M. Micallef

Vanille Oud

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Vanille Oud...
I love Micallef's Gardenia, so I thought the Vanille Oud would be slightly more complex because of the 'oud' factor, but to be honest I find this to be a very ordinary scent. At first it does smell feminine but the end notes feel more masculine to me. I just discovered that Fragrance du Bois Jaune Oud Intense is a men's fragrance, as an example, and that perfume is absolutely feminine and just magnificent. AND I can totally get that a man could wear it and smell amazing also! But this scent... reminds me of what the neighborhood barbershop applies to Uncle Frankie's face after a shave.
By   - jewelry artist from HOMEWOOD on 6/1/2020
mmmmm i love this scent.....Just received my first ever order from Luckyscent.I'm impressed. Fast, seamless, accurate. Great range of niche scents. Generous samples. Thank you LS, a happy new customer who will be back.
By   - Manger from UAE.Ajman on 11/27/2015
Mmmm, I love this scent. Usually my skin alters or absorbs the scent so they dont usually last long. This one does! Wow im shocked, as it too is such a lovely scent! Not too powdery and not too strong. Sillage is fairly good too considering my skin type. The notes all blend well and for the most part, discernable for an untrainednose such as mine. I would like to see a little heavier on the oud but too much. Well done! FBW!
By  on 4/26/2014
Oud, vanilla and coconut = irresistible. Love this fragrance, and my husband does too. Great for those who want a foody gourmand oud that is not medicinal in any way.
By   - Project Analyst from San Diego on 6/12/2013
Natural vanilla with a stingy edge, spicy oud, female here and looove it, long lasting. Much more female friendly than say the ouds in many Montales.
By   - Empty from Edmonton on 3/6/2013
This scent is lovely. A bit powdery on me, which I normally hate, but the flow between the oud, vanilla and powder works perfectly. Will not fade...lasts over a day, the best sillage I have ever had in a fragrance. A drop on my wrist and behind my ears wafts around me, and is likely my new favorite. You will feel cozy, sensual, edible and unattainable. The ultimate scent for me.
By   - from St. Paul on 2/10/2013
I LOVE THIS, it lasts for ever, sticks to your clothes and I have yet to walk down the street and not have at least 3 ppl stop me to tell me I smell so good. It has that deep vanilla scent that makes you smell edible but also adds a kick with the spiciness and aoud.. and last but not least it drives MEN CRAZY....
By   - from dc on 7/26/2011
The oud in this is very subtle and understated which is good for me as I'm not an oud fan. I am a huge gourmand/vanilla fan though but this scent left me a little unimpressed. I don't get any plum. All I get really is a thick rich caramel underscored by a little oud. It's nice and I do love caramel but I just expected this to evolve somewhat but it just stayed the same. For the cost, I have many other caramel/gourmands that do the same job.
By   - admin from melb on 5/17/2011
Interesting perfume. I liked it but unfortunately after trying the sample a couple of times I think I've decided to give it up and hand it over to my boyfriend. It smells a bit too spicy and masculine on my skin. I still like it though, not run-of-the-mill scent here. On my boyfriend it smells spicy yet smooth and simple. Smells of good quality products. I like the aoud in this. try a sample for yourselves, it's nice and different.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 3/1/2011
Beautiful opening, but the dry down is too soft and powdery.
By  on 1/31/2011
I got a sample of this a few days ago and can't stop smelling it! I've almost used up the whole sample, have ordered a 5ml spray decant from another website and can't wait to get it! The vanilla smells warm and it softens the aoud while still having that earthy smell.
By  on 7/15/2010
THis is the yummiest scent! It is so warm and comfy, it's just the thing for the fall/ winter! When my husband came home he couldn't keep his hands off me!! This one is a winner ladies, getting the bottle for christmas, compliments of my husband!!
By   - mommy from Chicago, IL on 11/7/2008
I was so prepared to love this scent. First whiffs were lovely, warmed on my skin nicely, but within half an hour it had morphed into something that smelled like a more refined version of Victoria's Secret "Rapture" perfume. Which I hate. I almost scrubbed it off, it was so intense, but it was bedtime and I fell asleep still wearing it. When I woke up the next morning, it was a beautiful light musky vanilla, absolutely delicious. If "Rapture" doesn't turn your stomach, then check this out, because it has great sillage and the drydown is beautiful. I just can't take the middle of it--passed the sample on to a friend.
By   - from Michigan on 8/9/2008
This is quite nice; I agree with the creaminess but too musky for me. Lasting power is mediocre.
By  on 8/2/2008
WOW!!!! This is a very nicely done Aoud. It is creamy and soft but then the Aoud gives it some bite, it reminds me a little of Bois de Paradis meets POTL sounds kinda strange but believe me its HEAVEN!!!!!
By   - from Kailua Kona on 7/16/2008
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