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Not a gateway musk. Certainly a musk. I enjoyed Musc Ravageur in small doses but I'm gonna have to give this sample away.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/20/2020
A sophisticated modern musk, with lots of naturalness... and a sizeable amount of the skank factor musk lovers love. Has a curious, indefinable opening, smelling stony and perhaps slightly floral. Very slightly ambered, but not to the point of sweetness. Then comes a genuinely animalic musk, and yes it has a noticeable fetor to it, nigh-fecal... but it's very interesting and compelling. It fades, and you are left with a subtle skin musk that very closely hugs the skin, with no sillage whatsoever, yet it's not headshoppy. Smells pleasantly oleaginous, and the floral/ambergris note always gives it allure and attractiveness. Easily unisex. This is for when you are fully expecting another person to get VERY VERY close to you.
By   - artist from boerne texas usa on 8/15/2018
A musk tutorial, which begins in my high-school math class next to the girl who bathed in Jovan Musk back when that was a thing. (I have no idea how Parfum d’Empire knew about Kim, but whatever.) That hyper-sweet, slightly burnt-rubber opening is a terror, but fortunately it’s more of a quotation than a long passage; a civet-y indolic note chimes, and suddenly we’re in a rich, powdery musk that’s old-fashioned in the best way.
By   - editor from Seattle on 4/25/2018
This is a really nice fragrance. I don't know anything about tonkin musks , but this opens half old-fashioned sweet, half a little bit dirty/woody with a slight spice. It has a "vintage" quality I really like, but is not super clingy the way many true vintage perfumes can be. It dries down to a very smooth, very pleasant woody sweetness with a touch of leather. It also blends well on skin with other perfumes. Really like this one.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 12/20/2017
WoW. one spray on my wrist at 10pm last night. it is now 1030am the next day and this fragrance hasnt died a bit. i love the scent and i can fully appreciate its staying power. this scent tips slightly towards the feminine side in terms of its olfactory presentation. this is not to say that a man can not wear it ( i surely do) but beware that it takes a certain amount of confidence to pull it off. and go lightly on the application. i would definitely recommend a sample purchase.
By   - Medicine from Washington D.C. on 2/26/2016
This is supposed to smell like real tonkin musk. If it does, I don't like real musk, and that is a good thing because I love animals and do not wish any hard upon them whatsoever. If this smells like real musk, then real musk smells like melons. This is like an aquatic melon perfume with a hint of men's cologne. Beautiful indeed, but too masculine for me, like a waaaaay nicer version of Issey Miyake for men. I think it would be fantastic on a man.
By   - Mommy from San Francisco on 2/19/2016
A dreamy musk. Deep, strong, womanly. Too much for me but a remarkable sent.
By   - Carpenter from Boston on 12/24/2015
Inexplicably gorgeous! Absolutely love this perfume! It opens with a bit of what smells like narcissus with a slightly metallic musk. Then it becomes richer and deeper, developing into the most amazing animalic musk. So unique,so beautiful. Anyone who thinks this smells like animal butts or pee either has bad skin chemistry or a broken nose. This is phenomenal! My new love!
By   - perfume enthusiast from California on 12/19/2015
For me, a scrubber. And I love animalic notes that dry down warm and resinous. Trouble is, Musc Tonkin never gets there. It opens with a caustic sharpness that my brain registers as "perfumey," like a decades-old bottle of some discontinued Coty drugstore staple discovered at a garage sale. Hours later and after a full shower: the same, just fainter, *maybe* a touch of warm skin. This from half a drop from the vermicelli-thin wand in the sample vial. I didn't overapply. Bummer.
By   - baker from the prairie on 12/8/2015
I was so excited to try this, but it didn't go that great. It has an annoying aquatic top note that would not dissipate. The animalic musc was nice, but the irritating aquatic scent made the whole thing smell like men's cologne. It wasn't totally horrible, but I'm glad I sampled first as I wont be buying this one.
By   - Mommy from San Francisco on 11/24/2015
I can't stop smelling myself. I bought quite a few samples of Parfum L'Empire. Last night I thought Equestrius was fabulous, still do. Today I faintly applied Tonkin and every 5 minutes, sniff, sniff like a perv. I applied a little more liberally to pulse points on both arms and cleavage. Cleavage is the test for me. I am extremely fragrance sensitive, so anything there that is false or has a chemical note will close up my airways and tear my eyes. This Tonkin though, wow. It hits the top of my nose when applied which typically I don't like. But this baby is pure, no chemical burn. I don't smell leather. It starts sharpish floral, but a good bright sharp, an alluring sharp. And then gets warmer and warmer as it dries down and the scent drops down my nose and I smell it at the back of my throat. It's not sweet, and most anything, male or female scents, turn sweet on me. It is just marvelous. On me not to much projection or sillage and lasts around 5 hours. It's not what I imagine animalic to be, but maybe the warmth is the musc. And it is not white musc Imagine what a hot stone massage feels like. Or the warmth from incense or a banked fire without the smell of incense or smoke. The description says it is lunar and solar and that is correct. I will have to force myself to try the other samples before I decide to spring for a full bottle of this.
By   - from Boston on 5/1/2015
I just received my sample of the Edp version. I have a thing for animalic scents. I like salty and musky scents that are too flowery and feminine. I've experimented with others, but this one is my absolute favorite. I received CB I Hate Perfume's Musk Reinvention, and it was just okay. It didn't do it for me. But this, it has this viscous and sensuous quality. It isn't one dimensional at all. It changes on my skin. I love it. This is a definite bottle purchase, and is a favorite.
By   - Student from Nor Cal on 10/14/2014
Amazing. Totally unisex. Actually, no. It's just sex. In a bottle. I'm pleasantly surprised by the floral aspect to the composition. In fact, it reminds me of Lutens Fleurs d'Oranger in some respects. It's not nearly as offensive or extreme as most of the blogs make it out to be. I think MKK is more wild, where Musc Tonkin is more unctuous.
By   - from NYC on 10/9/2014
New EDP version launching in Sept. 2014!
By   - from Los Angeles on 3/23/2014
I agree with every word CEG wrote in his review. I would like to add that this is the best musc fragrance I have ever smelled and it's a shame this beauty is sold out.
By   - Musician from Pensacola on 1/12/2013
If you're an animalic (definitely not a vegetal musk) musk lover like myself you will love this. It's got great silleage and lasting power. One more thing you must know: when he says MUSC Tonkin is a pure Parfum or extrait you better believe it unlike some who make this claim and well hmmm. Let's just say they stretch the truth. Can we all say PureDistance, XERJOFF, LeLabo's claim of being 30% just to name a few!?
By   - Retired Male from Homer on 1/3/2013
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