Mississippi Medicine

Eau de Parfum

by D.S. and Durga

Mississippi Medicine Sizes Available:
50ml $175
100ml $260
0.7ml sample $4
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One of my favorites from DS & Durga. I don''t find it nearly as smoky as some do, and I really hate smoky fragrances, so this one worried me. It does smell slightly "medicinal" in the beginning I guess...but really to me it smells like natural herbs, not necessarily like medicine (although medicine is often made from herbs). It feels outdoorsy and ritualistic, just a bit gloomy but not overly so. Had I read nothing about the "death cult" I would not have gone there with this scent, but I also can see it working with the inspirational backstory. Couldn''t give it 5 stars because I wish sillage was bigger at the same time if it means adding a ton of Iso E Super to make it more beastly, I will happily take it as it is, thank you!
By   - Mommy from San Francisco on 12/10/2018
I''m amending my earlier snarky review. After using up the decant, I found myself wanting more, much more, of MM. I ordered another decant, fell in love, bought a big big bottle, and wear it every day. It starts with a dark, bitter, fresh load of birch tar, which lasts a long time, and gradually melts into frankincense and other woody, incense-y things. Stronger, stranger, and lasts longer than Comme des Garcons Zagorsk, my other true love. Perfect for the sadder but wiser woman who no longer wants to smell like flowers, fruit, or food.
By   - Artist from Boston on 9/12/2018
I adore it, but I can save a lot of money by using frankincense essential oil on top of Grandpa''s Pine Tar Soap.
By   - Artist from Boston on 4/3/2018
Honestly, I wasn''t sure exactly what to expect with this, but I was way too intrigued not to try. It''s incredible, and I don''t know exactly how to decribe it. What I do know is that it is a magical, mythical medicine. It makes me feel good. It smells like nothing else I have tried. The wood, incense, frankincense, and birch tar are like some kind of voodoo elixer that is addictive and invigorating, despite the origin of the name. I have a bottle and I plan to use it for all its magic is worth. Btw - Bowmakers is wonderful too. Reminds me of resin on violin bowstrings and the box of resin we put out toeshoes in to glide on wood floors many years ago...
By   - Student from Nashville on 12/23/2017
Muddy, earthy, smoky, and amazing. DS & Durga''s got a gift for smoke scents beyond the usual incense. This one is particularly well-executed, with juniper, cypress and a soilwater accord framing the progression from wood to tar to smoke to ash. (The perfumers resisted the gimmicky urge to drop a "fire" note there in the heart notes, and the fragrance is far better for that.) In some ways this is the conservatory version of the legendary Chypre Mousse if you like the older scent''s rain-soaked earth sensibility, definitely take a look in this direction.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/13/2017
Trying a sample of this for the first time now. The ''medicine'' is apt, I think, since the opening is such a cold, sharp woodsy accord that it approaches menthol- I was not entirely pleasantly surprised to find this starting out, on my skin, smelling like Vick''s vapor rub with a bit of smoke lingering under it. Thankfully, that only lasts a minute or so before it warms up and it becomes much more complex. As far as woodsy fragrances go, this is one of the most well-done I''ve come across I generally find them kind of boring, but this is an absolutely expert blend of woods, and the incense and smoke only accentuate it. The end result reminds me a bit of a good oud because it''s deep and sharp at the same time.
By   - student from NY on 12/26/2016
The medicine comes first with astringent juniper, followed by the smoke, birch logs becoming birch tar, and cedar. Aromatic, and not choked with smoke - more like standing in the fresh, green out-of-doors near a raging fire. While the inspiration is more than a bit morbid, the fragrance really nails the atmosphere. Aromatic and straightforward, perhaps more masculine than feminine.
By   - Whisperer from Northeast on 5/16/2015
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