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It's....nice. And I can see why people love it. It has a really soft, powdery musk base that is lovely. However, the top note is so floral, soapy and overpowering that the base is difficult to detect. It's also very similar to something else I've smelled, but can't recall. But I wasn't a huge fan of that one either. I was hoping it would change after the dry down but it didn't.
By   - Market Research Consultant from Washington DC on 1/25/2021
I find this one so blech. So soapy laundry, like the white granules at a bare bones laundromat. It must work on some body chemistry but it never improves on me.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/17/2020
This is deceptive in its simplicity at the opening, but quickly turns into a very sophisticated and different "clean" that is neither soapy nor laundry clean (at least not on me). A little bit fruity (according to my beau), white floral-y, mildly spicy and sharp but also warms to a softer, multifaceted fresh scent that keeps changing in the most pleasantly surprising ways throughout the day. It develops enough depth to keep it interesting but never loses its distinctive and utterly beautiful crispness. This is lovely and I can imagine it being the kind of scent that smells unique on everyone, but is also recognizable as luxurious and elegant and the kind of thing I would have in my fragrance wardrobe forever.
By   - Allied Health Professional from Ann Arbor on 1/20/2018
This is a beautiful scent. I absolutely loved it when smelling it from the bottle. However, when I wear it, it starts out smelling exactly like a (very expensive) "Clean" perfume scent, and dries down to a Jovan White Musk scent. (Yes. The Jovan White Musk you can buy at the drugstore and discount stores.) I am sure it would smell absolutely heavenly on others, but on me, it just smells cheap. I wish the in-the-bottle scent translated exactly the same when wearing, because it really does smell gorgeous!
By   - law firm from Minneapolis, MN on 12/19/2016
So much YES. The description of this scent is impressively accurate. It's clean and fresh, and then a little sweet. I read in someone's blog somewhere that a bride should definitely wear it for her wedding. I could not agree more. It definitely embodies the color white and all things pure. It lasts at least 6 hours on me, and is very delicate. Absolutely beautiful perfume.
By   - Scientist from Raleigh, NC on 9/30/2016
Very nice clean scent. Not clean skin more like clean clothes which I do like. However, pretty linear and no longevity on me. Byredo has other more interesting scents I prefer such as Bal d'Afrique which is a cleam scent on me and managed to also be interesting.
By   - Account Manager from Oklahoma city on 5/23/2016
This is one of those perfumes I purchased in a store the same day I spritzed a sample on my wrist. I was immediately hooked and could not stop smelling my arm. I personally think it is stronger smelling, so it's not one I can "secretly" wear to work. The sillage is substantial, enough that my clothes still hold the fragrance for the entire day. I consider it a very spring season fragrance, floral and happy.
By   - A non scent environment job  from Vancouver on 10/25/2015
Lovely, fruity, summery, very feminine scent without being overpowering. I cannot wait for summer to wear it!
By   - from New York city on 2/10/2014
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