Seasonal Exclusives

We don’t usually play favorites, but when a perfume comes along that’s such an unanimous hit, we feel obliged to mention it...
ERIS Parfums
Mxxx. is Extra. Extra animalic. Extra sensual. Extra rich – 20% Extrait concentration. Spicy, smoky, woody, and animalic, Mxxx. has a massive 7% dose natural Ambergris
La Capitale
An intense blend of sweet fruits, rose, and resinous vanilla. A Xerjoff Moscow city exclusive, with limited quantities available here stateside.
Di Ser
Created exclusively for Luckyscent, edition of only 33 bottles.
Viktoria Minya
Hedonist Absolute
Hedonist gets remixed and intensified, boozy rum and woods...
Fort & Manle
Inspired by the legendary Nombre Noir. Another stunning Fort & Manle release. Edition of 300 bottles worldwide.
Ex Nihilo
Lust in Paradise X Reine Paradis
California exclusive. Remixed and inspired by local LA artist Reine Paradis.
Le Pavillon d'Or
Another excellent creation by Dusita: creamy, aromatic, complex yet subtle florals, woody... Le Pavillon d'Or does it all in spectacular Dusita fashion.
Oud Maximus Autumn 19
Nature made this Oud even better... Deep, intense and everything you'd come to expect with an overdose of natural Oud.
$90 - $350
Viktoria Minya
Hedonist Iris Absolute
A boldly seductive, elegant, bewitching Iris-leather absolute.
The Different Company
Majaina Sin
A must-have gourmand, and probably our favorite vanilla-centric fragrance of the season. Delicious without being toooo sweet...
Elegant, chic, unforgettable- Gold is a spicy, powdery, luxuriously vintage oriental scent imbued with the richly concentrated, world's finest quality synonymous with Puredistance.
$190 - $590
Viktoria Minya
Hedonist Rose Absolute
Rose and Oud. A undeniable combination that works so well. Animalic, ambery, woody and totally seductive.
Damp, resinous, saturated, smoky, ethereal.
Roberto Greco
“I want to echo the flowers I photograph without referring to any one in particular. Therefore, along with perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, we decided to exclude rose, jasmine and all the overly tangible flowers...”
Vetiver Nocturne Autumn 19
If you think that you 100% aware of how vetiver can and should smell, you're probably wrong. Featuring precious Indian 25-year-old vetiver oil Ruh Khus, which forms the heart of Vétiver Nocturne....
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