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You ever try a fragrance, then spend the next several hours deeply inhaling your own skin? Imagining this on your lover's skin? Just try it, it's an amazing mix of earthy, spicy and sweet and it will captivate you. This just became my favorite Patchouli scent, edging out Chanel Coromandel. Completely unisex and devastatingly sexy.
By   - physician from Chicago on 9/7/2018
An elegant fragrance that embraces rather than disguises patchouli. A heavy hitter softened with amber & honey. Truly unique. Truly unisex. My "holy grail" patch !
By   - Retired from CT on 9/7/2016
Agree with so many reviewers that this is a top-notch, gorgeous patchouli. Have sampled many others (L'Artisan's Patchouli Patch, Le Labo's Patchouli 24, Montale's Patchouli Leaves) and, thus far, Farmacia SS Annunziata's Patchouli Indonesiano has always come out on top, since I have found it to be the smoothest and most refined. However, now that I have tried the Mazzolari, I cannot make up my mind which of the two I prefer!! So, five stars for Mazzolari - and I will be rotating it with and Patchouli Indonesiano - or maybe spraying one on each wrist. Must also try Jalaine, since so many reviewers give it high marks - time for a patchouli pajama party with some girlfriends.
By   - Attorney from New York on 7/14/2016
One of the most gorgeous patches on the planet! Raw, oriental, sexy as hell.
By  on 5/12/2015
This would be lovely and soft if it did not have an overwhelming note of nail polish. It smells like nail polish on me, my husband, out of the vial, and on paper. However, 3 stars because nobody else seems to know what I'm talking about.
By   - Acrobatic Art Model from Washington, DC on 1/9/2012
Wow! This is PATCHOULI!! There's really no screwing around with this one. You know what you are in for straight out of the vial, though the honey does show through beautifully on the drydown. I suppose you could term Mazzolari as a "hippie" patchouli, as opposed to Bois 1920 Real Patchouli, which is sort of a "I want to smell like patchouli, but I don't want to scare anyone away" fragrance. I love both, though! I don't mind smelling like a free spirit. I love patchouli in all its forms and Mazzolari is no exception. If you DO mind smelling like the 60's than maybe Mazzolari isn't for you. I would give Bois 1920 a go, or find a patchouli that is blended with vanilla and/or a citrus to "calm" it down. A little goes a long way with ALL patchouli, though, just remember that when applying.
By   - from North Shore, New Zealand on 11/8/2011
Very high quality Indonesian patchouli that is minty and dry. The amber base sweetens the patchouli a bit, but not too much like in so many other pathcouli blends (Montale P. Leaves, Real Patchouli, etc). There is an odd animalic sourness that must be from the honey that keeps this patchouli sort of wild and raw. Along with Fragrantica Annunziata, one of the top patchouli fragrances ever made.
By   - Old hippie from Next to Normal on 7/2/2009
Smoky, woody, inense-y, medicinal -dry not sweet - guess I like my patchouli doctored up with florals and vanilla. 3 stars - nothing to write home about.
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 3/28/2009
Too sweet, and very reminiscent of Emeraude by Coty on me.
By  on 10/13/2008
Well rounded patchouli.
By   - Manager from Melbourne on 4/3/2008
a beautiful earthy soft almost honey sweet patch. the drydown is exquisite, as good as it gets 5 big stars for this masterpiece!
By   - sales from memphis on 11/26/2007
My holy grail patchouli. Dry, elegant patch on a base of warm, sweet amber. I adore this scent. It layers quite well with Kiss My Face Peaceful Patchouli body lotion. This is beyond long-lasting... it's positively tenacious!
By   - Nursing Student from North Florida on 3/21/2007
I just wanted to say that this fragrance belongs on one of Luckyscent's Top Picks lists. I will whole-heartedly campaign for it. Seriously, I've tried many of the Luckyscent's favorites--most of which are great!-- but this one is beyond fabulous. Are you Luckyscent people listening?? Put this on a list! You'll make me so very happy.
By  on 1/15/2007
This is perfection. Warm, slightly spicy and just a teeny bit sweet. It's very well-balanced. I bet I go through the whole bottle in a couple of months. It's a nice switch from my sweeter fragrances. Very sexy, IMHO.
By   - from chicago on 12/26/2006
I agree with the other reviews. This really is a very wearable, soft patchouli. I go back and forth with the Jalaine and this one, and I cannot say which I like better. They are both fantastic. I was never a fanatic about the whole head shop patchouli smell, but these two have changed my mind. The Mazzolari "lei" is nice, too. It has a great patchouli scent but with a little more sweetness to it. The "pathouli" is very earthy and sensual. It truly is a unisex scent, too. It smells equally good and different on my husband than on me. I love it!
By   - psychologist from Louisville on 11/17/2006
Simply one of the best patchoulis in existence. Comparable to Jalaine's(and surprisingly more affordable) Not "too" anything, the only Mazzolari for me! I would say it's a bit sweeter than say, Montales, but true to its purpose...I guess what I'm trying to say is; this one has no excess baggage, but remains approachable.
By  on 8/16/2006
A VERY nice well balanced patchouli with no annoying sharpness. Super mellow and slightly sweet. I don't agree with the price tag, as I am sure you can find something similar for cheaper...This whole line is way overpriced for what it is.....sorry.
By  on 6/15/2006
My prayers have been answered! Mazzolari Patchouli on this side of the pond! I've had two samples of this scent and without fail, it gets complements every time. Warm, ambery patchouli perfection. No dirty headshop hippie patch here... just smooth, deep, refined, and beautiful.
By   - Nursing Student from North Florida on 6/7/2006
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