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Rose 31  Eau de Parfum by  Le Labo

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Rose 31

Eau de Parfum

by Le Labo

The Scoop
A rose for men destined to be stolen by women, Rose 31 takes the most feminine of all notes, darkens, dries and spicies it up turning it into a veritable emblem of masculinity. Mesmerizingly ambiguous, the fragrance alternates between the floral and the spicy with a generous dose of the woody and the animalic thrown in for good measure. The striking, elegantly austere beginning of Rose 31 gives way to the sweet, spicy star note of rose accompanied by fiery spices, pepper, clove and nutmeg. The naughty hint of cumin in the heart of the scent is a prologue to the sensual base of oud and vetiver. Dark, dangerous and sublimely refined, this is one of our favorite Rose perfumes of all time.
Rose 31 Notes
Grasse rose, cumin, pepper, clove, nutmeg, olibanum, cedar, amber, gaiac wood, oud, cistus, vetiver and animalic notes
Daphné Bugey2006United States
Rose 31 - 50ml
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  $160 50ml
Rose 31 - 100ml
  $240 100ml

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I adore the bath&body and detergent versions of Rose 31. I see these as the fragrance of roses in a temple garden, red and in full bloom, with incense floating by, woody, spicy, and warm. It's one of my favorite fragrances in those versions. I don't at all love Rose 31 as a perfume, though. The perfume version is assertive in the wrong way - it's the colleague who stands too close to you, the car salesman, the dodgy evangelist. Rose 31 does not have your best interests in mind. I hear that it's Le Labo's most popular fragrance, which is no surprise, really.
By Mari S - Office from Boston on 9/17/2014
On my skin, it might as well be Cumin 31. Not to put it down too far - I really did enjoy it. It started out quite far on the "curry side" of things, but as it progressed the rose that originally softened the edges of the cumin gradually crept in from the corners. For me it never became the principal note - at it's strongest it still existed floated around in the cumin. As I wore it it became more and more pink, if that helps anyone. Really nice, warm, a tease of sweetness and everything suggested by rose, but not much more. I did enjoy and would recommend it very highly for anyone who loves cumin, but I can't help being a little disappointed. "Masculine rose" as it's being sold is just so much more ambitious than the rose-softened curry cumin that I smell.
By kmo on 7/26/2014
This is a lovely fragrance, and I enjoyed it from application through the drydown. On me it started out with a nice dry rose, and developed into a mild woodsy spicy scent, with a tiny hint of the woodsy after about 6 hours. I feel like it takes a liberal application to give me the full experience. If you are considering this, do try a sample first, just so you can get a read on how quickly you will go through this and decide if it is worth it to you.
By Joyce - from Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA on 7/24/2014
This is a lovely fragrance, and I enjoyed it from application through the drydown. On me it started out with a nice dry rose, and developed into a mild woodsy spicy scent, with a tiny hint of the woodsy after about 6 hours. I feel like it takes a liberal application to give me the full experience. If you are considering this, do try a sample first, just so you can get a read on how quickly you will go through this and decide if it is worth it to you.
By Joyce - from Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA on 7/24/2014
I really wanted to love this fragrance after reading reviews but unfortunately on me it was too sweet and spicy with a hint of smoky incense about it. It didn't last long on my skin either. Luckily I only ordered the sample.
By Annamarie - Adviser Public Affairs from Adelaide, South Australia on 6/20/2014
Discovered this as complimentary, in a 5 star hotel, but of course only soap, lotion and shampoo. However intrigued enough to order the perfume. No, the toiletries were not "off" as I first thought, this scent really is dirty. What is it, I don't know? only that it smells like soiled underwear. I don't mean to gross anybody out, but I love it. I haven't smelled anything this good since Lair de Rien dissapeared. After saying all this though, I do get the rose in here, but its as if they have been rotting in slimy water for ten days. Wonderful.
By The Evil Queen - Canine Behaviorist from West of Portland, OR on 12/17/2013
Not bad, but I prefer it with 1 part Lyric for Men layered over 2 parts Rose 31. Makes the rose more prominant in the drydown but still woody enough to be masculine.
By Christopger - from Evansville on 12/12/2013
Excellent fragrance. My wife is extremely picky about what she likes; usually 15-20 dislikes before one she really likes. That's the ratio I am working with. Rose 31 was a big win for her, and the only rose scent I can remember her liking for a masculine scent. Has a slight body scent aura about it, and to me it comes off as a between the sheets fragrance, but my wife thinks it can be used for formal occasions as well. go figure. I guess it is pretty versatile, and fun to wear out because it is different from almost everything else, but still unoffensive and very nice. Often uniqueness can be offensive to some. Not so here. Excellent longevity, and close to moderate projection is what I am getting.
By Anonymous - from Tucson AZ on 5/31/2013
Rose 31 can be summed up in just one word: SEXY. Initially purchased this Le Labo gem for myself and now my husband is sharing the bottle with me! Sillage is wonderful by casting an envelope of a fragrance cloud around you but does not project so much that people can smell this a mile away. Spritz it on in the a.m. and you can still detect wafts of the scent in late afternoon. And did I say this Rose 31 is SEXY?
By Anonymous - from Earth on 3/25/2013
I am blessed to be able to have about 10 bottles of good juice in rotation per season, yet, most of my collection is Le Labo. Summer Oud27, Neroli36, Tubereuse40, Bergamote22 ....Winter Patchouli24, Gaiac10, Vanille44, Poive23....get the idea?, yet, this one really bothers me, armpit smell is too prominent, and the Rose very weak, the cumin, C avelox notes make me think of an old man with cheap rose deodorant , and it ani't working
By JCParodi - self from Brooklyn on 8/15/2012
Yes, yes and YES! Just received my delivery from lucky scent as I was going out the door to the cleaners. Took the time in the car to open box and look it over and spray a little. I thought, yes... Well crafted and just smells great. Driving I continued to get whiffs with the window open. However, walking into the cleaners standing at the counter, the owners stylish son came to the counter. He was smelling some kinda good. Thinking to myself, $hit I thought this Rose 31 was good. Then he said "Yeah Mr. J, that one smells really nice". I thought it was him and the Rose 31 spoke to him and me. You will enjoy wearing just for you. Clean, aromatic, confident and inviting. You want explanation of notes, read one of the pro reviews. I only tell you of the wearing experience... although it is this one wearing, it is a very enjoyable experience. I let my daughter test it and she called me to say, "dad I think this is too girly for you, you should give it to me". I told her ok, but I am keeping it... She wants a bottle for herself.
By SJ - from NJ on 5/14/2012
It's hard to believe this is a rose fragrance. I am not a big fan of rose scents but this is more of a spicy rose mix. It smells great on me and great on my husband.
By Yvette - server from brooklyn N.Y. on 5/2/2012
The sample was fantastic, bought the full bottle and I smell nothing less than 5 minutes afterward. Just doesn't last, but a great scent from the sample experience.
By Anonymous on 4/27/2012
This didn't feel complete to me. On its own it smelled like potpourri or something. I layered it with Le Labo Oud and both fragrances were so much better for it, but even a baller like me has trouble stomaching $145 for half a fragrance.
By Charles - MC from Los Angeles on 2/2/2012
The rose is the star of the show however the scent is dark and far too carnal on my skin. Unfortunately, I could not wait for it to disappear.
By Le chatelier - from Sydney on 11/1/2011
A pleasant enough rose fragrance, but it's hard to tell as the fragrance is so faint on me and doesn't last very long.
By Val - Pharmacist from London on 3/20/2011
Strange as it seems to me, i like this one. There are some notes in this one reminiscent of Escentric 01. The combination of its notes are very interesting.
By Anonymous SD 2 NYC - therapist from NYC on 3/12/2011
I usually stay away from rose fragrances...they make me smell like an old woman. This fragrance however, is just right for me. It's spicy, warm, and sexy for a night out yet subtle enough to wear everyday for work.
By Ty - Teacher from NYC on 12/24/2010
By Anonymous on 12/15/2010
Magnifique!!! Ohhhh sooo sexy. Love it!!!!
By Anonymous on 10/21/2010
The second best rose scent ever..with Lyric coming in first. Breathtaking!!!
By megatropolis - Sales Rep from Seattle on 3/17/2010
By far the best rose scent I've ever tried (and I've tried a few). It's a citrusy, spicy rose that's masculine (but can be worn by women also) without being dirty, musky or stuffy.
By Tyrone  - from New Orleans on 3/1/2010
Reading about this fragrance will never fully explain how wonderful it smells. I know it's designed for men, but as a woman I wear it as well. Its a wonderfully spicy, slightly floral smell. A girlfriend of mine tried it on and it still smelled wonderful, but had much more spice in it. It is so wonderful and so different on different people.
By Laura - from Los Angeles on 2/2/2010
I don't get cumin, animalic, or dirty...not at all. On the contrary, to my nose, Rose 31 is very soapy clean (think high-end, ultra-lux, triple-milled European soap). In fact, this soapy quality was my first and most prominent impression of the fragrance, and it's still the quality that stands out the most to me. Like other Le Labo frags, Rose 31 is masterfully composed in that it's exquisitely balance. The light clean quality of the rose has somehow been isolated and amplified while the heavy floral quality has been muted. The rose has then been surrounded with light woods and inoffensive spices that make it elegantly round, not sharp. Incidentally, like the other Le Labo frags I've sampled, Rose 31 could easily be worn by men and women alike. Gender lables in perfumery are archaic; in another 10 years, I believe such lables will be obsolete and extinct.
By Anonymous - Teacher from Northern California on 11/29/2009
This is a great rose fragrance for men. Utterly beguiling and subtle, it is almost without peer. If you love rose, and are not afraid to try it as a man's fragrance, there are two things you must try: this and Domenico Caraceni 1913. Both are fantastic. Both very different. Both are worth having, again, if you want rose, and can handle rose. I simply adore this fragrance.
By Joe F. - atty. from NYC on 9/12/2009
Wow, this is like a fresh green spicy peppery rose. I normally hate rose fragrances so this takes me by surprise. It's quite haunting. It's a bit dark and dirty, certianly not "girly" sweet rose but I still don't know if many guys would wear this. I like it on me! The pepper, and perhaps the cedar, is quite prominent at the start, and all throughout the rose is always there but never overpowering all the other notes. They all work in perfect harmony. It's an incensey rose scent too, I must add. I think the oud or something in the background is giving it a smoking quality. mmmm lovely. It's like a rose-infusion. Might have to get me a little bottle of this. I recommend you get a sample.
By Melissa - admin from melb on 6/10/2009
a deep woody rose... and i am not a rose kinda gal. spiced and mysterious.
By louise - agent from saint petersburg on 5/9/2009
A sensual incense rose. A contemporary combination of incensey woods. Not a sweet rose but flowers and earth, leaves and woods all around the rose. Masculine and engaging. There is a sensual, almost sexual note in here that is very alluring.
By Anonymous - from Noman, Oklahoma on 4/19/2009
I know this works well for some people, but on me all I get is cumin, which smells like heavy sweat after eating indian food. After awhile, a wood note comes into the mix, but it's still very heavy on the cumin and the rose is nowhere to be found. If you don't like cumin in fragrance, you really need to stay away from this one.
By Anonymous - from Chesapeake VA on 4/1/2009
As difficult as it may be to name one perfume as my favorite, if I had to I would name this one. I discovered it recently, and I've been simply haunted by it: it is such a thing of beauty! This is unlike any other rose you’ve ever smelled. I’d thought of myself as someone who hated rose, but I keep on sniffing the back of my hand when I’m wearing and going, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!". I hope it doesn't sound too hokey, but there's a certain longing in it (if longing ever had a smell); I keep thinking it smells like smiling through tears... It has those bright citrus top notes mixed with the dark incense that render it simply brilliant. And even though Chandler Burr described it as “dirty”, it is so in the best, most exalted sense of the word: dirty like we all secretly wish to be. So I bought myself a big bottle of it for my 31st birthday; I can’t think of a more appropriate gift to have given myself!
By arch.memory - architect from Philadelphia,PA on 4/1/2009
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