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Bold, assertive fragrance---for a very confidant, fun-loving person. The saffron envelops the rose in a luminous veil. There is a lot going on here, and there is a waxiness I can't quite identify. I kept sniffing my wrist, and found this scent to be enjoyably odd!
By   - from Madison, WI on 5/29/2013
Enchanting IS a great word to describe this scent! Dreamy, romantic, and a little mysterious. It makes me feel unique!
By   - from NC on 8/16/2012
A jammy saffron rose oud that is sooooo yummy.
By   - from Melbourne, Australia on 6/26/2012
Honestly and truly amazing. At first the herb-y smelling henna and powerful saffron envelope you... then it gives way to this rich, creamy, exotic scent of flowers and Middle Eastern magic. I wouldn't call it a rose scent as much as a history of the rose scent. There is nothing else like it.
By   - from Pittsburgh on 2/3/2011
Absolutely AMAZE-ing!
By  on 8/12/2009
A rich vibrating harmony of Rose, Saffron and Oud (agarwood). A beautiful rose fragrance that rivals the best of the Montale rose aouds or the finest Ajmal Rose attars. The Parfum strength gives this blend real backbone. POTL have given us a wonderful Arabian Oud Rose blend. Heavenly Scent.
By   - artist from New York on 6/9/2009
By the gods, this is pretty! Very smooth and well blended.
By   - lighting tech from Lost Angeles on 2/4/2009
Very intense ROSE not my favorite,a little old fashioned smelling. The best Rose parfum is any of the Les Parfums De Rosine-this master perfumer REALLY knows what it takes to bring a rose back to life,in a lovely,wearable essence!
By   - perfumista from midwest on 3/16/2008
I'd like to think that I've developed an appreciation for rose over the past few years, and this parfum is nothing short of balanced perfection for a rose blend. The floral note is not obnoxious or overly dominant as I had feared, and although rose is the star, the symphony underneath is absolutely G-orgeous! The henna and saffron add a hay-like softness, and the musk/civet warms and rounds the scent out beautifully. It dries down into a silken, powdery work of art. This is truly something special, and I'm so very glad I finally got the chance to sample it!
By   - Biotech from Providence, Rhode Island on 2/6/2008
An Aoud Rose. Somewhat pungent from the aoud, yet sweet and creamy from the rose. An intoxicating combination that's completely irresistible. Dries down to a lovely, rosy skin scent with an aoud edge, and only the slightest hint of musk and civet which makes it that much more sensual and intriguing. It's a fragrance that always holds your interest, is always changing, always softening. You must love rose to appreciate A*Maze, but it's not a typical rose...on the contrary, it's a twisty, compelling rose that becomes part of your skin in time. Just genius!
By   - from Denver on 12/10/2007
Just because you're a cult worshipper of POTL's Luctor et Emergo doesn't mean you will adore this scent. After that genius first creation, though, I'm sure there was a stampede to sample Amaze! This is a complete about-face: while Luctor was unclassifiable and had as many notes as a symphony, this is a solo floral, and the very identifiable rose, at that. Sure, there are a few twists. The intriguing opening has henna and saffron to, as someone said, "dirty" and spice things up and make this rose edgy. I must say I love the rose-tinged musk drydown, which is the most addictive part of the scent. Trouble is, I love sniffing rose scents only from the flower itself. All rose fragrances to me smell old-fashioned, no matter how "modern" the blend. In fashion terms, Luctor et Emergo was POTL's avant-garde first season. This season with Amaze it's a return to the classics.
By   - journalist from Manila on 4/21/2007
I wish I knew which formulation I've been trying--the edt or the parfum. Whichever one it is, I think it's fabulous. I must disagree with the people who don't feel this is unusual. It is not like any other rose scent I've ever tried, and I've tried lots. Very green and fresh and clean. It's very youthful to me and not at all "old ladyish." I think it's every bit as distinctive as my beloved Luctor et Emergo. If you're looking for something similar to Luctor, then this isn't it, obviously. It is, however, quite lovely and worthy of the name POTL. I can't wait to see what they do next! I love these fragrances!
By  on 3/5/2007
Shortly after applying this starts to smell like a beautiful rose, but then . . . poof!, it's gone, I wasn't crazy about the dry down, it just smelled kinda peppery. Not a fan of this like Luctor et Emergo
By   - Artist from Bowie, MD on 2/21/2007
Reminds me of when I used to wear YSL Paris - not a bad thing. If a nice pretty rose is what you are looking for , then this is perfect without becoming old-lady-ish. I was just hoping for something more unique and interesting like Luctor Et Emergo.
By   - sales from rochester, ny on 2/14/2007
It's a pretty rose but nothing unique. I expected more...something unusual. For me, this was a disappointment after Luctor et Emergo.
By   - from Baltimore, MD on 2/2/2007
This is gorgeous! If you love the Montale ouds, or if you just love dark roses in general, then you will definitely enjoy wearing this one. It opens herbal and dirty and strangely pleasant, and then deepens into a deep, jammy, red, slightly animalic and slightly bitter rose. This is not as bitter as the Montales and it's not the darkest rose out there.
By   - from NYC on 1/31/2007
This fragrance is a rose lover's rose. To me the open to me seems a bit harsh. A rose lover may say robust. In the middle there is a resemblance to Ormonde Jayne Ta'if. The drydown is soft and elegant. Feminine with a soapy, powdery effect.
By   - from Southern California on 1/20/2007
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