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I first heard about Musc in a Luckyscent video featuring Katie Puckrik, and for years I had it on my wishlist. It finally moved up to the No 1 spot and I decided to blind buy a full bottle. WOW. I am so glad I did! This is absolutely the BEST musk I've ever worn, and it is just perfection on the skin. I do get a minute or two of the "mushroom" thing that many describe, but that quickly morphs into snuggly soft musk that lasts for HOURS. I can apply in the evening and still smell it the next morning. Bonus stars for the metal bottle that protects the juice from light, and the best misting sprayer of any bottle I own. I'm in love with this and will be exploring other Acampora offerings as soon as possible!
By   - Wife, Mom, Pharmacist, and Perfume Geek from Grayson, GA on 3/9/2020
I wasn't sure about this one when I put this on this morning...but Wow!!!!! At first it was somewhat dank and I thought "no way." I left it alone and the compliments started. It really has not lost the darkness but now I'm getting rose some spice some patchouli, something I can't quite discern and musky goodness. This isn't one with a long reach yet it lasts and lasts even on my very dry skin. I did moisturize well before I put it on. Its not my usual floral or fruity super girly perfume. And thats What I'm enjoying with this.
By   - Lover of life and perfume from New Mexico on 1/13/2019
Wonderful, wonderful stuff. A musk that is not traditional at all, as it is not headshoppy, unctuous, floral, skanky or "laundry clean". Rather it is woody, subtly aromatic and balsamic, and refreshingly devoid of sweetness and cutesiness. It smells of deermusk, castoreum and ambergris, in their most refined guises. It has a natural, woodsy-spicy "mystery" to it, which clings poignantly to the skin, giving off delicate savory, vegetal, nutmeg, nigh-kitcheny, aromatic hints. What a gorgeous, cozy/moody autumnal smell. A musk for grown-ups. Must buy a bottle of this!
By   - artist from boerne texas usa on 8/12/2018
this is lovely the beginning can be a bit much , it is quite earthy and yes there is a mushroom like smell but it settles quite nicely in about 10 minutes , the next stage is absolutely adorable and for the first time since my beloved narciso rodriguez someone asked what was i wearing! , so glad i jumped now i want more
By   - independent from mexico city on 7/4/2018
This is a primal, moist and loam-y Musk with a capital M. I'd read reviews of it and I like musks, but I wasn't prepared for how earthy and primal it would be. Very unisex. Raw. Great when you are looking for a real musk and not one dressed up. If you're into more gentrified musk (like Malle's Musc Ravageur, which I also love) then this might be too dirty for you. This is expensive, but it's also feral. One word of caution, I like musks in oil form but got this one as EDP because I wanted a lighter version. I have dry skin and this fades on me quickly in summer. The faint clove note lingers longer but if you prefer musk in oil format, go with your instinct and get the oil.
By   - A Cat Lover from The Midwest on 7/18/2016
Uhm...I don't understand all the glowing reviews. This is just okay and smells extremely similar to a department store musk that I own. As a matter of fact the department store brand smells better for a fraction of the price. Glad I smelled it, now I can cross it of my must have musk list.
By   - Account Manager from Oklahoma city on 10/31/2015
i love musk perfumes and ordered a sample of this perfume because I was looking for something unique and beautiful. At first the musty smell had me thinking big mistake. However, a bit later I couldn't believe what I was smelling! Absolutely the most gorgeous smell on earth! Of course I ordered a bottle! It lasts forever too! I used up the last of my sample which was just a small amount, and I could still smell the heavenly scent the next morning. A must try for musk lovers. The price is worth every drop!
By   - Teacher from Pittsburgh on 8/22/2015
Fresh , moist , damp and earthy , stunning Musc that I wouldn't want to miss in my collection . I also purchased the gold bottle ,the extrait , which is a marriage between the oil and this silver bottle. My only complaint with this is that it's more a skin scent then a get me noticed scent. But that's nice as well as I love wearing it mainly for my own pleasure. When you think it's long gone , a fresh waft will surprise you in fresh and moist earthy way. I am quite addicted to this scent. It's also great to just through in your purse as it is just like a great big purse spray container , love it !
By   - Housewife  from London on 4/26/2015
I want to cry. I had read and viewed every single review of this parfum. I love musk. It was my first fragrant obsession in my teens. I like them fresh, clean, skanky, soapy, long as it is musk. But this? I am not anosmic when it comes to musk. My sniffer becomes bloodhound if it is within a mile of me. After I pass through the mushroom, and it is mushroom, then get through the musty, ugly stale patchouli, it is gone! No musk. I have blown $135 on hype is all I can surmise. How can this be?!?! I threw away perfume dollars that could have been spent elsewhere. You have been warned...sample before you buy!
By   - Vagabond from Otto on 4/8/2015
So this does start off earthy and mushroomy. But not in an old button mushrooms rotting in the fridge way. It's more like picking fresh chanterelles in the woods. Then the flowers and spices come in. Wears close to the skin and is intoxicating.
By   - from Los Angeles on 2/7/2015
I was typing on my computer today and kept smelling the most wonderful smell. Finally realized that it was me! I forgot that I had put this on earlier in the day. The scent is simply gorgeous, warm and comforting. I put it on when I feel like wearing a soft, cashmere sweater - this scent evokes that cosy, luxurious feeling for me. It is pretty linear after the first 10 minutes, which smell strangely of mushrooms. After that the beautiful, musky, floral notes last for hours, especially if you get some on your clothing. Highly recommend. Love the aluminum bottle too.
By   - from Boston on 12/28/2013
Arrived 2 days ago and I have spritzed my wrist and sniffing myself throughout for the past 48 hours- this perfume is a shapeshifter. I have a few perfumes I love that are heavy, spicy, and stay fairly unchanged throughout their wear time which is so different from my experience w/ Musc. This is my first B. A. perfume and it is thankfully very long lasting w/ a bit of "woah, this is a bit too earthy" for the first 20 minutes or so before changing into a warm, natural, and comforting scent. I have a feeling this is a perfume that will smell lovely on many people who are looking for something that doesn't smell like any other run of the mill scent but becomes "your own" fairly quickly. A very nice introduction to this product line.
By   - Nursing Admin from Winnipeg on 5/2/2013
This is the best musc I tried in ages, and lasts forever in your skin and clothes, so you get value for money, I have the oil and love it so much that I will get the EDP asap. It's a clean musc and suit summer and winter, I'm so in love with this perfume.
By   - from New Zealand on 2/13/2013
AMAZING! The absolute best musk in the world. I've been getting the oil for about 3 years now. I'm so happy that luckyscent was able to get the EDP's here!!!!! Much love
By   - Parashooter from Los Angeles on 1/11/2013
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