Osmanthus Interdite

Eau de Parfum

by Parfum d'Empire

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The Scoop

Osmanthus Interdite, a new fragrance in the Parfum d'Empire collection of fragrances inspired by great empires of the past, is an ode to Chinese Empire, to ancestral wisdom and to a small white flower of a delicate pallor that expresses purity, serenity and stability – osmanthus. The scent opens on a rich Chinese tea note woven around the complex and ethereal osmanthus with its unique combination of floral and slightly fruity, apricot-like aromas. We especially adore the fruity aspect of this unusual flower and think that those who, like us, have been searching for a slightly fruity, sweet osmanthus, have found their match. The gently honeyed, apricot-scented blossoms smell luscious and blissful; we can't explain it, but the aroma of Osmanthus Interdite makes us happy and content. Enriched by rose and jasmine sambac, in the heart of the fragrance, osmanthus becomes sensual and velvety, mingling its fruity notes with the crystalline purity of the musks. Delicate and alluring, the fragrance is joyful and tranquil…a secret blossoming oasis of beauty in the midst of our busy modern life.

Osmanthus Interdite  Notes

Chinese tea, osmanthus, rose, jasmine, musk

Osmanthus Interdite Sizes Available
100ml $145
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Osmanthus Interdite...
I do wonder is some people are anosmic to the musk in this fragrance, and are losing part of the scent because of it... on me, this perfume lasts easily 24 hours, and I can smell it on my clothes and bedsheets for several days... Besides being a floral and tea scent, there's an underlying dark leather and musk element to OI, which is why, despite the fact that I normally hate floral fruity scents, I find this one both intriguing and beautiful. Because of the potential anosmia factor though, I'd be sure to sample this one before buying.
By  on 4/29/2013
I love this. It is feminine without being syrupy, or soapily floral, warm without the vanilla. My skin takes delicate scents really well, and so that's something to consider with the rest of my review--this is definitely delicate. It lasted on me. I smell the tea (chamomile, almost), it's softly sweet, there's an herbal quality that almost veers into warm hay but it's not off-putting. I will be getting a bottle as soon as it's not on back-order.
By   - Bookseller from Pasadena, CA on 4/9/2013
Boring, vapid, forgettable. There is just nothing worth of mentioning about.
By   - from Taipei on 9/10/2009
This reminds me of the jasmine tea you get at decent Chinese restaurants. There is a slight fruitiness to it that is also found in higher-end tea. It wears close. Strikes me as a good office scent.
By   - trainer from Washington DC on 10/24/2007
This is a very subtle scent that remains close to the skin. For those who work in offices where fragrance is discouraged or are planning to visit someone in hospital, this might be one you could get away with. It's sheer like a L'Artisan scent -- rather surprising when you consider the 'in-your-face'ness of some of the other PdE scents. While I personally tend to favor sillage monsters, I know there are many out there who prefer a more delicate and dainty fragrance. If that's you, you might like this a lot.
By   - Energy Analyst from Denver on 10/23/2007
It's a pretty enough tea scent, but nothing special. I expected a little more "wow" from Parfums d'Empire. Not only that, but it was completely gone after only about 2 hours.
By   - from Arlington, VA on 10/8/2007
Yes, this one is "empty" on me too. I can't even smell anything. I ended up putting something else on over it - absolutely no "take" on my skin.
By   - from Brooklyn, NY on 10/5/2007
Perfume Empire makes lovely scents. This one is a mystery to me. Luckily, I get no musk (my skin hates musk and turns it into 'dirty sock' no matter how crystalline or clean it meant to be), but I get . . .tea. That's it. Tea. And the kind of bitter white tea that doesn't develop. So, sadly, not for me. I fully intend to retry, as the others of this line are lovely.
By   - artist from Alexandria VA on 10/2/2007
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