Le Musc & La Peau

Eau de Parfum

by Parfumerie Generale

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The Scoop

For a perfect example of how Parfumerie Generale's ReWork Collection are much more than your ordinary "flanker" bottles, look no further than Le Musc & La Peau. Ostensibly based on the rich chocolate and hazelnut cult classic Musc Maori, Le Musc & La Peau isolates the original's to die for milky white musk blend and strips the gourmand away, replacing it with delicate florals and light, woodsy aromatics for a second skin of refined subtlety and astonishing complexity. A peak of vanilla and tonka bean still hint at the mouthwatering richness of the original, but now they hum with gentle restraint, weaving into the warm amber heart to make your skin radiate natural sensuality. A true skin scent, Le Musc & La Peau is perfectly suited as a warm, personal base to customize your favorite fragrance, but is equally ideal to be worn alone when you just want to smell like yourself- only better.

Le Musc & La Peau  Notes

Bergamot, ambroxan, musk, aldehydes, rosemary, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, cedar, tonka bean

Le Musc & La Peau Sizes Available
50ml $125
0.7ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Le Musc & La Peau...
There are certain adornments that I am constantly in search: the perfect dark red lipstick, the perfect hair brush, the delicate silk bra, and the perfect musk scent. This is it. It is so delicious, I have a hard time leaving my own house. Soft, but not wimpy; clean but not soapy. It is perfection in a bottle. I was so overwhelmed when I smelled it, I immediately put down the bottle of "Queen of the Night", and asked for this. So so good.
By   - Attorney from Los Angeles on 9/30/2016
Have to say this house deserves kudos just for this perfume only. Really beautiful extraction of the milky aspects from another perfume of theirs called Musc Maori. Aldehydes are a plenty and that might be the only negative thing here. Could've reduced its quantity though.
By   - IT from Camp Hill on 7/23/2016
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