M. Micallef

Homme (Aoud)

Eau de Parfum

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The most unusual scent I've ever encountered, like that of an Alien (outside of our solar system) flower yet completely wearable with a discrete silage, exactly what a niche fragrance should be. At these prices does one really want to smell like something from Bloomingdales? It's the front runner to be my birthday present to myself
By   - Playwright from New York on 1/19/2012
This used to be a nice oud fragrance at an attractive price point, but now it's priced well out of its quality zone. Won't be buying this again - especially when there are better and more long-lived oud perfumes on the market. Pity.
By   - Creative Director from Winston-Salem on 8/20/2010
I have to give this a poor review. After the first sniff of my wrist, the first thought that came to mind was Kikkoman. This has a strong soy sauce smell to me. I cannot pick out any of the listed notes.
By   - Software Test Specialist from Laurel MD on 1/22/2010
this is what i would love to see more of,reviews from men, there is so many women giving reviews on men scents,I know the women out there love some of the mens scents ,but some time they write not so good reviews, more negative this some times makes it very confusing about a men fragrance, so I ask please help out,if you dont like it for your self tell us men that it would smell great on a man, and this would be so much heplfull thank very much,
By   - scent lover from HON HI on 10/26/2009
Beautiful scent! It is supposed to be for men but I think it can easily be unisex, I find it similar to Aoud Gourmet but a little less sweet.
By   - from Dubai on 6/1/2009
This fragrance is all rose and oud. The oud is very sulphorous and really needs the rose to make it a tolerable scent to apply to the skin. It has a very alluring quality but is not for the casual user. Very intense.
By  on 1/4/2009
One of the greatest creations in perfumery in all time. Incredible classy and complex smell; indeed the best kept oriental secret! For true perfume lovers. Highest level -end of story.
By  on 9/5/2008
An oud incense that is bold, masculine has a spiritual vibe to it. The body of the scent is gentle spice warmed by rose. But the persona of the fragrance comes from saffron, oud and patchouli. I feel like I should be chanting deep in meditation in a monestary high in the hills.
By  on 7/15/2008
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