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I received a sample of this in a swap, and fell instantly in love. It is a sweet, musky oil that seems to adapt to my natural scent and amplify it. The marine note some people mention is not what you are picture - no overly harsh Calone note; just the faintest whiff of freshness that enables this to be worn in almost any environment. I recommend indulging in the full presentation - the bottle is a work of art.
By   - Accountant from Truro, NS on 9/17/2015
I bought a sample of this and am immediately going to order the whole bottle. It's a beautiful soft scent with the vanilla rounded out with a very delicate marine freshness that counters any cloying or overly sweet tones from the vanilla. It's not big and showy or complex, but it smells like heaven.
By  on 2/11/2015
I've been searching for so long to find a scent that is wonderful on me. almost everything I try revolts against me; turning into dank cleaning chemicals on dirty skin. But then I got a sample of Silk in the mail. Oh my science, I finally found something that not only smells good, it makes me feel oddly euphoric! It's very salty, but not sweaty...just soft and melded with sweetness with a little powder...glorious.
By   - from Denver on 2/6/2013
First few tries, I loved this perfume. Oil gives it long lasting power and lovely vanilla smell. However I started to think the marine element was overpowering and increasingly thought it reminded me of an 'Ocean smell' air freshener. Couldn't get that out of my mind so, in the end, I stopped wearing it. Not a bad smell if you don't mind smelling like Glade.
By   - from glasgow on 1/3/2012
wow this stuff is good!!! It's like a gorgeous puff of white cloud but not at all powdery like Loukhoum or baby powder. It's sophisticated,luxurious, airy, soft and feminine all at the same time. This lasts a long time on me and even though this perfume lingers close to the skin, it's obvious it's there when you get close. I'm really enjoying the soft marine notes btw, they blend wonderfully with the white musk and vanilla. I love Jalaine vanille too btw but this one is quite different, the vanilla doesn't come through as sweet or prominent due to those marine notes and the lovely musk. I love this perfume for day or night, winter or summer.
By   - from Montreal on 6/21/2011
I wish this was sweeter on me. I'm not getting much vanilla. I wanted a skin-but-better vanilla, but this is more "Cashmere Mist" on me (though infinitely more expensive smelling), it's clean, a bit too clean. Maybe I'll mix a little vanilla oil with it. But it's good clean stuff. If you want a skin-but-better scent, you owe it to yourself to at least try a sample.
By   - from LA on 1/23/2011
This is like nails on a chalk board--my chemistry just doesn't work with white ambers or clean patch.
By  on 8/21/2010
This is like nails on a chalk board--my chemistry just doesn't work with white ambers or clean patch.
By  on 8/21/2010
Silk is my absolute FAVORITE from Jalaine's line. It is pure heaven!!! Luckyscent's description is perfect! This scent is creamy, buttery, airy, and cloud-like all at the same time. I agree with the review below regarding the marine notes - don't let it scare you! Its presence is subtle and just enough to balance out the fragrance and keep it airy. I get A LOT of compliments from both men and women when I wear this scent. In fact, out of all the perfumes I own this one gets the most praise. I am in love with this scent and hope it never gets discontinued! I would be devastated!
By   - from Honolulu, HI on 1/24/2010
Rats! I ordered this sample out of curiosity. I couldn't imagine how marine notes would work in the middle of an ambery-vanillic comfort scent. Turns out it works brilliantly, and I'm in love. The marine accord adds a little freshness to the mix, but it is not the "dreaded marine accord" à la Acqua di Gio. The result is a little sweet, a little fresh, a little salty, a little musky, and a LOT sexy! Like sun-warmed skin with salt water drying on it. FBW, even at the price. Rats!
By   - Resident Wino & Scent Slut from USA on 4/24/2009
beautiful bottle unfortunately it's the only thing I like. Sarong by theme fragrance is one of the best kept secrets of the fragrance world if you like Lush vanillas..:.
By   - art director  from nyc on 9/6/2008
OMG! Does Jalaine make anything that is not amazing?? I think not!! I am going to have a whole row of her black boxes on my vanity soon! This doesn't have as much "muscle" as the Vanilla. It seems a bit softer.
By   - Perfumista in training from Sonoma County, California on 7/24/2008
Very sweet vanilla with a tinge of furniture polish/counter cleaner. Not offensive, but stays sweet and doesn't develop further.
By   - from DC on 12/23/2007
This was absolutely awful with my skin chemistry. It started off very strong and powdery and eventually dried into an ammonia-tinged scent. (I should have known - marine notes often turn on me.)
By   - from Atlanta, GA on 12/8/2007
On me, this starts almost like a fruity floral, I then get a whiff of vanilla, and it dries down to a marine scent with a hint of vanilla. I'm not getting the gourmand notes as strongly as others. Wears REALLY close to your skin - very little silliage. Perfect for health care settings - not so good if you want to actually smell yourself.
By   - trainer from Washington DC on 10/2/2007
soooo disappointed. smells cheap and common. no way does it warrant this kind of price.
By   - Finance from Chester on 11/27/2006
Starts out very clean -- if you're looking for a true vanilla, this isn't it. But the drydown is sweet vanilla/amber. Stays too close to the skin for my taste (if a person doesn't have their nose pressed to your wrist, forget it), but still very pretty and original. A vanilla/marine combo is rare. Worth checking out, but is it worth the price? Depends how much you covet a clean vanilla.
By  on 11/15/2006
Smells very similar to SICILY by Dolce and Gabanna, However, SICILY is waaayy nicer and a much better choice for me. I hated this.
By  on 9/22/2006
I am sampling this again and even though I do smell greatness in this, the marine note just dominates this too much. It cuts all the creaminess and sweetness in a weirdly sharp, blunt way. Oh well, onto the next....
By   - from Tampa, Fl on 9/20/2006
Not unique. Smells like Bonnie Bell Skin Musk but greasy
By   - Perfumeur from Texas on 8/19/2006
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