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Parfum Extrait

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i must say this is a beautifull vintage. vintage i'de say 1930's and i dare say these sentences in whisper for those that must hear them, because they will miss out. vintages today dont get the artistical aclaim they deserve, instead get seen as unsightly a cockroach. no offense to roaches. but its they way ive seen things. i dont have a perfumy vocabulary but what ive said is as much as youll need to cater to this mistery. also its a shame theyre only creating 500 bottles, whatever that means in the grand scheme of this perfume.
By   - noneya from nowhere city on 2/29/2020
I sampled this one and then I had to buy the full bottle. It smells so familiar. It's definitely floral, but instead of big, powdery, blousy, flower petals, it smells like clover, hay, and pollen. I love it.
By   - editor from washington dc on 1/8/2020
I got a sample of this limited edition perfume! At first is very strong! then it starts fading into a smooth scent. I can smell the cumin and incense with the musk. I personally didn't like it!
By   - Teacher from Chicago on 11/14/2019
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