Radio Bombay

Eau de Parfum

by D.S. & Durga

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The Scoop

A handmade transistor radio housed in soft sandalwood crackles out a burst of music in the stifling summer heat of Bandra, Mumbai. The copper tubes warm the wood, releasing smooth, creamy ribbons of fragrance, the air richly inflected with local spices, fruit ripening on the trees, flowers from the market, and the musk of millions of people making their way through the sun-shot city. Gentle and natural with one sniff, vibrant and energetic with the next, Radio Bombay is an elusive new sandalwood as only D.S. & Durga would think to make it- completely infused with the spirit and soul of India.

Radio Bombay  Notes

Copper, cedar, sandalwood, iris, boronia, balsam fir, coconut, musk, ambergris

Radio Bombay Sizes Available
50ml $175
0.7ml Sample $5
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I love this! It starts warm and spicy and then leaves me enveloped in a comforting cloud of cedar, which apparently no one but me could smell. Like having a secret room.
By   - Perfume enthusiast from Newcastle upon Tyne on 8/22/2016
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