Eau de Toilette

by Parfumerie Generale

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The Scoop

Sweetly dark and definitely dangerous, Cozé's base notes are ebony wood, dry chocolate and bourbon vanilla pods...just thought we'd warn you in case there was any sort of spontaneous swooning when you apply it. Intended as a men's scent (but we think of it more as a unisex perfume), Cozé is the first to feature Indian canapa sativa seed oil, otherwise known as hemp. PG has the exclusive rights to this new extraction of the oil, which presents itself as a captivating rich, warm, super spicy wood. Heating things up are a pulsating pepper, pimento and coffee, fused with the aforementioned chocolate and vanilla. A dark nectar of the gods.

Coze  Notes

canapa sativa seed oil, pepper, pimento, coffee, ebony wood, chocolate, bourbon vanilla pods

Coze Sizes Available
50ml $125
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Coze...
This is just out of this world! The best gourmand ever maybe. With coffee, chocolate, and a little hemp and dark wood to give it some unisex appeal and not get too sticky sweet. Delicious with every "bite"!
By   - self-employed on 1/6/2015
I bought my second bottle last month and I'm sad to say that it is no longer my favorite. I don't know what the did with the formulation but it lacks the depth and punch from 2 years ago. I love the initial blast but it fades VERY quickly on me now and is gone within 4 hours. No more strong punch of pimento. Damn - this has been reduced from 5 stars to 3.
By   - Project Manager, IT from Portland, Or on 2/9/2013
This really does it for me! Heady,hypnotic,and enticing. EVERYBODY loves this one on me! It's kinda odd when other guys comment on my frag, but it's just that good.I'd wear it even if I didn't like it just for the social aspect.
By   - from Evansville on 10/26/2012
This fragrance has a stunning combination of notes. It gives an impression of fine grain texture, with dark spices and woods, with a touch of gourmand dark chocolate, coffee and vanilla pods. Rich but in a dry way. Outstanding.
By   - from Toronto on 10/6/2012
Smelled like cloves...or that stuff your buy when you have a toothache and it numbs it until you can see a dentist. Either way..
By  on 8/27/2011
Not for me. This weird wet hemp/old coffee or benzoin or something heavy and wet. Not nice on me at all.
By   - Stylist from South of San Francisco on 6/2/2011
Choclate glazed donuts, mmm.....
By  on 3/2/2011
too dry and masculine for me
By   - from st.louis on 5/6/2010
Love it on men and women. Been searching for a spicy scent for a while, but this has the perfect sweetness to balance the spice. Very classy and is very well blended and the drydown is beautiful. Wish it were in stock.
By  on 2/7/2010
Coze is kinda hard to describe, probably because its very unique. I smell hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows and a earthy yet pleasant base note. Not quite as sultry as I had hoped, its actually rather perky but still comforting. very nice!
By  on 4/17/2009
Bitter chocolate, dust and memories. PURE PERFECTION
By  on 3/1/2009
Love this for a summer scent -- it's woody but sunny, sweet (chocolate notes), both dry and light. It has a kind of rich European hippy vibe that seems sexy and festive to me, and not particularly masculine as some have objected. I would adopt it in an instant but on me it is terribly fleeting -- I get 75 minutes at most. Heartbreaker.
By   - writer from New York on 7/21/2008
This was not unisex to me, but much more masculine than feminine. Very dry, sort of bitter spicy, woodsy, and not something I would enjoy wearing. Maybe on a man it would be good, but not on myself. The base notes make Coze somewhat more wearable, but still, no. I adore Cadjmere and Un Crime Exotique, however!
By  on 6/14/2008
if you love sushi bois you will like this. very very similiar on me. sharp spicey and fresh. this line never lets you down. there is something for everyone in it!
By   - agent from st pete on 6/13/2008
By  on 6/13/2008
The topnotes were off-putting. I think it was too much pimento? But the middle and base are exquisite. This is not a sweet chocolate. It is dark and mysterious.
By   - retired programmer from Columbus on 1/31/2008
Adding to my comment below and after further review . . . underestimated how nice the drydown is. Exceptional! The sweetness recedes and the pepper comes out with the resin wood notes for a smoky but ethereai very dry wood + spice. Kind of magical.
By   - from Seattle on 4/14/2007
warm, spicy and deep topnotes from the pimento, chocolate and vanilla. The warmth has a woody resonance about it that gives it mystery and some complexity - probably from the sativa oil. Coze has a caribbean spice Island vibe but with sort of a woody incense drydown note. Nice if you like spice!
By   - artist from Seattle on 4/14/2007
Only scent I have ever come across that inspired an immediate visceral reaction of hatred. I can typically give any fragrance a chance, but this was unquestionably a scrubber. Strong pepper, dirty hemp, and stale coffee. Not for me.
By   - Undergrad from Chapel Hill on 4/7/2007
Dang, that's strong! Also unpleasantly reminiscent of the Opium my step-mother used to wear whenever she and my father went out. I showered to get it off of me.
By   - Teacher from Boston, MA on 3/31/2007
Ain't nothing sweet about this one on me! All I get is pepper, hemp, and an undercurrent of stale pot smoke.
By   - from Arlington, VA on 3/5/2007
This is very similar to Comme Des Garcon’s White on me. CdG’s White is one of my all time favorite scents. The pepper notes are prominent from both of these fragrances. Coze is spicy and both men and women can wear this scent. I might switch to PG’s Coze after I’m done with White, because the lasting power of PG is amazing.
By   - from Los Angeles on 12/11/2006
A powerful, wonderful scent that has a big whiff of smoky incense. I get an occasional waft of 'ashtray' when the incense and tobacco mingle, but it is not unpleasant. As a woman, I like this scent, but I'll bet it's even better on a guy. Interesting, even intriguing in a complex way.
By   - Artist from Alxexandria, VA, USA on 12/5/2006
Mmmmmmm--darkly sexy! Loving the hemp, and it's loving me! Smells slilghtly like a soft amber. Luscious and very come-hither. Lacy lingerie a must!
By   - librarian from WV on 11/10/2006
This is a gorgeous, dark perfume with a pronouced hemp note on top (it's green, dry and spicy) and smooth, dark woods in the background. It's intended for men but I think women could wear this easily. This is one of the most unique offerings from Luckyscent in a while. Thanks for carrying this entire line. Love it!
By   - from NYC on 10/31/2006
What I noticed most was the strong peppery notes. Not a scent I can imagine many wanting to wear.
By   - Teacher from Madison, Wisconsin on 10/30/2006
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