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Milano Caffe

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Milano Caffe...
I blind bought this bottle based on some reviews I read online. This is not gourmand at all, although it has the bitterness of coffee. It smells dark, medicinal (in a good way), and austere to me. I can tell the ingredients are high quality, however it doesn’t last all that long on my skin. Still glad I bought it though.
By   - Attorney from Allentown on 8/23/2021
This is probably the very best offering by Luckyscent! Very pleasant rendition of coffee and chocolate and, unlike most other products out there, it LASTS. Five stars only because TEN STARS isn't an option.
By   - plant supt. from Urbana on 12/11/2020
This was difficult for me to speak on as I truly wanted to love this fragrance but I just could not get myself to come around. I will say this if you are very into fruity-smelling coffee scents. This is for you. I prefer a nice minty smell and was hoping that may come up with the coffee at a point, maybe it was my own hope. All in all, the fragrance held it's scent well.
By   - CEO from Minneapolis on 7/30/2019
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