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To twirl all girly Perfume Oil

Roll-on Perfume Oil

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I get so many compliments on this,that I almost can not wear this when I am out alone,unless I want men everywhere to nearly attack me.Perfect strangers,men and women,have stopped me on the street to tell me I smell 'Yummy' or Delicious,when I am alone or with my kids or husband.It amazes the attention a perfume can get,but they ought to post a warning on it's label,at least for me.."Warning,wear at your own risk!":)
By   - Self-employed from New Cumberland on 7/11/2006
If you like the EDP, you'll like this sweet, fruity rendition of gardenia. It lasts a long time, my only complaint is that like all the other P+L scents, it's a very flat fragrance.
By   - from Los Angeles on 4/18/2005
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