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Somehow all the notes together combine to smell like tuberose. And one of my ancestors must have been killed in a particularly brutal way by a rogue tuberose bc I cannot stand its scent.
By   - Consultant from New York on 11/11/2020
I kind of feel sorry for Coquette Tropique as it's the Skipper to Monyette Paris's Barbie. If not for the comparison and the too youthful name, this scent might have stronger legs. To me it's all plumeria and then it has a fruity dry down that's pear. It's younger, not as sophisticated, but it's still a nice fruit- smelling fun scent. The kind of scent that makes a good gift for someone in high school or college but not for your grandmother.
By   - A Cat Lover from The Midwest on 6/20/2016
I would strongly suggest sampling this before you buy it. The "air freshener" and "juicy fruit" comments are spot on. I adore Monyette Paris so I almost bought this sight un-smelled but I'm so glad I didn't. Really disappointed.
By  on 3/13/2012
Was optimistic and purchased despite the many negative reviews. They were all right. This is revolting. Do not waste your money. Cannot imagine anyone would like this scent-none of the six people who live in my house could even tolerate it.
By  on 3/30/2011
Straight up Juicy Fruit gum. I tried desperately to like this, but all I ever smelled was sweetened pear. Perfect for teens and preteens, but I think it should be retired at 21. Moms, if your daughter is begging for a perfume, this is a safe, and yes, very sweet, bet. It's fun and fruity, but not remotely sexy.
By  on 2/21/2011
Received this at a very good price from Lucky-would never have spent full price on this product. Between the size of the roll on, the fragrance, and the equality of the bottle. cannot give good rating. The outside packaging is nice and attractive. I opened the fragrance-took a whiff that was enough.
By  on 7/18/2009
I don't understand all the bad reviews on this one. Of course it's not as attractive as it's older sister Monyette Paris, but it is a great scent as well, especially if you're into fruity floral scents. Ripe pear, vanilla and some gardenia; a little goes a long way and it's definitely not "plastic" smelling in any way.
By   - Student from Landskrona, Sweden on 9/24/2008
This is obviously a love-it-or-hate-it fragrance. Personally, I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can love this nauseating perfume - it smells like a public toilet that's just been cleaned with industrial strength deodorizer. I couldn't wash it off fast enough.
By   - from Rozelle on 9/5/2008
This is not bad for a follow up to Monyette Paris, but not as good. A bit more sugary. But does remind me the an deserted Island with Mai Ties and palm trees. It is a perfect everyday summer scent.
By   - Vet Assistant/Receptionist from New Cumberland, Pa on 6/22/2008
the description makes this sound fantastic but it really just smells like juicy fruit gum. completely nauseating.
By  on 6/16/2008
I must admit that this scent does not smell expensive, but there's something about it that is alluring and like tropical fruit candy. Miss Marissa Tropicale is more sophisticated with its coconut and fruits, but still young, which makes this fragrance a bit juvenile. Still, with all the negative press on this page, and it's pretty much true, I do like it alot for summer days.
By   - from Tampa on 6/9/2008
im embarassed to make this connection, but i have to, it smelled like tropical scented massage oil from an adult store. An artifical and forced tropical scent that falls flat and way is too sweet. The fact that its an oil just added to the creepiness. Someone actually commented that I smelled 'stripper perfume' WTH? Glad i just got a sample
By   - from Chicago on 5/4/2008
It was love at first smell but then i thpught wait is it too strong for me? After a couple minutes the oil perfume melted in my skin and I got this soft but lasting pear and vanilla scent. I smelled it thoughout the day it was fun and cute. And sometimes I like to feel fun and cute AND flirty. Its a fun fragrance. I ordered a full bottle, can't wait to recieved it!
By   - from Garfield, NJ on 3/27/2008
Too sweet and headache inducing on my skin.
By   - from Alexandria, VA on 1/11/2008
My apologies to the fans of this scent; however, its drydown reminds me Raid.
By  on 12/28/2007
I wanted to like this, but its way too sweet. Worse part is, the sweetness is a bit too artifical. I've tried it a few times, but I still get a weird drydown fragant. It reminds me too much of a car air freshner. For the price, I was hoping for a more complex and unique scent. This one is just to random, in my opinion.
By   - from North Cal on 12/28/2007
I hated this from the moment I took the cap off the bottle. To me, Coquette Tropique smells like a sickly sweet air freshener. Definitely not my kind of fragrance.
By   - Sound Editor from Sydney, Australia on 11/2/2007
Okay, I admit it, the only reason I tried this sample was because I liked the name but after giving it a try I fell in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so sweet and delicate, cute and fun, and very alluring. The perfect combination of Anjou pear mixed with the flowers and coupled with Madagascar vanilla and citrus is what makes it so very feminine and extremely seductive (so I’m told, hee hee!). I only wish the scent lasted more than a few hours!!! No matter, the beautiful scent is well worth the reapplication. Speaking of which, I love the idea of a roll-on bottle, very convenient! Without a doubt, Coquette Tropique will most definitely become one of my “signature” scents! I love, love, loved it!!!
By   - from San Diego on 7/27/2007
Ugh this is gross. The pear dominates completely, and it is an artificial, air-freshener fruit scent. After an hour or so, I could catch a hint of Monyette gardenia, but I couldn't enjoy it at all whatsoever. I kept smelling my wrists, hoping the fake pear would let up, and when it didn't I washed it off. Disappointing, since Monyette Paris is so smooth and warm.
By   - Biotech from Providence, Rhode Island on 3/20/2007
Too sweet.
By   - Finance from NYC on 3/3/2007
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