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David Brooks' review accurately describes this fragrance. It is woody/oriental, incensy, slightly peppery, spicy, smoky, a bit more masculine, and overall pleasant to wear. If you're not persuaded, it is worth trying a sample. Of all of the samples I purchased in my last order, I'd say this one might be worth buying a bottle of, along with "Labyrinth of Spices" by Alghabra parfums. Both are nice, masculine fragrances.
By   - Student from West Palm Beach, FL on 1/25/2020
Unbelievable. It simply isn't there, until suddenly it hits you. I think I need to sleep with it, because my receptors don't know how to handle it. Kind of happy/scared is my immediate response. Probably a good thing I can't afford a bottle. Wow!
By   - Retired from Cottonwood on 12/23/2019
A gorgeous, nuanced, never overpowering woody/oriental musk seasoned with warm fragrant woods (and possibly some birchtar "campfire embers"?), spicy "brûlent" suggestions of pepper and nutmeg, balsamic incenses and a subtly earthy, delectable-but-not-desserty vanilla/cacao sweetness. All notes, top to bottom, highly natural-smelling. Blends beautifully to become part of your own skin. Unisex, but may lean slightly to the masculine. Begging for a red flannel longsleeve and a log cabin in Montana! The musks are not "skanky", but neither are they linen/laundry-like. Just subtle, transparent tethers to the cozy wood-spice mixture. An ideal cool weather scent. Antoine Lie is one of my favorite niche perfumers!
By   - Artist from Central Texas on 12/18/2019
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