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This was a blind buy. I thought I would like it base on the description since I tend to like green scents, but unfortunately, the scent is not for me. I find this quite similar to Issey Miyakes A Scent. I dislike both. Lol. I find both scents aggressive. Serpentine leans a bit feminine to my nose.
By   - Engineer from Homosassa on 4/16/2021
A modern abstract by the ever eclectic CDG House, this grassy woody synthetic beauty designed to accompany an art exhibit is only for adventurous modern perfume lovers. The notes are grass, green leaves, galbanum, iris leaf, aldehydes, asphalt, musk, nutmeg, labdanum, cedar, benzoin, juniper and guaiac wood and they create a nice green woody feel that evokes big spaces like open fields, large warehouses, modern skyscrapers, highways, very ultra modern and futuristic. As one reviewer correctly points out, nature meets metropolitan perhaps evoking the artistry it was designed to accompany.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/28/2019
Besides the wonderful dewy, bitter grass and leaves, this scent is primarily a rendition of a bar of Irish Springs soap. It gets too soapy for me. If you want the "Irish Springs" accord done exceptionally well, check out Profumum's Thundra, samples available on Luckyscent.
By   - nothing from nowhere on 9/18/2015
This is a perfume to be worn on a warm overcast summer day. It starts out with peppery bay-leaf/eucalyptus burst which quickly brings out an herbaceous cast of fern and moss quickly rounded out by a soft and sensual skin musk. The earthy asphalt accord is perfectly woven into the composition to counterbalance the ethereal musk. I adore this scent.
By   - from Madison, WI on 5/29/2015
I was really hoping I'd like it, but unfortunately this is not for me. It opens very aggressively and astringent, which I like very much. Almost immediately, however, it dries down to clean, powdery and mostly musk. It was intriguing though, because it still had a faint hint of that lovely astringent scent. It does remind me of being outside, because it's a bit like a mosquito spray, but not in a bad way. Unfortunately, the loveliness that they hint at in this perfume is very overwhelmed by musk, and ultimately smells like a granny perfume.
By   - Student from Ann Arbor on 4/28/2015
Outstanding!!! Stays bright and fresh. Really impressive!!!
By   - Pastry Chef on 6/8/2014
Comme des Garçons Serpentine -Once again, Comme des Garçons exercises it's right to be different. Right off the bat, I knew this was a keeper. Serpentine opens with notes of dewy green grass, tons of musk and aldehydes. The asphalt is done right here and produces a flinty (almost peppery) edge which offsets the green preventing this fragrance from becoming lame and one dimensional. The iris smoothens out all of these mentioned notes and provides a bit of softness in the dry down. The back of the bottle reads "The Grass, The Trees, The Lake, And You"...Overall, I find the fragrance to be remarkable and very wearable. This fragrance successfully paints the picture of a green, ozonic, and urban environment.
By   - Police Officer from Niagara Falls on 6/6/2014
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