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The best grassy green tomato leaf scent!
By   - teacher  from chi on 6/26/2017
I bought a sample a while back and surprisingly with time this scent has gotten better. Like a fine drink,it gets better with age. The heart/middle note is without a doubt the tomatoes leaf and this is what ends up becoming more of the head/top note with time. I have to say this is a surprise for me and I have grown to love this invigorating scent.
By   - Law from San Diego on 11/11/2016
Tomato leaf! Those who can’t get enough of that note should try this perfume. As for me, it’s at least a smell I like pretty well in nature, so I’m pleased to have this sample. It's vividly herbal/grassy as well, beyond just the tomato leaf. I don’t know the lentiscus (mastic) plant, so I can’t say how well that’s represented. But the perfume in general makes me feel I’m in a garden this time of year (August), when all the plants are getting leggy and growing out of control, and are hot in the sun and the heat’s bringing out all their humid leaf scents, and we could use a good rainshower. To me it’s a hot summer green scent, not a cool spring green. Evocative of a real outdoor garden; one of those “experience” scents.
By   - writer from Seattle on 8/13/2016
At first I loved the sharp green lentiscus and its evocation of evergreens and ocean, but it fades very quickly and on repeated wearings it drew further and further from a natural landscape for me. I am by no means a natural perfume snob or opposed to the aromachemicals that go into almost all perfumes, but this one, as with a number in the line, feels a little too much from the lab -- even though that may not be the case! This might just be what lentiscus smells like!
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/24/2016
The best perfume I ever tried in my life. It does smell like a sun dried hay with some hints of peppermint, citrus and some wild mountain flowers. It is unique, pleasant, long-lasting. I haven't yet tried anything better than this. I've immediately ordered the entire size once I realized how good the tester was.
By   - from Aventura on 7/11/2014
Rec'd my sample today and was very pleased! It smells very crisp and vegetal to me. Then my daughter smelled it and said it smelled like Molecule. I went and sprayed from my Essentric 02 and the dry down is exactly the same. So will hold off on purchasing a full bottle for now. But it is a lovely fragrance.
By   - from Dothan, AL on 6/28/2014
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