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New car smell is how this perfume smells on my skin! I like that plastic newly washed car scent in my car but not on me. I really wanted to smell oranges, vanilla, and berries but that never happened. Oh well, I can use the sample in my car to give it that new smell. I recommend testing this perfume do not blind buy it.
By   - Writer from Bullhead City on 8/4/2018
I only ordered a sample of this because the first note mentioned is orange blossom. I'd like to know if anyone who thinks this smells like orange blossom has actually smelled one? This is not floral, it is true vanilla sweetness and I felt like I had put on the vanilla hippie oil I used to get in the metaphysical book store in my college town. No no no no no. Headachey sweet and a way too literal use of vanilla sugar for my skin.
By   - Manager from LA on 8/14/2016
Really quite lovely if used with a light hand...too much and you will end up with a cotton candy headache
By   - Insurance  from Providence on 6/22/2016
Delicious! Love this! The staying power is amazing! OK, this does not smell like Pink Sugar, Pink Sugar smells like Acqua e Zucchero. I can see Aquolina made a copy/paste in this case..
By   - Social Media from Atlanta on 5/19/2016
Got a sample of this perfume..since I adore Pink Sugar, it struck a chord with me right away. I have NEVER spent $250 on any perfume before but couldn't resist this. It is so much more pure and mature. It has a resemblance to Pink Sugar but is much more adult. It changes into a gorgeous fragrance that works with my chemistry. I was told where I work that "something" smelled amazing..everyone wanted to know where the gorgeous fragrance was coming from..I just smiled and walked away. Wont share.
By   - Night lead at school from Western NY on 2/3/2016
This is a wonderful scent. Very sweet, but not cloying or offensive to those around you. I understand the comparison to Pink Sugar, and made the connection myself. However, I dug up a sample of Pink Sugar I had and compared them. They are not close at all when compared side by side. This fragrance is less in your face and clearly better composed. I would not wear Pink Sugar, but will be buying a full bottle of this lovely perfume.
By   - SAHM from San Diego on 11/13/2014
I absolutely adore this fragrance! I ordered a sample and immediately purchased a full bottle. I can see how some people are comparing it to Pink Sugar, however, I put a spray of PS on one arm and AeZ on another arm...Holy schnikees, what a difference! When you sniff these in tandem, they are in no way comparable. PS had a pungent chemical shadow, like you had been exposed to a horrible accident at a vanilla syrup factory. AeZ had this wonderful light aire of sweet water, like the simple syrup from a Mojito. (No mint or rum scent though.) I guess that's why they named this fragrance "sugar water", very appropriately named. Fbw for sure!!!
By   - from New Englander on 4/19/2014
This is the fancy girl's Pink Sugar, definitely. It's less cloying and more grown up, has a more complicated and wonderful dry-down, and lasts forever. I got compliment after compliment while wearing this, from women and men alike. Everyone seemed to love it - friends kept coming to smell me and my man kept telling me how wonderful I smelled. While yes, it's definitely an outrageous price for something that does smell an awful lot like the much cheaper Pink Sugar, if longevity and a quite a bit more class mean a lot to you, I say go for it. Or at least check out The Perfumed Court or Surrender to Chance to see if you can get a decant of it. It's a beautiful, sexy, comforting, sweet and warm scent, and well worth every penny.
By   - graphic designer/antique store clerk/teacher from maine on 10/27/2013
Hands down my most complimented fragrance. When I wear this, both men and women notice AND comment AND love it. Nothing else in my wardrobe garners the same praise. I'll keep coming back!
By   - Physician from San Francisco on 6/17/2013
Just received my bottle of this juice. If this is what PS smells like (to me or on me) I would have jumped on that wagon many years ago. PS is no Acqua e Zucchero. This scent is warm and yet flirty. The most wonderful skin scent - my nose is stuck to my wrist. I need to get a back up bottle.
By   - Account Manager from Detroit on 3/19/2013
I do admit AeZ and PS are in the same category/genre. However, before purchasing a bottle of AeZ, I went to Sephora and sprayed PS on one wrist and put some of my AeZ sample on the other. I smelled each wrist for several hours and finally concluded that AeZ is in fact nicer smelling, of much higher quality, and frankly, worth the ridiculous price tag. PS is simply the poor girl's cheap version of AeZ. Would you rather have the beautiful, custom made, high-end Italian designer couture dress, or the ill fitting, fake, Forever 21, made-in-China knock-off, clearance rack version of it? You decide.
By   - from Bay Area on 10/10/2012
This smells exactly like Pink Sugar as many reviewers say. However, it stays all day, and the dry down is so much more rich. I agree, yep PS, but 7 bottles of PS to equal one of these. This is a grown up version and more sophisticated. Get a sample first, but if you like PS, you'll love this higher end version.
By   - People from Narnia on 5/9/2012
This is the ultimate perfume! At least for those who appreciate sweeter smells. Such a special one, different on everybody of course, but there's something magical about Aqua e zucchero. The high concentration of perfume oil is probably what does it, and the unique combination of its ingredients is just WOW. Smelling it makes a perfume nerd like me relaxed, and im a very picky one. Usually i don't even like vanilla, it's crazy. Always get compliments for this one, from both men and females, and my boyfriends absolutely loves it. No artificial smell after a few hours like almost every other perfume i've tried, the sweet smell adapt and melts into your own skins smell. It even stays the same on unused textiles for months. Can't praise this perfume enough, i dread the day they stop producing it. Buy it and love it, it's more than worth the money!
By  on 2/22/2012
On me, this smelled *exactly* like Pink Sugar, which, if anything, is a testament to Pink Sugar rather than to Acqua e Zucchero.
By   - Editor  from Seattle on 8/3/2011
I commented some time ago about this perfume not being so special - but today I found out I have worn the sample till not a drop was left. So I backtrack and say it is nice and sweet AND original and even addicitve. The very best of this perfume is when you breathe on it and smell it from very close. It is SO warm and edible.
By   - designer from Diessen on 4/17/2011
This is a nice perfume, pleasant. I get lots of fresh berries and a not so sweet vanilla. On me this perfume doesn't change much from the top notes to the dry down. I like it, though I find it a bit overpriced for what I am smelling. I do not find that it smelled anything like pink sugar btw. It's sweet but not overly due to the berries smelling more tart than sweet. It's much better than many of those mass marketed sweet perfumes. If makes me think of the color purple or fuschia, don't ask me why. I would buy it if it wasn't so expensive. Maybe I'll just grab a couple more samples and make due for a while.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 3/8/2011
Two words: "Pink Sugar"....this smells JUST LIKE pink sugar for 98% of the time it's on you. IMO it's not worth paying the extra money, not at all. Get Pink sugar, and save the extra money for another fragrance. It is a nice sweet scent though.
By   - from California on 11/29/2010
I had really high expectations from this perfume - but on my skin, it smells very very similar to Lolita Lempicka. It IS nice and sweet, but on the cildish side of sweet and not that special either.
By   - designer from Diessen on 9/27/2010
Unfortunately, this DOES smell like Pink Sugar! I didn't want to believe it when I read the reviews, but it really is true! There really isn't much difference between the two scents to warrant the high price tag. I love Profumum Vanitas and was hoping to find something else from this line that I'd like. Too bad :o(
By   - from Honolulu, HI on 3/19/2010
orange scented cotton candy. not very unisex, or I might like it more.
By   - from Los Angeles on 2/11/2010
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