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Tihota  Eau de Parfum by  Indult

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Eau de Parfum

by Indult

The Scoop
Rapa Nui for sugar, Tihota is, quite simply, The One. The One that will call to you every moment you’re not smelling it, The One that you’ve only had hints of in other vanilla perfumes, The One that lasts and lasts, The One that has perfectly captured the essence of the pure nature of fresh vanilla beans and has harnessed it beyond your wildest dreams. It inspires obsessive devotion with its fragrance of smooth, vanilla bean pods dipped in honeyed water and left to steep. The result is the pure magic, an unbridled vanilla, sweet, raw and achingly desirable. Of course, Tihota isn’t the first perfume to focus on the dark sweetness of vanilla… perfumery is filled with vanillas, but this smells like the dream of a master perfumer who was obsessed with vanilla and was finally given free rein to worship the note with no apologies. It is, without a sliver of a doubt, the finest pure vanilla we’ve ever had the honor of carrying, and it’s so beautiful it pains us to put the bottle down.
Tihota Notes
Vanilla bean, musks
Francis Kurkdjian2006France
Tihota - 50ml
  $200 50ml
Curious about this fragrance?
  $5 0.7ml
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I love smelling like a baked treat, so after reading many review, I bought a sample of this (along with Chocolate Greedy and Jalaine Vanilla). Although I hate throwing things away, Jalaine was so synthetic and annoying, it is now sitting in the trash. And although I really like Greedy, enough for it to sit in my shopping cart, I'm more of a vanilla than a chocolate person, so it hasn't impressed me enough to buy it ... yet. But with Tihota? I cannot stop smelling my wrist. I am addicted. It gets better every time I put it on. It is so much more wonderful than smelling like a mere baked treat. It's like a clean baked treat that isn't obnoxious or over the top, while being so perfectly over the top I have to keep smelling my wrist. So so good.
By Stacey on 4/28/2015
I had never really been a fan of vanilla fragrances, but had read multiple, rave reviews of Tihota. They are all accurate!! Oh my God, this is just gorgeous!!! From application through the last sigh of drydown, Tihota is heavenly!! Definitely for grownups, and definitely FBW!! Saving my pennies for this one!
By MariJo - RN from Smellington, CT on 2/10/2015
My sample has turned into a purchase of the bottle. I don't mind spending money if it's a good perfume, and this is it. Warm vanilla...boozy yet sweet at the same time. Since Laura Mercier changed the formula of her Crème Brulee perfume, I have been on the hunt for a good gourmand perfume and this is it. My husband loves it too!
By christina - from Dana Point on 10/23/2014
I was really looking forward to trying this fragrance. I have been on a kind of hunt for a vanilla perfume that I liked. I happened to hear of this one. And just in reading the description & reviews, it seemed like it may be good. At first, it appears just a tad musky, like its missing a tinge of sweetness. But soon after it drys to a beautiful vanilla and has more sweetness. Its a true vanilla scent that is not overly musky or does not have any other notes to add to its complexity. I hope to make good use out of. Its a rich, warm vanilla, that seems more feminine, and is an enjoyable scent.
By Mara on 8/14/2014
there is vanila and then there is TIHOTA.... this one is a classier vanila a grown UP vanila a true comfort vanila.... definitely worth a try .... i think you will love it...............
By louise - agent from st pete on 6/2/2014
this is very light and stays very close to the skin. it's vanilla based but I think it's more a woman's parfume. for the price I expected more.
By G on 4/4/2014
I have been wearing vanilla perfumes for about 35 years. I have sniffed more bottles than I can mention over the years. This perfume is ridiculously expensive, but I love it so much that it is worth the splurge for me. Tihota is pure vanilla mixed with musk. Not overly sweet, but very creamy. After searching for many many years, this scent has become my #2 vanilla. My #1 fave is still Ligne St. Barth, which is much sweeter. If you are a vanilla addict, this one is at least worth a try with the sampler.
By Cdinks - IT Analyst from Cleveland, Oh on 1/7/2014
I just sampled a host of vanilla fragrances, and this one is the winner...too bad for me,and my pocket book! It is expensive,but for a REALLY fine vanilla-bean perfume it is the best. The closest thing that compares,imo is the ligne st barth vanilla,but this one isnt quite as sweet,its smoother. Please dont discontinue this before I score a bottle!
By Anonymous - perfume lover from midwest on 1/6/2014
OK ... bottle number 3. Yes, indeed. Could not resist yet again. I had a young women follow me in the grocery store wanting to know where that 'awesome' smell was coming from. Next, while shopping in an antique store, the shop owner asked what that 'aura' of vanilla sweetness was. So every time I wear this, it elicits a variety of delighted responses. I am its biggest fan. Nothing compares to this fragrance to date. When they stopped production a while back I was determined to find a substitute and could not. There is no other that comes close to the creamy, long lasting halo of enchantment that this fragrance emits. So decide to not buy it if you dare, for if I hit the Power Ball someday, I would buy every bottle made to ensure a lifetime olfactory opulence!
By Vanilla Addict - Computer Care from Arizona on 11/22/2013
At last I get to try Tihota!!!!!! Being a gourmand and vanilla lover, I have tried MANY sweet vanilla-y scents and this one is good. It oozes warmth and has a very authentic vanilla bean scent. This is not a vanilla scent hidden behind all sorts of other notes or super sugary either, nope, here it's just vanilla bean and musks straight up. The lasting power is very good, lasts for 6+ hours and I'd say the silage is rather quiet but not at all unnoticeable. It gives you that "aura" feel instead of "Whoa! I have perfume on" feel. I think it is very nice for a true vanilla scent, however, I am undecided on which vanilla scent I prefer between Jalaine's Vanilla, Montale's Vanille Absolu, Il Profumo's Vanille Bourbon (osmo absolu version only as it last way longer due to being an oil!), and Tihota. At the moment, I am leaning towards Jalaine's Vanilla because it even outlasts Tihota and seems to get better and better with every hour; and Montale's Vanille Absolu because it is an extremely appealing true vanilla bean scent, yet has a bit more depth to it than Tihota does. The Il Profumo's Vanille Bourbon Osmo absolu is gorgeous as well for it's warmth and use of 2 types of orchids. You'll just have to try it our for yourself to see which works best for you. Definitely a must try for vanilla lovers that's for sure.
By Sarah - from puerto rico on 11/6/2013
It's virtually impossible for me not to get stopped when I wear Tihota. Everyone wants to know where the vanilla cookies are stashed. I tried to find a few vanilla comparables during the time when it was off the shelf; nothing came close. If you love close-to-the-skin vanilla, desire excellent sillage, and don't mind being overly hugged by people wanting to get close to you (read: your scent), Tihota is the only way to go. A little goes a long way. I'm a teacher, and the effect it has on my students is amazing. Everyone calms down and gets happy. It's like wearing Orpheus's voice. Absolutely mesmerizing.
By jade - village idiot from NYC on 11/2/2013
I had to do it... just had to. I finally did break down and bought a bottle. No more decanters for me - for now :-) Thank goodness for tax returns or else this would not of happened! It has been the most delicious investment I have ever made. I must admit I have to wear it every day. 3-4 sprays on the usual pulse points and I am good to go. It's a slice of heaven - daily and I am about 1/4 of the way thru my bottle now and am a tad anxiuos already. I fear the day it's gone. Oh dear, i may be addicted to Tihota **sigh**
By Computer weenie from AZ on 11/3/2010
I liked this and it smelled exactly like bourbon vanilla beans and the musk was nicely balanced. If you're wearing this to attract men, know that women are 1000 times more sensitive to musk. Since the musk in this perfume is so subtle, when most men smell this, it will smell a lot like vanilla extract. A very high quality extract but vanilla extract all the same. If you are wearing this for yourself, you will really love this scent, as will other women around you. If this were priced at $150 rather than $250, I would be more likely to buy this for my collection. It smells just like bourbon vanilla beans (exactly like them) which is a very nice scent but at the current price, not nice enough. I could buy very high quality vanilla beans and steep them for months in artisan's alcohol to make a vanilla body spray which would also smell just like the vanilla bean but at a fraction of the cost.
By supercutie - from chicago on 4/25/2010
Found it to be too heavy for my tastes, but it has amazing lasting power, wish that was the case on the ones I love. If you like an almost pure vanilla scent you may want to try this one.
By Anonymous - from San Luis Obispo on 3/17/2010
I must admit, I did not think that I would ever find a vanilla so uncomplicated in the most perfect way that would make me fall head-over-heels in love, but I have! I most definitely have with Indult's Tihota. Its composition is simple - just vanilla and musk. However, it's the balance of the two notes that is so impressive. Thanks to the nose of Francis Kurkdjian, we are able to experience simplistic beauty at its finest. Tihota is sweet and creamy, but not cloying at all. The lasting power is phenomenal! I apply it in the morning and it lasts all day. Its presence is soft, but never abandons you. I read in a review that this fragrance creates more of an aura-like quality rather than actual sillage. I totally agree! It emanates from you like a soft glow, as if you're being accompanied by an invisible entourage, if you will. I can say the same thing for my other vanilla love, Vaniglia del Madagascar by Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561. I love both so much! Thank you luckyscent for the opportunity to experience hard-to-find and out-of-the-ordinary perfumes! Mahalo!
By leeyah87 - from Honolulu, HI on 3/4/2010
I too lovvved it but alas could only afford a decanter - which I purchaced for $42.00 for 8mls. I agree the scent is intoxicating and it is a true vanilla fragrance with a hint of musk. I purchase on average 10 decanters a month trying to fine the "perfect" vanilla. Tihota is close. But its longevity leaves a lot to be desired. It does wear well and its simplicty is what makes it so enjoyable for me. I thought the Double SpiritVanilla smelled like a combo of cheap booze and an ashtray. Not very sexy if you ask me. I could not find the vanilla in that if my life depended on it. Sephora's LaVanilla is nice and is at least affordable as well. But there is something about the Tihota that seperates it from the rest. I hope the designers read these blogs and realize that Tihota is loved by many but the price is waay over the top - especially in this economy. Here's to lower your price and increase your fan base hip hip hoorah!!
By Anonymous - Computer weenie from Phoenix on 2/12/2010
I immediately knew that Tihota was absolute perfection after testing a few drops from my sample vial. I happily purchased a full bottle and it is the vanilla standard against which I judge all others I've since tried. It is pure sweet and almost boozy vanilla brushed with a soft hint of musk. And the lasting power is absolutely amazing. I can still smell it on my skin the next morning, unlike CSP's Vanille or most other vanilla perfumes I've tried. Rivaled only by Guerlain's SDV, this is pure vanilla bliss in a bottle and definitely worth the price. I will purchase again and again without a doubt.
By Sarah - Writer from Kalamazoo on 2/10/2010
Heavenly scent! A vanilla to rule all the vanillas. An absolute perfection~
By Anonymous - from Taipei on 1/21/2010
creamy but not too sweet or musky vanilla. A must have!
By Anonymous - from new york on 10/19/2009
A creamy, luscious vanilla indulgence!
By Anastasia - from Indonesia on 9/23/2009
wanted to like it . . . not much staying power AT ALL! :(
By Anonymous on 8/25/2009
SO incredibly overhyped! It's okay but not even nice enough for me to use the whole sample vial. If you're a vanilla lover though you have to sample but make sure you also sample other vanillas including Comptoir Sud Pacifique which I think this smells a lot like.
By Anonymous on 6/30/2009
Sorry but this is not as special as its price! This is a very simple form of vanilla scent, there are similar perfumes with less price...
By Nilay - HR from ISTANBUL on 6/14/2009
I was completely dazzled after reading these reviews and thought...maybe...possibly...I had found a decent replacement for the old L'occitane vanille bourbon. I am SO glad luckyscent offers samples of these. I found this scent to be neither close to the beloved and idiotically d/c Vanille Bourbon nor The One. At all. On me it starts as a pure vanilla, not buttery or butterscotchy at all. Then it turns into a generic perfumy scent. Folks who love this should IMO save their money and get the L'aromamine Vanille scent for $18. It smells exactly the same to my nose. However, from studying these reviews, I did learn about (and order) French West Indies Vanille, which is a lovely, strong vanilla and is similar to Tihota's top notes. Like FWI but still don't love it. L'aromarine is much the same but much cheaper. Another great vanilla scent that draws compliments is Yves Rocher Vanille Bourbon, and that's a huge bottle for $8. So, didn't find The One (well, actually I did, but some fool discontinued it) but thanks for the scent adventure.
By Vanilla Addict - Law enforcement from San Francisco on 5/27/2009
THE most BEAUTIFULL smell I have ever encountered. Turned me into a scent narsicist. I smelled so devine! My siamese cats thought so too, and my man. The former have typical expensive tastes, and know whats good! Tihota will break your heart though. Smell it, Adore it, then work out how you'll be able to afford it. I've been giving the latter much thought, and have activated a masterplan. I just have to get some. I cant wait until we are alone together and I can inhale it's beauty! It's extravagent but life is short, I say get your pleasures where you can. I intend to treasure the bottle, and wear this on my wedding day. It's the ultimate smell to intensify happy memories. utterly gorgeous
By Joanna - project worker from Scotland on 2/16/2009
If you like vanilla and you can afford it, Tihota is lovely and it LASTS! Best vanilla ever!
By Anonymous on 2/2/2009
... and their marketing campaign is brilliant you cant buy it again after this batch. you be registered only to buy another. at the very least the could have had baccarat or lalique do the bottle and be etched and signed by the perfumer and numbered!
By Anonymous - film from los angeles on 12/17/2008
... and their marketing campaign is brilliant you cant buy it again after this batch. you be registered only to buy another. at the very least the could have had baccarat or lalique do the bottle and be etched and signed by the perfumer and numbered!
By Anonymous - film from los angeles on 12/17/2008
I had to get this after all the amazing reviews and i looove vanilla. THIS IS A RIP OFF IN THE BIGGEST WAY! I CANNOT BELIEVE I BOUGHT THIS. if you like smelling like a cupcake this is for you. for the incredibly steep price, I should have gone and purchased a guerlain or caron. You' be much better off spending 8 dollars and layer coty musk and vanilla fields. The holy grail like no other is vintage shalimar parfum , THE VANILLA OF ALL VANILLAS., which you can pick up a 1-2 ounce baccarat bottle for half this price or less, which at least has layers and blooms.blooms, also an incredible scent is annik goutal's encsence et lavend which unfortunatele is dicontinued. it is frenc lavender and vanilla which is beyond
By Anonymous - film from los angeles on 12/17/2008
SUBLIME. The most amazing vanilla note, with lingering smoke and the dust of a beautiful old cathedral. Yes, I bought a bottle, then I realized I might run out in my lifetime - so I bought another! Beautiful scent.
By KT - from California on 10/26/2008
This wasn't what I was expecting - I wouldn't describe it as 'rich' at all. In fact it seemed a bit air-headed to me. It's a simple, pure vanilla scent and I see why so many love it, but I am still on the hunt for any vanilla that even comes close to Lea (which so far, nothing does).
By Anonymous - student from Montreal on 10/4/2008
I was so hoping not to like this scent due to the cost, but I simply had to try a sample after reading the description (and of course due to all the hype on this particular vanilla). I assumed that this would be another one of those overly hyped, expensive vanilla fragrances like La Ligne St Barth where I would roll my eyes and think what's all the fuss about? This perfume has been touted as the world's most beautiful vanilla. The truest high end vanilla ever made. I hadn't even looked at the names yet (I ordered 7 samples at once), but I could smell one vial in particular when I opened my tiny sample bag because it kept wafting up and it was this scent coming from this vial. Usually when I first put on a fragrance, they rarely impress me, but this one is lovely from start to finish. I had been searching the earth for years now to find that perfect vanilla. Not one of them ended up being what I would call my holy grail (the closest I've ever come is Suds and Light's Vanilla Bean Noel which is truly divine and beautifully inexpensive as well). Most vanilla's are ruined by too many complicated notes. They either have too many florals, too much patchouli, too smoky or they end up having some strange citrus note that ruins the vanilla for me. My hope was that one day I would find a truly high end vanilla that smelled like pure, indulgent vanilla pod with nothing but luxurious vanilla beans and musk. I was beginning to think the scent I dreamed of simply didn't exist until I tried this lovely concoction. This is rich, creamy vanilla with a hint of pure honey enrobed in a very intoxicating veil of musk. This is pure vanilla in all it's rich, sweet glory without any other strange notes to alter the purity of the vanilla pod. The dry down leaves me sniffing my wrists constantly. I have never experienced this in a vanilla scent before. I want to just wrap myself in it's creamy, pure texture and smell this intoxicating brew forever. It's deceptive in it's simplicity. I can't even imagine a truer vanilla because this is the one. The musk is heady and the vanilla pure, but the honey sends me right over the edge. I nearly cried when I saw that this was $250.00 for a 1.7 ounce bottle! There were only 999 bottles made of this luxurious perfume by famed French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. I thought no way would I ever shell out so much money for a fragrance, but the dry down was making me crazy. Suddenly I didn't want decants anymore, I wanted the whole bottle so off to Luckyscent I went wondering if I had lost my mind, but knowing I would be one incredibly smelling crazy person. I can completely understand why most would never buy this again, even if they adored the scent ($250.00 is ridiculously steep) and most people seem to want lots of complicated notes with their vanilla. This beauty is truly unique as it manages to capture the true essence of pure delectable vanilla. You won't smell like a 10 year old or like you slapped on vanilla extract either. Instead it smells like a very cherished and adored high end luxury fit for a queen. By the way if you buy a bottle and fall madly in love with it, Luckyscent will keep a record of your purchase and register you with Indult if you ask them to. This is important to note, because Indult plans on making up a second batch and only those that bought the first will be able to buy another bottle.
By Perfume Princess on 8/13/2008
Many perfumes are for seducing others when wearing; this one is for seducing YOU. A more perfect vanilla perfume I've never met; the blend does contain vanillin to my nose, but also a heck of a lot of true vanilla and other gorgeousness that laces into the vanilla deliciousness. This is the most perfect and painful perfume I've ever worn, for vanilla. Emotionally stressful, in fact, for its beauty and allure of vanilla goodness. It doesn't strike me at all as a gourmand. More of a sinful indulgence of skin-sensual nature. God help me. Note: I was surprised & delighted to find that Montale's Vanilla Absolu *is* very similar. Not as perfect, but very nice indeed....... Tihota, what have you done to me?! *siiiiigh*
By Anonymous - writer from houston on 5/11/2008
As one of the perfume blogs said, this is the "killah vanilla. It really is the best of the best, and I've probably tried a hundred vanilla scents where vanilla is the featured note. It's definitely a close to the skin scent, which for me is a plus since I work in the medical field. I love this juice so much I take it with me to work, in its little box, and whenever I take a break I give myself a little spritz. It lifts my spirits immediately. Truly, for me, happiness, no, make that LOVE in a bottle. Yes, the price is high, but considering the quality of the ingredients and the effect of the scent on my mood it's worth every penny!
By Liz - Physician from Oakland on 4/24/2008
I have been a fan of Montale's Vanille Absolute for about a year and a half, and Tihota came highly recommended. I find it similar to the Montale on me, sans the "smokey" quality. I love it, but it fades so close to my skin that after 45 min to an hour I have to re-apply my precious little sample. If I could afford it, I'd buy a whole bottle, since it really is the best pure vanillas I have ever smelled...but for now, Montale is it for my vanilla fix.
By Jen D - Student  from Redondo Beach on 4/20/2008
Oops. I meant to say that I far prefer 'Dulcis in Fundo' rather than il profumo.
By Anonymous - from Oregon on 4/14/2008
Lovely. Truly gourmand and thankfully not 'perfumey', but too sugary sweet for my taste. Cupcake does come to mind. Dulcis il Profumo is the one for me. Delicious and addictive.
By Anonymous - from Oregon on 4/14/2008
It's ok but nothing to brag about. Certainly not worth the price tag.
By Anonymous on 3/13/2008
This is exactly the same as the original L'Occitane Vanile which was discontinued (to my horror and sadness) abourt 2/3 years ago. It was stunning and about a tenth of the price. But that doesn't mean this is not beautiful. Just hugely overpriced.
By Anonymous - Ranconteur on 2/15/2008
I don't mean to advertise the competition because Luckyscent is by far my favorite but French West Indies Vanilla smells very,very similar to this and a 4 oz bottle is $45!! and it lasts on your skin. There isn't enough difference to me to make up for the difference in costs. I love the French West Indies one!
By Anonymous on 1/24/2008
OK. I'm a new scent junkie. This is like finding a Renoir painting. One may quibble over the price, but in finding such a perfect vanilla that makes me swoon, it'd be a SIN to deny yourself such divinity. Life is too short to not adore the fragrance emanating from yourself. Tihota is exquisite. I'm enthralled with its depth. Like creme caramel brulee.
By John - from Palm Springs on 1/9/2008
This is, on me, a soft, pure, gentle vanilla. There are a lot of cheap/awful vanilla scents out there so this gets a positive review from me even though I don't find it very exciting or unique and possibly not worth the $ for a whole bottle. I imagine quiet ladies in cashmere sweaters wearing this.
By Jo - grad student from Montreal on 12/21/2007
This smells A LOT like Comptoir Sud Pacifiques Vanillas.
By Anonymous on 12/14/2007
It is very one dimensional and a bit boring. It smells like vanilla extract with a slightly warmer edge to it.
By Anonymous - from San Diego on 11/25/2007
Was very disappointed...smells like a one-note perfume. My husband commented that it smells like vanilla extract.
By Renee - from California on 11/7/2007
Lovely pure vanilla that lasts. Unfortunately not in the budget.
By Jennifer - from Philadelphia on 10/28/2007
ok, this may get me into trouble. but I'm MAD at Tihota. first of all, I resent its price point. there, I said it. and yes, this is the Valhalla of Vanillas. it is the mystic Stonehenge of Vanillas. totemic, proud, worshipped by many. the vanilla here walks into the room with its hands on its hips; it knows it's the REAL DEAL. and it lingers and lasts: a smouldering, golden brown ember. but: the dry-down didn't agree with me- it became kinda 'cigar-y' and I wanted to continue my fling with that magic vanilla alone. sigh- a masterpiece.
By kelly in california - artist from south san francisco on 9/19/2007
The description of this one was too much for me to resist! But I'm glad I just got the sample. While it is a very lovely vanilla fragrance, I felt like I was trapped inside a waffle cone. My husband agreed. So, I guess if you really enjoy smelling sweet and very vanilla-y, then this is a really great perfume, but I don't think I'll purchase the full size.
By Lee - from Houston on 9/13/2007
This is a really great scent. Even better than Lea, La'artisan vanille, or any other vanilla scent. The only bad thing, it's price! $$$
By Anonymous - perfume lover from CA on 9/9/2007
Tihota is a nice, rich and warm vanilla. It is also simple and somewhat boring, there is nothing that makes it stand out from the mass of vanilla fragrances that are already on the market. Based on its true simplicity I can not justify the price.
By cat  - from canada on 9/6/2007
This is certainly a beautiful vanilla. I'm wearing it as I type. However, for this price, I'd want a bit of intrigue. This is a pure vanilla, so if you like vanilla, this will do it, and probably do it better than any other. But if you like a bit of sophistication and complexity in your perfume (even, or especially in your vanilla fragrances) and equate cost with those factors, you'll probably be wondering if it's worth the cost. I don't think it is.
By acv - from philadelphia on 9/5/2007
This really is the BEST pure vanilla ever. My boyfriend swooned and drooled over it. I wish it were not so expensive, but I have to admit that my other vanilla perfumes do not compare. It is the richest, classiest, most sophisticated vanilla I've tried.
By Deandra - teacher from Pasadena on 8/11/2007
Thank you I finally got my bottle of Tihota today after 10 days of worrying about it arriving. I had three people tell me I smelled incredible, and even if they didn't say that I would have to agree. I only need to do three sprays and I am set for the day, this bottle will probably last me a couple of years!!! It smells like rich vanilla and not perfume or fake. Thank you for your safe shipping options to the UK!
By Anonymous on 8/5/2007
(Continued) Thanks for the sample. It just proves that amazing samples of amazing perfumes can make a sale and hey, look at me! No other vanilla gets even a little close to this one, not even the L'Occitane, which is as close as a n apple and and orange.
By Isabella - Civil Engineer from Chi town on 8/5/2007
(continued) I've always loved vanilla fragrances but I was surprised at the price on this one. When I first tried it, I was dying to own it. It's beautiful pure sweet vanilla and a nice amount of musk. Super duper delicious and it goes until the next day on me.
By Isabella - Civil Engineer from Chicago on 8/5/2007
Thank you for the sample, it was included with my recent order and I didn't even request it. I don't know what repetitive jerk (yeah, I said it) is comparing this with L'Occitane's floral meets vanilla Vanilla EDT, but they're nothing alike other than, duh, they have vanilla in them.
By Isabella - Civil Engineer from Chicago on 8/5/2007
I finally ordered this...wanted to wait until Fall but I was worried it would be gone by then for good! This is so much more than a basic vanilla! I smell a toasted vanilla with a smoky undertone which makes it less sweet. I get a fair amount of smooth musk that makes this cozy and sexy :o) The lasting power is spritz and you're set! It's no surprise that Tihota was created by the wonderful Fracis Kurkdjian and I'm thrilled to have 2 Indults in my collection!
By Brooke - from APO on 8/2/2007
I'm in love with this. Put on straight from the bottle it is deep, heady, vanilla delight - sweeter than I usually go for, but good anyhow. When I layer it with a single note cardamon oil it is incredible. On me it lasts throughout the day without reapplying. The price makes me cringe, but I think a bottle will last me a long long time.
By Amy - from Honolulu on 8/2/2007
Undoubtedly the most refined vanilla I've ever smelled, but after I applied it, my mother sniffed and said, "It smells like you just came from the kitchen." Now, I don't know about you, but if I pay $225 for a perfume, I want dozens of men slain in my wake, not my mom thinking I just baked cookies.
By Therese - journalist from Manila on 7/13/2007
L'Occitane Vanilla is L'Occitane's current vanilla. It is not the same vanilla scent as the discontinued L'Occitane Vanille - no online site is selling the discontinued L'Occitane Vanille
By Anonymous on 6/29/2007
I love this fresh clean vanilla scent.Was all set to bite the bullet and spend the big bucks, but it faded so quickly! Olny lasted an hour on me.I'm going to revisit it because it's a wonderful vanilla while it lasts.
By Denise - RN from Tampa on 6/29/2007
PlusPlus To Tihota's credit! L'Occitane Vanille was made as an Eau de Toilette and not as a Parfum --- Though I love vanilla scents and If perfume was my addiction --- I would Have to buy this Tihota! Since I don't have this addiction and since I am just a bit jealous of those Can afford it well er I Must give it a 1
By Anonymous on 6/28/2007
$28 L'Occitane Vanille gets discontinued Tihota! replaces it for $225 Thank you very much (sarcasm)
By Anonymous on 6/27/2007
Bottom line - Pleasing, foody, warm. Not worth $225. I hope I don't cave and buy this one, it's ridiculously expensive...I'll post again if I can't keep my back turned to Tihota....
By Erica  - Biotech from Providence, Rhode Island on 6/26/2007
Unfortunately for my budget, this is the best vanilla ever. Rich and dreamy and comfy and just sweet enough. It reminds me of the old L'occitaine Vanille Bourbon - you know, that one you can't get anymore, not for all the money in the world? The rich, delicious, compliment provoking creamy vanilla that was replaced by an absolutely insipid and unsatisfying floral vanilla? Fools! Tihota is like that one, but even better. Yes, the price for this is too high, but I will most certainly be paying it. Because it's the best. And because the next best one is completely unavailable.
By Heather - from Los Angeles on 6/22/2007
This is a perfectly nice bourbon vanilla, but it's also a perfectly plain bourbon vanilla. It smells just like L'Occitane Vanille to me, actually. I don't think it's worth the exorbitant price tag.
By Anonymous - from Atlanta on 6/21/2007
does everyone know that the creator of tihota also made the fragrances for mdci womens line at 600 a bottle look him up on line f.k. is noted to be most gifted youth in their business today not a surprise to all who have tried indult truly magical stuff happy to have these in my collection i hope others will find it as well
By Anonymous - publisher from bh on 6/11/2007
I’m not a fan of predominantly vanilla scents, but was curious about the Indult line. I sampled all three scents and kept going back to Tihota. I couldn’t stop smelling my wrists and kept catching intoxicating wafts of this exquisite and rich perfume. It is like deep, cooked vanilla beans with a warm, caramel undertone. Sometimes I get a scrumptious toasted effect and sometimes I detect a slight bourbon undertone others have mentioned. Either way, I’m into gourmand perfumes and Tihota is the richest, most delicious scent I have ever worn through all of its stages. It does last and it’s strong without being heady. I ended up purchasing a full bottle and Tihota wears well in warm and cold weather. It’s utterly outstanding and men definitely love this on me. If this works on you like it does me, then it’s definitely worth the price. Please give all the Indult perfumes time to dry down/settle because they all truly evolve into something special.
By Anonymous - from Los Angeles on 6/5/2007
I have to post an update to my previous comment. This makes another vanilla I just bought smell really stupid. This is the best quality vanilla I have ever smelled. Seems expensive for something so simple - but its rich simplicity is exactly why I have to have it- there is nothing else like it. Worth every penny.
By Kate - from Philadelphia on 6/4/2007
don't listen to anything negative about this fragrance Tihota is the best i have ever found with or without the vanilla idea it is simply the best perfume above all else doesn't have anything to do with personal preference everything to do with quality it is a lucky day when you find something worth paying for
By Anonymous - publisher from beverly hills on 6/4/2007
this is addicting, pure vanila and I agree it has a vanilla bourbon scent. Maybe the reason it's pricey is because it lasts and lasts. I'm very happy. So is my husband he said I smell like candy.
By Anonymous on 6/1/2007
By Anonymous - mom from phoenix on 5/31/2007
I think I'm in love! I've got to agree with the person below who says it's rich, deep, cooked. It's thick vanilla, served straight up with nothing else in the way. I didn't get much of anything other than huge vanilla but God, it's a brilliant big, bad and bold vanilla. I want it.
By Anonymous - from San Diego on 5/31/2007
I just got my sample yesterday. Thank you. I have three nice vanilla perfumes from Luckyscent and many others and I'm really sad because Indult has just made them all not as great. I am critical of vanilla perfumes probably because it is one of my favorite "notes" in perfume. To me, this smells like bourbon vanilla and a few hours later it smells like vanilla and a little musk. I put this on last night and I could smell it in the morning and it never really changed all that much. My husband went crazy for it so I guess I have a birthday present coming up next month! Thanks again, --Maya
By Anonymous - human resources from Vanilla Flats, Maryland :x on 5/31/2007
This is the BEST VANILLA I have ever tried, ever ever evereverever, and I've tried them all (ok, a ton of them and certainly all here.) It's rich and sweet and REAL and none of the fakey weird odd synthetic smell I hate. My favorite part that yes yes, it lasted on me. Thank you for carrying this. The price is steep and I hate that, but I'd rather trade a couple of the more expensive vanillas I've purchased in the past for this one perfect one.
By Suleah - Animator from Burbank, CA on 5/31/2007
I respectfully disagree with those who found this perfume incredible. It is appealing and has a nice musky quality that many vanilla fragrances lack -- but HG - I think not. It lacks the tenacity and individuality of a great perfume. Thank god I sampled. If I had spent $225 dollars on this I would have shot myself.
By Karlita - Singer from Santa Fe on 5/31/2007
I respectfully dissagree with the other reviewers who find this fragrance so overwhelming. It is nice, but not interesting. It smells like white cake mix, which is a wonderfull smell, and has wonderfull associative memories for many people, however it is not a great perfume, and certainly not worth the price! I also find that the base has a slight plastic hint. Something that is common with many vanilla fragrances. If you like vanilla, indulge yourself and get Susanne Lang's vanilla collection of roll on oils. They are fun and you can get another perfume with the money you save.
By yonderblues - Mom from Riverside, Il on 5/31/2007
amazing beautiful truly the best scent hats off to the one who created this fragrance and lucky scent for bringing the line all three are wonderful in their own way but hard to move on after wearing Tihota i think this is a perfect fragrance tops all other vanillas ONE LOVE needless to say i have ordered this and am thinking of the other two
By Anonymous - publisher from beverly hills on 5/25/2007
This vanilla possesses a depth that many others lack. I agree with the last comment about the "toasted" effect. It is a deep cooked vanilla scent. It is fantastic.
By Kate - from Philadelphia on 5/24/2007
This is my favorite of the three, though it reminds me very much of Serendipitous. While Serendipitous has citrius undertones, Tihota is more smokey almost like a marshmellow roasted over a campfire. Nice. Might have to spring for this one. :)
By Anonymous on 5/23/2007
unbelieviable!!!!!!! just received my sample and now i have to figure out how in the world i will be able to afford a 225.00 dollar bottle of perfume.....i cannot stop thinking about this perfume...i am a vanilla lover, BUT it has to be a true vanilla...sweet and creamy with no other fragrance to interfere...this is it.
By Joann - from roseville,ca on 5/21/2007
Sorry, no reviews with the rating selected. Select another filter please.

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