comforting nonetheless. Old man cologne fetish - yes, Costume National 90 dollars a bottle boutique worthy - no.
By   - from all over on 4/23/2008
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