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Jalaine's best seller. An absolutely gorgeous blend of earthy patchouli, smooth amber and a whisper of vanilla. This wickedly rich oil lures you into a dreamy, slow motion haze, mellowing into a warm and sensuous skin scent that gets better and better as you wear it. Deeply satisfying. If you are a patchouli lover, you need to try this. If you aren't, you should try this anyway – it may just convert you. It's that amazing.

Patchouli  Notes

Tunisian patchouli, amber, three types of musk, vanilla

Patchouli Sizes Available
6ml $150
6ml - Refill $90
.5ml Sample $6
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Here's what other people are saying about Patchouli...
Just gotta change my initial review... There's something very insidious about this scent. I initially found it too perfume-y, but it sneaked its way into my subconscious, and now I must not only take back my review, bit also order a FB!!! Really gets under one's skin!
By   - RN from Smellington, ct on 4/1/2015
Was just dying to sample this, but not at ALL what I'd expected. Initially scent is very, very "perfume-y", and the individual notes don't smell harmonious. Instead, it seems as though the Patchoui and Amber are at war with one another. The dry down is pleasant, but overall, extremely over-priced
By   - RN from Smellington CT on 2/10/2015
Tops gone wonky on my beautiful bottle due to over screwing.. you may find yourself in similar predicament if you apply this prior to an engagement. This is patchouli for the masses but its rich as hell so I don't care. it growls? If you run hot, warm blooded perfume lovers unite, this may make you feel feral.
By   - Office slave on 12/10/2014
I can't imagine anyone giving this a negative review. Its gorgeous...soft, dreamy, feminine and a little mysterious. The dry down is like a soft honeyed musk with a touch of patchouli. I purchased a sample and am off to buy the bottle. Love!! (my staples are Cartier La Panthere, Ferragamo Signorina Eleganza and Gucci Premiere)
By   - Artist from Bay Area on 6/1/2014
Where's the patchouli? From the moment I opened the sample, all I could smell was vanilla -- kind of a plastic artificial vanilla. Did not change at all after application. Disappointing.
By  on 9/30/2012
this is the best patchouli fragrance I have ever used, I do find it pricey but it is worth it goes a long way and lasts all day. I have customers that hate patchouli and when I tell them what Im wearing they cant believe it... All I can say is I LOVE IT !
By   - cosmetologist from CENTRAL POINT on 1/25/2012
I was disappointed in this... I hate to say it, because I really wanted to like it. It is too "perfumey" for me. I always thought I liked simpler scents and this confirms it! Too bad, because I bought a whole bottle. Wish the samples had been available then!
By   - jewelry designer on 8/12/2011
I can't decide if I like this or not? The vanilla definitely overpowers the patchouli on me. I don't smell much patchouli at all and have to really sniff deep and look for it. It does smell clean.
By  on 8/3/2011
What's going on with all those blank reviews? Some kind of hacking/injection attack?
By  on 4/25/2011
I hate this scent! Smells like hippy who hasn't showered for a couple days. Not my cup of tea at all. It smelled a touch manly on me and was quite overpowering. I guess patchouli just isn't the right perfume for me.
By   - from Montreal on 4/19/2011
Feminine and sweet, a clean hardly there pachouli.
By   - from Californiaa on 12/5/2010
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I am a scent junkie and have numerous high end, niche and vintage fragrances that I love wearing. However, Jalaine Patchouli is the only one that causes my husband to bury his face in my neck and tell me I smell GOOOOOD! I've been searching for the one to do that for a long time. I tried a sample of this and resisted due to the price and finally gave in a year later and now wonder why I didn't just enjoy it the whole time. If I wasn't so fickle, it would be my signature scent. Rarely do I get so much joy from simply sniffing...worth every penny in my opinion.
By   - American Expatriate in the Land of Danes from København on 1/10/2010
I've been wearing this now for almost a year, and wanted to say that it is wonderful and smells even better as it ages!
By   - from San Diego on 8/20/2009
Ohmigod! I was determined not to like this due to the high cost, but I am not able to restrain myself. This stuff is intoxicating and I have to say I love it. I expected the patchouli which is why I sampled it, but I suspect the musk is what is darwing me in like an animal intent on its prey. Delicious and unavaoidably irresitble. I feel a full bottle coming on... Did I say OHmiGOD?!!!
By   - Online Entreprenuer from Trenton, NJ on 7/7/2009
A sweet amber, vanilla, tonkan musk scent that by the way has a bit of patchouli in it. If you are wanting patchouli this is not it. But, it is a very nice amber woods fragrance that has some oriental flair with the addition of patchouli oil. For a Patchouli fragrance I would go with Mazzolari!
By  on 6/19/2009
This is NOT a patchouli for patchouli lovers. Too sweet. Too much vanilla and amber. instant headache. For a beautiful patchouli try Montale patchouli leaves.
By  on 4/9/2009
There is no smell to this. I cannot believe they call this patchouli. I am glad I ordered a sample instead of spending 100 dollars on a bottle. Very disappointed.
By   - from Poland on 4/7/2009
May have to try again. Sweet. Woody. Getting the patchouli, not much more. Heard all the raves - had to try a sample, felt certain I would buy the whole darn bottle. I'm just not there yet . . . and I had such high hopes . . .
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 4/2/2009
This stuff is terrible!!! I can't get it off and I have tried scrubbing with baking soda!!! Yuck! It is terribly sweet..this perfume is soo sweet it caused an immediate headache. I love patchouli and detected not a single hint of it. I t is more like a super concentrated room freshener from the 80's! If you don't like REALLY sweet perfume this is not for you! How can this possibly have a "cult" following it is the worst perfume I have ever smelled next to Youth Dew lol. I will be driving people away for days! My three year old even said "YUCK what smells Mommy?" The worst part is I can't get it off of
By   - Taxidermy from OKC on 2/19/2009
Like other reviewers have commented, this is NOT patchouli. I can't detect any evidence of patchouli in this scent. But it is a nice blend of amber/vanilla/musk. A nice warm scent with good lasting ability. I might try adding a drop of patchouli oil to it myself.
By   - from Fargo on 11/2/2008
If Patchouli could purr.... this is one smooth, sexy skin scent. My husband couldn't stop smelling my neck! And several folks, (mostly men) were taken by it.
By   - Education from San Francisco on 7/30/2008
One of my top five favorite fragrances. Very beautiful and very sexy. If you thought you might be running into an old flame this is the perfume you would want to be wearing.
By  on 5/31/2008
This is the one. It's gorgeous. If you want more of the patchouli note, apply very sparingly--that seems to allow the patch to come up to the surface. Apply too much and the sweetness may grate on your nerves. I'd like to know what note gives this its freshness. I'm in love!
By  on 5/27/2008
This is the perfect blend of patchouli and amber. the musk is very faint though. very seducing scent, will purchase.
By   - from NYC on 3/6/2008
It's nice, but it's not patchouli. On me, i got an extremely faint, fleeting note of patchouli in the first 10 minutes, which then disappears and the fragrance stays a sweet vanilla with an amber background for the rest of the day. Pros: long lasting, a little goes a long way. Cons: If you're looking for patchouli, you'll most likely be disappointed. Definitely sample first.
By   - film editor from NYC on 3/5/2008
This is one of the best scents I've had. It's what the "dirty hippy" wears when she finally grows up and gets her life going. Very sweet notes, and has a beautiful, long lasting body that is better than any patchouli I've had before. Plus, the bottle is so beautiful! It's more lovely in person than in the picture. Worth the money, and the refill is great for later!!!
By   - from San Diego on 1/6/2008
It's in the amber family, but it dried down a little different - dryer...or fruitier. An interesting take on patchouli. I like the Jalaine Amber better, but this is quite nice and spicy too.
By   - from Atlanta, GA on 12/8/2007
Boy, am I glad I didn't buy anything but just tried the sample, which was way too much money for what you got...This doesn't smell like Patchouli at all. I tried it twice and it didn't do a thing for me. Dry down smells like some kind of baby powder and not at all like the oils you get in other shops. If you want the real thing, this isn't it.
By   - professor/costume designer from hickory on 10/21/2007
This is a rich patchouli sent, however, it was but a memory in less than an hour. Not enough punch to justify the cost.
By   - Attorney on 6/1/2007
my boyfriend and I both tried this and it smelled HORRIBLE with my chemistry. Opening notes were gourmande- not at all what I was expecting for Patchouli- I smelled like a cookie. The drydown, alas, was awful. I smelled like a 14 year old boy who had bathed in cheap cologne. I'd used only a hint, but it stayed strong all day. The opening wasn't as sweet on my boyfriend, but the drydown was better; still it smelled cheap and more like vanilla than patchouli. This is a winter scent for a young man.
By  on 5/27/2007
I simply become another woman when wearing Patchouli. It makes you want to put on your sexy underwear and stilletos and go to the office everyday. I have to force myself to not overindulge because the fragrance speaks for itself. It was recommended by one of your customer service reps and I've forgotten his name but whomever you are THANK YOU for completing me!
By   - Business Owner from Chicago on 4/9/2007
6 STARS...MUST-HAVE...ENTHRALLING... You will not believe your senses when you smooth this luscious artisan blend into your skin. Patchouli is in the background, and its note permeates this fragrance with a grace I never thought possible. This perfume showcases what can happen when you send miss loudmouth Patchouli to finishing school to learn some manners! I am a patchouli lover, don't get me wrong - but this blend brings things to a whole new level, and this scent is something I would wear daily. At first, I was greeted by a warm waft of cocoa, which surprised the hell out of me. After a minute, the chocolate completely disappeared and I was met by a delicate, balanced vanilla - balanced by smooth amber and the light caress of patchouli. After a half hour, the balance reaches its equilibrium and there is just a gorgeous, choreographed work of art emanating from my own skin. The patchouli gains more prominence at this point, but is still being hypnotized into sublime calm by the other notes. And I am hyponotized as well! I could say something like "I wish I never tried this, because it's so good but so expensive!" Well, I can't agree with that, because if I had never tried this, I'd be missing out on The One, and so would you. Sample this, fall in love, and join the rest of us who dug deep with no regrets! THIS HAS A "CULT FOLLOWING" FOR A REASON. FINE ART.
By   - Biotech from Providence, Rhode Island on 4/6/2007
Best patchouli fragrance I ever smelled! Yummy!!!!
By  on 3/11/2007
This is sublime. Dreamy, rich, smooth, incense-y, but not overbearing. Eight hours later, it smells different but just as wonderful as when you first apply it.
By  on 6/14/2006
I thought I hated patchouli until I tried this one. Just as a gorgeous brunette really comes into her own when standing next to an equally gorgeous blonde, patchouli really shines when expertly blended with amber.
By  on 6/14/2006
Not really a patchouly for patch purists, but lovely...this has the same buttery, sweet-salty thing goin on as vanilla and silk, but with that added depth. I wear silk when I'm looking for something lighter. For those who find jalaine's patch too sweet, I'd go for Lawrence Dumont's Vanille Patchouly...a drier, crisper(and cheaper!)version.
By  on 4/20/2006
A very warm fragrance with a hint of something I can barely smell, a freshness, that I can't put my finger on.
By   - Almost college grad from Boston on 4/3/2006
This is wonderful stuff! I really ordered the sample to see what a softer patchouli could be like, and you do catch a subtle air of patchouli right at the beginning, but after that, it becomes a luscious very soft vanilla. I am not even a huge vanilla scent fan, but this is just right. It is pure smoothness in a bottle!
By   - Medical from Gainesville on 3/10/2006
You can't not love this fragrance. It's creamy and luscious. The patchouli isn't too heavy and the vanilla rounds it out beautifully. It is expensive, but the bottle is beautiful and a little goes a long way.
By   - Info Technology from Santa Fe, NM on 1/27/2006
Beautiful, sweet, smooth patchouli to melt any patchouli hater's heart. Buy the refill if $150 is too much for you: it's the same size and you actually can buy empty crystal perfume bottles in home stores. The best Jalaine IMO.
By   - from NYC on 1/10/2006
LOVE IT!! I've always loved patchouli, amber, musk and vanilla notes, but never could find THAT right scent. Jalaine's Patchouli is awesome, and it's so good.
By   - from New York on 1/7/2006
women question, men admire, this scent begins with a whiff of patchouli, then a heady amber note,then drys down to a vanilla tinged spicy glow.its not true patchouli, no hippie berkelly shop memories, just warm and enticing. tip the refill is the same size as the bottle w/o the fancy container,and so convenient
By   - from nyc on 12/9/2005
Lush, smooth, sexy!
By  on 11/1/2005
Started off very earthy and woody on me, but before I had a chance to write it off, the amber, musk and vanilla started kicking in, and it mellowed into a gorgeously addictive scent, slightly reminiscent of Sage's oils when layered. I might actually save up for a bottle of this. Dang, why did I have to try it?
By   - journalist from Manila on 9/2/2005
This is a very nice scent. It's not too earthy and is a well balanced beautiful blend of Patchouli, amber, vanilla and musk. It reminds me of Jailia, but not as sweet or complicated.
By  on 8/2/2005
This has a lovely chocolate top note that I wish lasted longer. A nice patchouli, not too earthy.
By   - from San Diego on 7/25/2005
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