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I didn't think I could go for coffee and lemon TOGETHER--both are my jam if taken alone but they sounded awfully odd in tandem.. But, I enjoyed this a lot. I'd like to have more of it.
By   - writer from Chicago on 7/31/2020
The most gorgeous gourmand I own. Top notes are this RICH and very sugary cardamom and Turkish coffee. Later, it drys down to a lovely vanilla latte with just a small hint of lemon. I LOVE this perfume. Very dramatic upswing from the creator's standard Sephora-type designer fragrances. 10/10
By   - Sales from Dallas, Texas on 5/30/2020
Absolutely amazing scent. I got the sample pack and admittedly I was more interested in some of the other scents but of course having them all I was going to give them a go. This was the first I tried because my guy loves coffee and both he and I love it. Smells like a sweet turkish coffee with the cardamom and the coffee note does linger throughout the scent. I could even see this becoming my signature scent as it's sweet but not cloying and so very unique. If you're a coffee lover do yourself a favour and try this one out.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 11/12/2019
Great scent. Starts coffee/chocolate heavy then begins to change into black licorice and a cafe mocha had a baby. On the sweet side. Best for cooler weather.
By   - Correction Officer  from Yorktown Heights on 8/21/2019
I was very impressed with this scent as it gives off a very nice coffee and espresso scent which holds its ground as well as its longevity. I will say that it stays on the skin very well! Very nice job Akro.
By   - Relationship Expert from Minneapolis on 8/14/2019
The notes are correct - it's very coffee/caramel/toasted nut. The green cardamom comes across but to me, it felt fleeting and was hard to place at the moment. I applied it as a sample so it was perhaps more than would have been used as a spray, but it lingered until the next morning. There was a cocoa butter air the next morning as well, which seems to be the dry down of the coffee/nut notes.
By   - Aromachologist from Nashville on 5/23/2019
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