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Note Vanillee

Eau de Parfum

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Delicious. Luxurious. Warm. Sexy but still soft; no sharp edges but not simple. Well-made.
By   - TV from NYC on 2/26/2019
Probably the best perfume I've ever smelled. And oh my trust me I've smelled a LOT of perfumes. That's it. I finally found you. My holy grail..
By   - Community Manager from Lausanne on 11/8/2018
One me this opens smoky, with some honey notes. It gets boozier and sweeter as time goes by. I get hints of the licorice and sandalwood in the background. I wouldn't personally categorize this perfume as a vanilla scent. I think the name misleads somewhat. It is warm, sweet, smoky, and projects well. I don't smell this and think "wow now that is a great vanilla scent", nope not at all. It isn't overly sweet on my skin. It is beautiful and feminine, and I do like the scent nonetheless. Overall, I think it is a beautiful, womanly, seductive scent which is well blended and made of quality ingredients.
By   - tourism from puerto rico on 8/21/2018
This wasn’t what I was expecting based on reviews. I was looking for a sultry, medium-dark vanilla, but this is screechy-sweet (and I like sweet fragrances and wear them well). I didn’t get any smoke, just a dustiness on top of sugar cubes melting in a dropperful of bourbon. I imagine it would be a good fragrance for a certain style of femininity, but I was wanting more Marion Cotillard and less 2000s-era Tara Reid.
By   - Full-time parent from Seattle on 8/5/2018
It's not for me, but if you like heavily sweet, this will appeal to you. I just craved something a lot greener than mandarin (able to me)
By   - Retired from Klamath Falls on 7/25/2018
Wow! As a lover of all things vanilla, this is a MUST have! What an incredibly intoxicating scent! It is warm and rich with just the perfect amount of sexiness. I was speechless when I first smelled this scent...it's just THAT good. I'm running to get a bottle of this immediately! This is going to remain in my collection forever!
By   - Sales Manager from Ft. Lauderdale on 4/19/2018
This is superb. Sexy in it's smokiness. Sweet, but hardly overpowering. Grownup. It is a sophisticated vanilla for a woman that owns her sexuality.
By   - legal from Philly on 12/22/2017
Nice done vanilla. The boozy noes are divine. I don't pick up the mandarin, jasmine, or licorice notes. It's not too sweet per se, but too sweet for me. I'll stick with my SDV for now.
By   - Administrative Assistant from Charlotte on 10/20/2017
Hands down the best vanilla I've ever smelled or bought-including Les Couvent, Tihota, Guerlain's SDV. So warm, boozy, intoxicating, delicious I can't stop smelling myself. Had a sample for a little over a day before I had to buy a full bottle. Believe me, this one IS full bottle worthy. For those who are saying it's common or just ok-WHAT?! Lucky for me I don't get any licorice or flower smell; just warm, a little animalic and boozy vanilla.
By   - Mom from San Diego on 9/24/2017
This fragrance is truly the sexiest, most intoxicating thing I've ever worn. It's right up there with my silk corsets, my stilettos, and my Ruby Woo red lipstick from Mac. This perfume turns me into a bombshell. It's warm, seductive, sweet, and dark. It is absolutely a boozy cupcake in the BEST way. It's a voluptuous woman at a speakeasy, commanding the attention of all around her. But it's not brash or bossy; it is fairly well-behaved for such a bold fragrance. And ladies? Men LOVE it. FBW.
By   - Writer from Austin on 9/23/2015
anyone know if it's a reformulated fragrance?
By  on 5/9/2015
Boozy, sexy, in your face vanilla. It's my top 5 fragrances ever. Turns me into someone else when I put it on.
By   - Paralegal from Cincinnati on 5/7/2015
I am almost speechless!!!! I can not believe this is back out. This is one of the greatest gourmand fragrances ever created. I will be purchasing this asap!
By   - Musician  from Pensacola on 4/9/2015
you spend 1/2 your life waiting for the IT perfume. Tihota is one . it has ruined me like a bad boy habit. NOW this. hold me back. warm sexy cozy get out of my way Vanillee! hurry and get this baby IN!
By   - talent agent from st pete on 4/4/2015
This is the best there is for both sexes. Proof positive, you get what you pay for. Better to own one or two of this quality than a handful of anything lesser.
By   - Hotel Manager from Philadelphia on 10/12/2011
I'm in love with this perfume. Received two samples, and now it's on my Christmas list. Best vanilla boozy perfume I have ever used. I don't think there's anything out there like it.
By  on 10/10/2011
Just superb, sexy,dark boozy vanilla with enough smokiness and debt.
By   - manager on 9/4/2011
sweet, warm, smokey, lush, like a big juicy mango, soaked in liquor and shared with a wide shouldered man. IMO this quite androgynous - but on the HOT side of androgynous!
By  on 8/8/2011
Wonderful wonderful wonderful oh the first whiff of this is breathtaking. It is sweet and warm, not coconut beach warm, but orange sunset at the top of the hill with the fruit fields warm. After a while something spicy-ish, even tiger-ish comes through, but only juuuuust to the point where it is interesting, secret and sexy, the scent stays feminine and sweet throughout. The downside is that the lasting power is low. After about 3 hours, most is gone. What lasts is a little vanilla; not bad, but not so special either.
By   - Designer from Diessen, Netherlands on 8/7/2011
Sweet and boozy - I feel like a million sexy bucks when I wear it. Too bad it's so expensive.
By   - Paralegal from Cincinnati on 7/11/2011
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