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Eau de parfum

Emir Sizes Available:
100ml $235
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Emir...
Got the FB from Luckyscent, and this is indeed the ideal blend of oud, smoke, sweet, and spice. The dry down is absolutely smoky and gorgeous, and the sweetness does linger. Reminds me of some sweet brandy or bourbon from my past. It projects well too, with decent longevity on my skin. More unisex I say, and ladies can pull this off pretty easily. Not for summer days, either. FB worthy, IMO and it aint super expensive for the quality you get!!
By   - Business Executive from Cary on 9/13/2019
AMAZING! One of the top scents that I have every purchased. This is like Tom Ford's Black Orchid on steroids. Has a deep velvety sweet heart with notes of wood, leather, and a bit of smokiness. It is a mysterious scent of East meets West. Definitely a unisex scent. I bought this bottle for my son, and now my daughter wants one as well. Truly a remarkable fragrance.
By   - Attorney from Augusta on 1/3/2018
I really wanted to like Emir...I really did. I just couldn't get past the animalic notes in this. The musk is very animalic and the oud is very strong, and I like oud scents, but the drier, less funky oud (i,e, CDG Wonderoud) While Emir has notes that I like smokey patchouli, spicy black pepper....the animalic and funky qualities of this remind me of an old peace of furniture, or an older man. It's just not me.
By   - Education from Fort Lauderdale on 10/9/2017
I am a woman and i love emir. Spray and i am into the forest, dark and deep. Is it pine/ is it cedar? I don't really know or care. It is just lovely!
By   - EDUCATOR from ARLINGTON, VA. on 8/13/2017
Fellas! This is a one of a kind fragrance. I have never smelled anything like this! Once it settles after 10-15 minutes, it is intoxicating!
By   - Contract Specialist from Oakland on 12/30/2015
gentlemen, this fragrance is a bit strong upon application but dont panic. give it about fifteen minutes and you are rewarded with a very pleasant scent. a few sprays are all that is needed to carry you through the day and the projection is great.as an aside, my bottle looked nothing like the one pictured but the scent is exquisite.
By   - Medicine from Washington DC on 8/11/2015
I really, really love this stuff. How can something like a campfire smell this good I don't know but it does. Very manly feel to it, different, you sure wont smell this on the average Joe. It lasts me on about 6 - 8 hours which is great for me and the bottle design is wild.
By   - Set Operations / Webmaster from TV Land on 4/1/2013
Oh this is good. I just purchased FB of Frapin's Passion Boisee and received this as a sample in the box. WOW. It's giving me serious buyer's remorse! While this is at the far end of the masculine scale I am quite a lady and am intoxicated with this scent on my own skin. It's rich, deep, creamy. It's sweet but not grossly so, and it has just the right touch of leather and incense to make it mysterious without diving into that "too weird to be good" territory. So far it's not turning powdery on me which is a chronic problem with my chemistry. As its settling down I'm getting a bit of a tobacco note. If I were to visualize the scent I'd say there's some fancy bourbon drinking while romping around on a fur pelt in front of a roaring fire in a candle lit study with dark woods, dark leather and sexy, sexy things unwinding. That said- I just pressed my arm into my boyfriend's face and demanded he tell me it was the best smell he's ever smelled. He refused!!! He doesn't know what he's missing! Just buy a sample already.
By  on 11/28/2012
This is a fantastic fragrance! Similar to L'Artisan's Al Oudh in some respects, Emir shows it's softer side when it dries down. It is less strident than Al Oudh, but just as beautiful. Recommended for it's "softness" and longevity. I love it.
By   - from the South on 5/31/2012
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