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3/12/19: I believe the formula/ingredients have changed. I was sorely disappointed to find out that it didn't smell the same on me - granted, body chemistry can change over time, but this is a marked difference. The base notes are no longer really 'there' on me, still get the gourmand cocoa/orange, at the beginning, but from there on out it just smells 'off' somehow - 'off' enough that for the first time ever I washed it off thoroughly, and put some Profumum Acqua e Zucchero on to sooth my embittered olfactory senses. This poor guy has been relegated to the back of the perfume closet for now; I will try it out again when the weather turns warmer, perhaps that will change my body's 'ewwww' response. Will f/u with another review then.
By   - City Dwelling Corporeal Enthusiast from Chicago on 3/13/2019
This is mostly cocoa and orange to me. Reminds me of a limited edition fragrance from Lush called Yuzu and Cocoa. This oil is just vanilla after it dries down, and it's very faint. The roller ball is not good quality on this bottle however, it is very frustrating to me because it doesn't want to turn so it's difficult to apply the product.
By   - aerialist from Saint Louis on 8/3/2017
I am SO glad I tried this. I first tried the EDP and Lotion in this fragrance and liked them (and posted a review). VERY curious about the oil I had to try it - I like it. I actually pick up more orange in the oil then I did in the EDP spray. It does seem to last a bit longer also. This comes in a tiny roll on bottle - but a little bit packs a punch. Lovely! It's on my Bday wish list!
By   - from Philadelphia on 8/25/2010
what a cute lil presentation with a big impression. I sampled the EDP and had mix feelings so I purchased Profumum sugar water and love love it! Something kept pulling back to the sample and finally I decided for the oil. I love this too smells deliciously sexy and smoky with nice lasting power. Im looking forward to layering this as well. A must try!
By   - event planner from Garfield, NJ on 4/2/2008
My "scent" used to be Sage Onyx perfume oil with a dab of honeysuckle, and I loved it - clean and subtly sexy. But since trying Exact...Stars, I actually get compliments every day. In the bottle and at initial application it smelled a little sweet, like hard candy, but once it relaxed into my skin it became a seductive, intoxicating, slightly moody scent that literally bowls people over (during the first week of wearing this perfume my boyfriend was practically buried in my neck!). Complete strangers, men & women, stop me regularly to tell me how great I smell.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 2/1/2008
mix this with a dab of Kai for the summer months...be careful, though. Our skin gives off more scent when it's warmed up, and since both of these are quite strong on their own, you don't want to induce fainting spells on the subway!
By  on 6/29/2006
This oil is very nice-and lasts. On me it's a very food-y vanilla that smells like angel food cake. Initially I got chocolate and orange, after time it's more vanilla and coconut or almond.
By  on 6/19/2006
I gave up my EDP to buy this version instead, and I'm glad that I did! It lasts so much longer, and the airborne spray was so potent that it choked me every time that I applied it. This is rich and beautiful; addictive!
By  on 6/14/2006
Smells fabulous at first. A complex spicy vanilla/chocolate. Unfortunately the drydown smells like a hippie headshop. Ech!
By   - from Sacramento, CA on 3/14/2006
I tried the EDP first, and wasn't disapointed by the oil version! It is very true to the original, only a little earthier, with some fig and incense in the dry down. It lasts forever, and gets more attention than any other perfume I have ever worn.
By   - from NY on 1/5/2005
This is a faithful reproduction of the EDP spray, but with better staying power. This rather tiny bottle should last you a while
By   - from Los Angeles on 10/18/2004
I love fragrance oils, to me they stay on my fair, dry skin better...PLEASE someone post a comment on this new choice of oil vs. Eau de Parfum. I love this fragrance but the spray fades too quickly...!
By   - from Tampa, Fl on 9/26/2004
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