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Ugh, I wanted to love this so much but I should have known that somehow the violet would ruin everything for me. There is certainly some musk here but what I'm mainly getting (somehow) is POWDER. Slightly musty, 1920's perfumed talc body powder is exactly what this smells like on me. I keep hoping that it's going to get better over time but it just leans harder and harder into that powder note.
By   - Gardener from Surrey on 9/7/2021
I ordered a sample of this scent due to sheer intrigue based on the description and reviews and I will never be the same, and not in a good way (sorry to say). This fragrance smelled like sweaty male private parts that’s had a penny lodged in an unknown crevice for the past 12 years (don’t just my imagination). Free the penny, save your nose!
By   - Money making from Minneapolis on 1/5/2021
I have been shopping at the Scent Bar in W.LA since they opened and now all two stores and Lucky Scent on-line. All these years I have never written a review, and I know that perfume is personal to every ones skin type? or what else?. One sample and I am off spending, and three bottles later, in case they discontinue this one, I am making sure I am never out. I cannot articulate, like so many reviews below, what makes this fragrance such a knockout EDP like no other. All I know is that hubbie kisses my neck when he is sleeping and murmers how beautiful I smell? WOW. I love it, he loves it, what can I say but SHAZAM!!
By   - Artist, drawing and painting history from Redondo Beach on 11/21/2019
Reminds me Obsession for men. I am not amazed by that fragrance. :( it's a unisex.
By   - Nurse  from Kiev on 4/22/2019
Eeeeew! Smells like old fashioned, out of date, grandma perfume. Maybe the sample is out of date? There are no nuances, no dimensions, just pungent aroma of an old perfume.. yuk. I might have to take another shower, I do not want this on me!
By   - artist from UK on 4/19/2019
I like musk, but a lot of musks smell too “clean” or synthetic for my taste. L’animal Sauvage is perfect. This is what you wish your naturally occurring musk smelled like. Sweet, spicy, floral, and realistically animalic. My boyfriend just bought my second bottle for my birthday.
By   - Snake Charmer from Nashville on 12/22/2018
This perfume reignited my obsession with fragrances. I must have had the LS description in my head because I immediately thought...Michelle Pfeiffer...Catwoman. This is just a twee bad ass and then it turns into the most stunning and hauntingly beautiful scent ever. The “bad ass” in the beginning is the civet; however, it’s not totally skanky, a la Putain des Palace or L’ambiguite. It’s more like the tartness in HdP Moulin Rouge. Then it turns into the most beautiful skin scent of sweet orange blossom and soft musk. I ordered a full bottle after 1 hour. Love it!
By   - Historian  from New England on 9/22/2018
Wonderful. Very soft and just a bit sexy. Also, 2 thumbs up for Luckyscent for their excellent service.
By   - Customer Service dept, from Montreal on 7/16/2017
Simply beautiful! The most soft, well-rounded, and delicious animalic fragrance, ever. And blended so gorgeously that I cannot even separate out the individual notes. All I know is that L'animal is like the smiling, dimpled lovechild of Muscs Koublai Khan and Helmut Lang EDP (with a slightly damp diaper!). Even my husband, who's a notorious perfume-loather, complimented me on this one. I think a second bottle is definitely in order!
By   - Professor from San Francisco on 5/12/2017
Exquisitely soft, pillowy and animalic musk, underpinned with very delicate, almost sucree sweetness. Skank is present, as you well expect it to be, but it is dreamily soft... Smells like a lover's caress... a lover's skin... a lover's hair... or baby's head. Sensual, suggestive... yet eminently tasteful and beautiful. Far drydown has the softness of a chamois, or rabbit's or lamb's pelt. Kind, dreamy, soft and lovable musk. Highly recommended... perfectly unisex. This scent says, "Hold me! Embrace me now!"
By   - artist from boerne, texas, USA on 3/4/2017
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