Chocolate Greedy

Eau de Parfum

by Montale

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The Scoop

Chocolate connoisseurs that we are, we prefer our chocolate to be dark, but sometimes we just cannot resist the guilty pleasure of creamy milkiness. It is no wonder that we adore Chocolate Greedy, because it amazingly combines the dark and the creamy aspects of chocolate. The beginning of Chocolate Greedy is a mouthwatering ode to delectable creaminess, a luscious, rich ganache of incredible scrumptiousness. The middle stage has an attractive hint of powderiness that makes us think of the highest-quality cocoa generously sprinkled on very expensive truffles with a subtle undertone of bitter orange. The chocolate creaminess turns the drydown of Chocolate Greedy into an exquisitely, subtly gourmand skin scent, delicate, enveloping and very sensual. A must have for chocoholics, which is to say, a must have for everybody!

Chocolate Greedy  Notes

moka bean, bitter orange, cacao cream, vanilla from Madagascar

Chocolate Greedy Sizes Available
50ml $120
100ml $170
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Chocolate Greedy...
Dark chocolate orange bug spray with a whole lotta nuttiness thrown into the mix! Gourmand lovers MUST TRY! :P Now I have a quadruple chin. :/))))
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 6/15/2016
This is a wonderful scent! It's sweet (think milk chocolate vs dark chocolate) yet sophisticated.
By   - Accountant from Chicago on 11/21/2015
Oh my goodness, this stuff is amazing!! I ordered samples of Montale: White Aoud, Nepal Aoud, and Chocolate Greedy, and after experiencing them all, I can safely say this scent is the winner. Although I love oud's, this scent is absolutely delectable in every way.
By   - Technology Specialist from San Bruno on 12/17/2014
This scent is edible. When I first put it on it smelled like a dark chocolate with a hint of tobacco, then when it dried down the scent changed to a sweet chocolate, almost like s'mores, very yummy.
By   - Teacher from Lexington on 3/16/2013
This is interesting stuff. I don't get a creamy smell, just dark chocolate and a nice tobacco. Not too sweet, dark and sexy. A man could wear this, I think. I layered it with Molecule 02 (straight up ambroxan skin scent) and it was great, very unisex.
By  on 3/1/2013
This is like hot chocolate with a swirl of whipped cream with some dark chocolate shavings, a small dash of cinnamon, and a Christmas sugar cookie stuck into the whipped cream.
By   - from Toronto on 6/17/2012
I like the chocolate smell but I really don´t like the sharp smell of bug spay coming afterwards.
By   - Designer from Göteborg on 4/15/2012
I really like this stuff. I got the reviews mostly from other guys and i do have to say, this scent is more unisex like Bond 9 I love NY for All.
By   - from Pembroke Pines on 1/14/2012
Lovely & warm, not too sweet. Very similar scent to Palmer's Cocoa Butter body creme (as was the comment I received whilst wearing it).
By   - from Sydney Australia on 3/10/2011
I smell chocolate at work all day every day to the point that I can't really even smell it anymore... it has to pack a wallop or it's lost on me. This smells like straight up Coco Puffs cereal on me. In a weird way it's actually kind of great... it makes me want to eat chocolate and that is sayin' something! Not sure if it FBW for me... but it's fun to wear for sure.
By   - Chocolatier from Santa Fe on 3/8/2010
I tried a sample of chocolate greedy and I absolutely love it. Its a delicious warm comforting chocolate scent that really lasts on me. I couldnt wait for the smaller bottle to be available, so I bought the 100 ML. I am looking forward to wearing the for the rest of the winter. So delicious!! Very natural gourmand scent, and nothing synthetic about it.
By   - from buffalo on 1/16/2010
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! DELICIOUS COCOA SCENT THAT LASTS ON ME, DRIVES MEN WILD (and a sniff of my wrist, I'm falling in love with me too).
By   - DATABASE ANALYST from BALTIMORE on 6/29/2009
Choco is so easy to make, why this fell so flat? I make it with base a of amber. I call mine To Die for Chocolate. Smells like Chocolate straight up and stays true. Yummy!!!!
By   - perfumer from NY on 6/18/2009
Disappointment for me, not chocolate enough, smells more like a fresh floral scent to me...
By   - HR from Istanbul on 2/25/2009
I am surprsied by the negative reviews. This smelled more like a true cocoa truffle scent with cream, coffee and the barest hint of orange. Wonderful cocoa-chocolate drydown.
By  on 1/23/2009
I should love this for it's name alone (though the only thing greedy about this scent is what Montale charges for something that smells nothing like chocolate). I am a true chocolate connoisseur and only wear gourmand fragrances, so naturally I was excited when this first came out. That excitement came to a screeching halt after I received a sample. The bottle itself is quite unique looking and the name suggests an endless dance with ribbons of pure silky chocolate. I was ready to be swept away by the scent of chocolate, but instead I got something completely unexpected. This was nothing more than a tootsie roll from start to finish. (dead on in fact). It smells exactly like a tootsie roll with the faint scent of whatever oil they use in the background (much like CSP's fragrances where the oil base always seems to interfere somewhat with the notes themselves). I expected so much more from this scent (at the very least some chocolate). I got absolutely no chocolate whatsoever. It's not that it's an unpleasant scent, however it is a disappointment nonetheless. This also has no depth, no staying power and very little life. I'll stick with my beloved Copponeur Eau De Cacao, though I will always be on the lookout for a true chocolate scent should it ever materialize in the form of anything other than just a great name
By  on 8/3/2008
It smells more of rose and orange, it is hard to smell the chocolate
By   - from New York on 6/23/2008
This is a slightly darker chocolate scent than CSp Amour de Cacao, but still sweet. Give it a few minutes to settle and the darkness overtakes the sweetness and smells great, more like real chocolate tha ncotton candy. It still seems too expensive for the smell.
By  on 6/21/2008
Well, I must say, Montale has attempted to cover all the bases. Whatever your preferred fragrance genre, they probably have attempted to make something in that realm for you, many of which I like. Chocolate Greedy is in the category of chocolate scents that smell like delicious hot chocolate for about 1 minute and then promptly turn into Eau de Suzie-Q. Hm. I'm starting to wonder if it's the vanilla and orange combination in these scents that turns them all junk-foody. The ones without these tend not to be so bad.
By  on 4/6/2008
I absolutely adore CSP Amour de Cacao so I was very excited to try this. The first time i smelled it i thought it was positively horrid! It smelled strongly of rose (or some other grandma-ish flower) and pizza with mild undertones of chocolate and vanilla. But as the day wore on, the scent started to grow on me. While I definitely wouldn't shell out money for it, I would probably finish the sample vial that I have.
By  on 2/11/2008
I was expecting something fun, very young, almost child-like... and this is definitely not like that. It kinda reminds me something my grandmother would wear... To me it's a weird mix of tobacco, chocolate and mosquito repellent.
By  on 12/12/2007
Sweet and chocolaty yes, but with richness underneath like sweet pipe tobacco that rounds out the scent and makes it more complex and sexy delicious.
By  on 9/9/2007
Very similar to CSP Amour de Cacao if you have tried that.
By   - from Seattle on 8/29/2007
At first, it smelled strongly of chocolate, but the drydown (at least on me) is much more subtle and complex. Very sexy. A hint of chocolate, slight bitter orange and definitely Madagascan vanilla. My only complaint is that this fragrance does not last on me.
By   - from Northern Virginia on 8/22/2007
I had high hopes for this one, Montale has some beautiful fragrances, but on me this one smells like mosquito repellent! I get a slight hint of chocolate, but mostly it's very chemical based and a little powdery. I can't wait to go wash this off!
By   - from Ann Arbor, Michigan on 8/21/2007
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