Frankincense - Myrrh - Rose Maroc

perfume oil

by Regina Harris

Frankincense - Myrrh - Rose Maroc Sizes Available:
15ml $125
0.5ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Frankincense - Myrrh - Rose Maroc...
Sexy! This fragrance is...a raven-haired, smoky-voiced jazz singer in a full length, black, silk gown with red stilettos peeking out from under the hem.
By   - Healthcare from Olympia on 4/7/2015
Took me 3 or 4 tests before I really "got" this oil. Thick, rich, and luscious, I love the way it wears close to the body you need very little. Incense-y, yet spicy, with a hint of Rose running beneath the Frankincense-Myrrh swirl. Definitely does NOT remind one of church!!! 😊
By   - RN from Smellington, CT on 2/18/2015
At first this scent feels a little too intense but give it 5 minutes and it will open up in a totally new way. Definitely an evening fragrance. Love it. Very different, unique and you need just a tiny little bit.
By   - business owner  from Sacramento on 12/11/2014
I don''t know...perhaps I was expecting something along the lines of that magical gem L''air du desert marocain my Andy Tauer...but this was a disappointment. This came off very sharp and harsh.....almost chemical on me. It reminds me the car scenting oils you could buy from gas stations and convenience stores in the 80''s. It also evaporated rather quickly for an oil.
By   - from Columbus on 4/2/2014
This is what you would expect a temple dancer to smell like. It is roses and incense, smokey and sweet. It is the scent of ritual, but sexy enough to make you feel a little blasphemous. This will be my next full bottle. I will wear it when I have very bad things in mind.
By   - from chapel hill on 5/3/2013
This is a fabulously decadent fragrance. If you want to drape yourself in velvet like George Costanza, this scent is for you! Deeply resinous with precious woods and a hint of rose incense. The frankincense and myrrh are of the highest quality. Really luxurious! Well balanced scent with a crimson rubygolden amber quality. I love the bottle design as well. I am tempted to buy a full bottle, as well as Amber Vanilla.
By   - Biotech from Massachusetts on 9/8/2011
I adore the look of these bottles, and the concept of an opulent, incense based perfume. Unfortunately it wasn''t for me... I had much the same reaction as with Aroma M''s Geisha Noir. On me, they''re both too heavy, too ''PERFUME'' in big bold letters... and this one smelled strangely of cola bottle sweets for some reason. I prefer something a little more subtle.But for someone, this would make a fantastic perfume.
By  on 6/21/2011
I had been looking at this for a long time, so finally got a sample...then got a full bottle! The scent is amazing. Sexy, incense-y, and wears close to the body, so they won''t smell you across the room (which is important to me, since I work in the health care field with patients who may have allergies or lung issues). Lasts almost the whole work-day. The packaging is beautiful--the bottle is a work of art. It would be nice if a "refill" was available at a slightly discounted price, so one doesn''t wind up with a drawer full of empty, too-beautiful-to-throw-away bottles.
By  on 1/20/2011
Well, I have to say that I feel a little odd being a man that posts this review but here I go.I wanted something with rose in it and when I searched on this site I found this perfume oil. I got a bunch of samples and tried out each one with my wife giving her opinion on whether she liked it on me or not.This perfume oil beat out the other scents and it is the one my wife purchased as a Christmas gift for me.I enjoy shaving with rose-scented creams and soaps and this seems a perfect complement to that when I''m done. Rose isn''t the predominant scent but it is there.
By  on 12/28/2010
Mysterious, sensual and heavy. Beautiful perfume, but for the harsh winter nights. Extremely feminine and to put it very little. Wonderful composition, complex, warm, and fortunately not as sweet as often oriental perfumes. Incense is insensibly involved, but it gives a serious note of perfume. A woman who wears it doesn''t allow to be closer to her than what she wants. At the same time inviting and distancing perfume. For the lucky one whom it is allowed to approach, very sexy.
By   - Artist from NYC on 8/26/2010
ok... made a mistake with the rating.. Clearly I did not like it..
By   - Manager from NYC on 8/16/2010
Wow.. was wearing it on Saturday night out and I hated the way I smelled. It literally made me mad. Its different alright but if people could smell it that night I feel bad for them...
By   - Manager from NYC on 8/16/2010
I''ve been looking for my perfect scent and I think I have finally found it. I like that it''s sensual and exotic - doesn''t seem "hippie" at all to me.
By   - from Greensboro NC on 1/31/2009
I sniffed this one and kept thinking "it smells so retro..." and couldn''t identify what it reminded me of. Then it hit me -- it smells the way I remember Tabu by Dana smelling, although it''s probably more accurate to say this is the impression it leaves. This fragrance no doubt smells about 1,000% better than Tabu! It''s that dark, spicy, mysterious, noir scent that I associate with femme fatales. Probably not exactly what I was searching for, but lovely nonetheless.
By   - from In the middle of the middle of nowhere on 5/4/2008
REALLY loving this one. so glad i finally ordered a sample. much better than the vanillaamber one. might have to order a f.b. it''s so beautiful!
By  on 3/10/2008
I finally bought this perfume oil. How gorgeous! Very Byzantine. I have been wearing the AmberVanilla scent for 2 years. I''ve also tried combining both oils together. EROTIC!
By   - Artist from Los Angeles on 9/28/2007
This is lovely and rich...everything mingles into a chocolate-y aura.
By   - Teacher from Denver on 8/22/2007
feels like a headache inducing scent... not worth the price, very unrefined
By  on 1/3/2007
This is the collective smell of the spice bazaar in Istanbul. I could not smell the rose at all.
By   - Analyst from Istanbul on 12/8/2006
I got a sample of this the other day. I really thought I was going to love this one, but it smelled dry whereas I thought it was going to be more of rosy-incense scent. My sandalwood resin in oil smells a whole lot better and its a whole lot cheaper!!!
By   - Computer operator from Oakland, ca on 11/2/2006
The bottle is gorgeous but the oil reminds me too much of church incense I picture a sultry, dark-haired beauty with red, red lipstick wearing this fragrance.
By   - from California on 10/28/2006
ALMOST as decadent and luscious and the Amber Vanilla - equally spell-binding and hypnotic, in a slightly different way...Still a bigger fan of the Amber Vanilla, but you just never know when nothing but a heady-delicious rose scent will do! Frankincense-Myrrh-Rose Maroc is great stuff, but also check out L''Artisan''s Voleur de Roses (EDT) for that wild, reckless abandon we all crave from time to time...
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 8/25/2006
Defintiely the most hypnotic sample i''ve tried. Not sure if I could wear this out. Def an evening perfume for a super confident bewitching minx, on an ultra special evening.For me, I wear it to bed. The dry down is gorgeously sweet, with a little touch of brandy or whisky (some kind of spirit) especially when you first put it on. Then mellows out into a calming, addictive smell.Sampled 3 incensey perfume: this one, 10 corso como, Passage d''enfant. This is the best one!
By   - fashion designer from London, UK on 7/22/2006
Save your coins and treat yourself to this one. You won''t be sorry. Be warned. It will draw a lot of attention.
By   - Teacher from Washington DC on 1/11/2006
I''m in serious like with this oil. It is quite rich, and not for those who do not want to be asked questions about the fragrance they are wearing. It''s likely to elicit a lot of "Hmm, what IS that?" questions. It''s a regal scent, not one to be dallied with.
By   - from Louisiana on 1/5/2006
This blonde loves RH oil! It''s deep and heavy, in a way, one serious incense scent. The rose eventually comes out. Unfortunately, I cannot smell the honey accord. But I do like it quite a bit. Overpriced, but very nice.
By   - from NYC on 6/17/2005
I wanted to like this fragrance, as it comes off as so mysterious... I pick up on musty rose amidst a bunch of herbs and spices. It honestly smelled like a Chinese dried herbsroots store I go to... dried ginger and mushrooms.
By   - Research Tech from Seattle on 5/3/2005
thank God I sampled first. It smells like old incense. The previous comment was right-be careful as this stains your skin the oddest colour.
By  on 5/2/2005
i thought this scent would be much better. it came out of the bottle a thick amber color, be careful not to stain your clothes with it. it smells like incense, though not in a good way like nag champa. i guess if you''re a hippie, or consider yourself "earthy" you''d like this.
By   - from encino,ca on 1/21/2005
I can''t stop smelling my wrist tonight! This is heavenly, in a deep, rich, dark, and resinous way. This is a scent to luxuriate in, a perfect way to end an evening. Even my husband said I smell good, and that''s saying something. But I''d wear it just for me, too! Something about it seems almost illicit, like a deep, dark secret waiting to be revealed. If you like incense, give this a try.
By   - mystic  from Tucson on 1/9/2005
i thought i was going to love this oil, but i found it just plain boring. so it''s smoky and incensy. it''s just kind of churchy, lacks depth, and leaves me uninspired. the bottle is nice, though.
By   - from NYC on 1/4/2005
I bought this for my tarot reading, herb smoking, black haired belly dancer friend G and it is her new signature scent. Strong, mystical and NOT for blondes.
By   - writer  from San Francisco on 12/8/2004
This is a cool, mysterious scent. Very spiritual and intriguing. I prefer a little bit of sweetness, but this is a wonderful scent nonetheless.
By   - from Chicago on 11/26/2004
This reminds of woodstock!!!! if you like incense then this is the one for you!
By   - perfume lover from New York on 11/3/2004
I had really high hopes for this one! It is not that it is bad- but the rose fades too fast and I am left with mostly myrrh. The bottle is so beautiful.
By   - from leesburg, va on 10/21/2004
This is one glorious scent! I love the combination of rose maroc and myrrh, the latter being one of my favorite fragrance notes. Worth every penny for this little gem. Love it! Plus, the bottle is just beautiful!
By  on 10/7/2004
This is my absolute all-time favorite fragrance. It has the most incredible combination of notes and it lasts forever!!! It''s sexy as heck :-)
By   - Secretary from Kenosha, WI on 10/7/2004
This is the most amazing perfume oil! It is resinous, earthy, sexy...The best incense fragrance out there! I love it!
By  on 10/7/2004
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