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Majaina Sin

Eau de Parfum

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I love this! It was recommended to me by Dana and I'm so glad she did. This is a brand I've never heard of before and probably would never check out on my own. I'll be really honest I'm not very fond of how this smells at initial spray. It smells kinda old to me, but after a couple of minutes the vanilla/amber scent comes out and that's what gets me. At dry down, it smells so deliciously sweet and intoxicating but in the best way possible. It's like a warm hug that envelops you, I think that's the best way to describe it. It's delicious, sensual, and just beautiful. Definitely, full bottle-worthy. I'm obsessed!
By   - Nail tech from Whittier on 9/24/2021
I am finally getting into the vials I purchased when LS offered their vanilla trial vials. This one was included. It is so surprisingly beautiful. And I am amazed to see that it is categorized as a men's fragrance (and unisex too, I see) because it smells so feminine, but again without any heavy sweetness or floral notes. It is purely sensuous and very intoxicating. I put some on early this morning and it seemed to last a while, but I found myself wanting to really smell it more profoundly. I am in a bit of a conundrum because I love so many of the samples I've received so far; it's really hard to decide which is FBW.
By   - jewelry artist from Homewood on 7/20/2020
I got a sample of this with the LS Vanilla assortment vial]] sale. I always open up the samples immediately which I have come to realize is not what one should do. And the reason is, the true fragrance of each sample end up getting lost in the smelling frenzy. It's like trying all these different wines without cleansing your pallet. SO, now that I have sampled this fragrance honestly - and gave it time to dry down, I have to say it is quite nice. It has a really soft vanilla side to it, but also a little tiny bit of spice. I am surprised that I like it so much because I am not generally a fan of spice. It does smell 'pretty' but masculine, too. And sexy...
By   - jewelry artist from Homewood on 7/3/2020
I'm glad that I didn't invest alot with this fragrance. Jimmy Choo flash reborn and this is not my cup of tea and with that being said, "I'LL PASS"!
By   - Customer service from Las Vegas on 4/27/2020
Love this scent! Just enough sweet and spice that boils down to a warmth that’s irresistible . My only gripe is it does not last long no how much I spray .
By   - NP from Reading Ma on 12/20/2019
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