Nobile 1942

Cafe Chantant

Parfum Extrait

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I've been becoming more and more impressed by this house- so many truly great scents. I get a perfect cafe vibe from this, like all the best coffee and pastry notes at the same time. I would expect a lot of compliments wearing this.
By   - disabled from mount aukum on 6/7/2019
Buttery almond pastry browned at the corners. If you're cutting calories but love dessert, drop some of this on your wrist and it will fill your senses.
By   - ... from Los Angeles on 11/20/2018
After reading the fragrance notes, I was excited to try this perfume. However, on me, I smell no cherry, vanilla, anise, or benzoin. The fragrance is very powdery so beware if that is not your thing. The dry down just smells like a powdery grandma scent. If the fragrance had those cherry and vanilla notes, I could see it being a glamorous scent.
By   - Doctor  from NY on 12/30/2017
Very nice smell, I feel cherry, alcohol, and some desert notes, dry down is not that nice though, some sweet chemical mix.
By   - Accountant  from NY on 3/23/2017
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