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Jus d'Amour - Perfume oil

Perfume Oil

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The coco palm and aqua leaf are what I think didn’t work for me. This felt heavy and overwhelming on me. It was sweet but not vanilla sweet. Just not for me.
By   - Hotel manager from Puerto Rico on 6/7/2019
I just received this it is beautiful got compliments. lovely.
By   - technician from dallas on 3/29/2011
I like description, but why not sample'
By  on 9/28/2010
I have tried the oil and the parfum. Both are lovely. I prefer the oil because it lasts longer but isn't overwhemling. This is one of my faves, and I'm very picky about perfumes. I find it very sexy without being too overt, and is very calming as well.
By  on 6/4/2009
I received a free 1/8 oz bottle of this with my order of the EDP. I love the perfume oil - it's beautiful and sillage is lovely.
By   - from CA on 4/10/2009
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