Eau de Parfum

by Keiko Mecheri

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The Scoop

Unexpectedly decadent, this intoxicating meditation on umé, the Japanese plum, marries sweet and salt, fruit and spice, ethereal lightness and velvety richness. Inspired by the opulence of Parisian couture houses' takes on Orientalism in the Art Deco era, Umé captures that extravagant mood of experimentation and daring that set the standard for glamour for decades to come. Japanese plum, persimmon and the delicate apricot-like osmanthus blossom provide a succulent sweetness that dances a breathless tango with deeply alluring Oriental moss, woods and spices. An unforgettable fragrance that would have suited Josephine Baker herself – marvelous and unique.

Ume  Notes

Persimmon, peach tree leaves, hints of bergamot and mandarin, Japanese wisteria, peonies and camellia sasanka, South Sea jasmine and Chinese osmanthus, Hinoki wood, Cambodian mahogany and Mousse Poivree.

Ume Sizes Available
75ml $140
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Ume...
I have worn this scent since it came out in 2003. I just replaced my third bottle. It last forever because it requires so little when you wear it. I am always receiving complements when I have it on and I'm asked constantly what I have on..... I love this perfume. It is high quality and smells beautiful. I'm sure each person that wears it gets a different impression but I have loved it and will continue to purchase.
By   - from Dallas on 7/30/2015
This perfume is not very strong and smells like a department store perfume which I can't put my finger on. I was attracted to the fruit notes, but it just smells like... I'm not sure what, something I've smelled before in perfumes and don't like. Hairspray maybe? Yuck.
By   - from New York on 2/10/2013
I see the comparison to Poison and Coco (not as much madamoiselle-just Coco). I liked it quite a bit at first but within the hour it turned on me to something that was actually making me a bit nauseous.
By   - Massage Therapist from Chicago on 12/22/2012
This is a heavy, incensey Oriental on me and a dead ringer for Coco Chanel. I get no fruit and no floral notes. Weird.
By   - Attorney/Producer/Mom from Atlanta on 6/13/2012
This scent smells to me a lot like the Prada scent I wore a few years ago, but a tiny bit fruitier and WAY less aggressive in terms of sillage. This might have to be a mid-winter FB purchase :)
By   - Coordinator on 2/19/2012
It has taken two applications to make up my mind about this scent. First time around, I opened the bottle and nearly fainted-it was so beautiful, perfect aroma of boozy plum!!!.....But then it suddenly evolved into powdery incense..Noooo! Plum was gone and I was at it's funeral. Why lose a note that makes this so unique?! In that moment, in my mind I write this scent off completely, but the next day I am still haunted by the perfection of the plum. Is boozy heaven worth the incense hell? So I try it again (not just a dab either) and discover that this scent is in fact a breathtaking tango of the two elements, sensual and haunting. This is very special indeed.
By   - artist from UK on 10/21/2011
Ume' is quietly persuasive-- demure, but never boring. It starts out slightly plummy, then settles down to be more woody and floral and open. It has notes of sweetness without being cloying. Plus, Ume' beckons you closer instead of bashing you on the head like some other fragrances do. The 'art deco' description fits, but I couldn't tell you precisely why. It lasts seven hours on me and lingers a bit longer. It's lovely-- I sprung for the full bottle.
By  on 10/19/2011
I wanted to like this because it is so unique and interesting but it just doesn't work well with my chemistry. I always end up having to wash off cause the scent bothers me after 15 minutes. I know this could be a gorgeous scent for someone else so I recommend trying a sample to see how it works on your skin. Originally, soft, and alluring. Just no good on me at all!!!!
By   - from Puerto Rico on 5/16/2011
Got a sample, then took the plunge for a whole bottle. I almost hesitate to say this, but it reminds me of a more sophisticated version of Christian Dior's Poison. It'll be a new daily for me, in any case.
By   - Designer from Portland on 5/15/2011
This fragrance is quietly wonderful - and that means a lot coming from a girl who likes her perfume to herald its arrival and then leave admirers happily intoxicated in a dreamy silage!!!  (Hello Fleurissimo!) ; ) Ume is the perfect daytime fragrance, particularly if you work in an environment of sensitive noses or if you want to smell great while being subtle about it.  It truly is richly evocative of plums - and a deep, rich warmth.  Plus, a little wood ash, a little spiciness, and a little tobacco.
By   - Student from Pasadena on 3/10/2011
I've always liked this, but it wasn't until the weather cooled off that I LOVED it. It has a wonderful spicy note that makes it interesting and festive. Great scent!
By   - analyst from San Jose on 11/8/2009
My favorite of the Keiko Mecheri's I've sampled. All KM's seem formulated not to offend, even to the point of being bland (Hanae) or ugly (Grenats). Ume narrowly avoids a similar fate, adding a delicate salty and smoky edge to the fruity heart notes to keep you interested over the course of it's relatively short lifespan. I totally get the Coco Mademoiselle comparison. Both are chypre-lites with a bergomat/jasmine/woody accord. Prada Tendre is even more of a lookalike, which is all of the above, with plum instead of apricot. In fact, if you like this kind of thing, Prada Tendre is half the price.
By  on 9/4/2009
By   - bellow the line from Austin, TX on 9/4/2009
This is the only scent with fuit notes that i love - it's got to be the plum! One of my favorite scents from a wonderful brand.
By   - from chicago on 8/14/2009
you don't hear much about ume..but its my favorite in the line. sophisticated-yet very fluid, a haiku compared to loukoum ood sillage
By   - writer from NYC on 5/28/2009
lovely, sophisticated but not too heavy.
By   - from riverside on 4/11/2009
just beautiful-from the first sniff!
By  on 2/25/2009
This is a very pleasant scent---I am able to detect the sweet and tangy aroma of ume shu--- Japanese plum liquor. Very nice. Just wish it had a longer staying power.
By  on 10/26/2008
Nice and interesting interpretation of sweet-floral-fruity miscellany but too sweet on my skin. In addition it's not that easy to wear!
By  on 10/12/2008
I love wearing Ume this time of year. Makes me feel like I picked up a bit of fragrance walking by some wisteria floating through warm air. Funny how scent is so tied to memory.
By  on 9/6/2008
Agree with previous reviewer. Too fruity by far for me. And it does not change. . . at all. The woods are harsh and give a smoky undertone that I find unpleasant. Reminds me very much of an Estee Lauder scent I wore many years ago called Aliage. I believe it is discontinued now. Nuf said.
By   - from Halifax on 9/4/2008
Too fruity and floral in my opinion, and reminds me of my mother's perfume. It does layer well with more unisex scents.
By   - from san francisco on 7/30/2008
Lovely, although not for me. The rich woods and chypre come off like incense and are unpleasantly sharp on me. Beautiful top notes, though-- I love the plum.
By  on 7/9/2008
Bewitching! Started out pretty, but just when I thought it was about to turn bad it changed and became prettier. Several times.
By   - lighting tech from LA,CA on 2/24/2008
Intoxicating, from the top notes to the base. This is one of my favorite fragrances ever.
By   - from Alexandria, VA on 2/12/2008
I just got a batch of samples and this is my favorite (so far)! This smelled wonderful at first spritz to my untrained nose and just keeps getting better. I never thought I would like anything that wasn't a woody oriental but this is a perfect mix of sweetness and floral. I may have to spring for a whole bottle.
By   - nursing student from CT on 2/4/2008
When I get a batch of samples, I cant help but to put all of them on because I'm so excited, knowing full well that they all will stink mixed todgether!(of course I then smell them one a day/one at a time after any other is washed off). Just as perdicted they all stunk, but this one smelled wonderful! This one smelled beautiful even with the distraction of the others! I will smell it alone tomorrow and leave another review...but I'm sure it will smell even better!
By   - stay home mom 27 from dewey, ok (bartlesville) on 12/6/2007
The fragrance market has been glutted recently with a spate of largely indistinguishable fruity-floral scents geared mostly to teens and their slightly-older sisters. The 'grown-up' fruity-floral lovers have been ignored. But here, ladies, is your grown-up fruity floral. Rich and and warm and plummy in the best possible way, while retaining just enough restraint to be sophisticated. Ume doesn't gush, it pulses. I agree with the prior poster who said it puts her in mind of a plum colored kimono.
By   - Energy Analyst from Denver on 9/26/2007
This is my favorite Luckyscent fragrance. Unique, soft and sexy. It is wonderful if you layer with a vanilla fragrance such as the Vanille Noire from the La Maison line. Gives it an added kick.
By   - ACCOUNT MANAGER from LOS ANGELES on 6/8/2007
I can't wait to buy this. I'm hoarding my sample. I love the spicy, fruity scent - it's bold, but not "out there". If this were visual, it would be a gorgeous kimono with plum blossom design: beautiful, soft but in control. (Ok, I've been reading a lot of geisha material...) The best of KM in my book.
By   - from Brooklyn, NY on 5/28/2007
This is nice but a really heavy oriental on me. I smell a lot of orange, that predominates on me. I must say it lasts and lasts. You don't need more than one small spritz. It will linger and linger. I like it but it's not quite me; a bit heavier than I wanted.
By   - SAHM from Hartford on 12/19/2006
Perhaps this is a summer scent or just not the one for me. But I WILL try it again some other day just to be sure.
By   - from Eugene, Oregon on 11/4/2006
One day I hope to be able to aptly describe this wonderful and sophisticated fragrance. Got this as a sample, and though it's not something i would typically seek out on my own, I was pleasantly surprised. With my laypersons vocabulary, all I can say is that Ume is unexpectedlly delightful!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 8/17/2006
hinoki wood happens to be one of my all-time favourite notes. i detect none of it here. which does not detract from the fact that this is a sophisticated, beautiful, and memorable scent. not for young missies. and it actually smells extremely similar to coco mademoiselle by chanel, and pavot d'argent by roger et gallet. which is not a bad thing at all.
By   - chef from tel-aviv on 6/30/2006
I've only just tried this and it's heaven. I'll see how it lasts.
By   - Interior designer from Toronto on 6/29/2006
WOW! I just recieved this and I am soooo happy! Unique, sultry, feminine, yet crisp...hard to explain but I am very impressed with this composition... Fruity (somewhat) yet peppery, spicy, fresh, all at the same time... My favorite Keiko thus far. Try this one!
By   - from Maui on 6/22/2006
when i first opened the bottle i was surrounded from a deep oriental aura.i felt for it fromthat very moment but i really appreciate it when it dried in the most wondrous woody base.and when i danced with my boyfriend 3 days ago he was short of breath by this amazing perfume
By   - from athens greece on 5/29/2006
I see this as a big night out fragrance, and the best of all the newer KM's. I can real smell the persimmon, which is tempered w/ a little salt-n-pepper. So, salty peppery exotic fruits mix surprisingly well!! Try It..
By  on 5/12/2006
Just try this! It is really lovely, and warm, sweet, and SLIGHTLY woody w/o the overpowering rose-sweetness of Loukhoum or Gourmandises. This is, by far, my favorite KM fragrance so far. I'm buying the bottle (even though I hate the maroon sticker!)...this is a woman's fragrance, no unisex here! It's all woman with no sugary-fairy-dust little-girlness, and no musky, ambery-rose notes that make you feel as if you're some sort of antique. It's not so 'green' or 'marine' that it disappears, and there aren't any of those tiresome, headache-inducing incenses like patchouli or sandalwood in here, either; you won't end up smelling EXACTLY like your man, or as if you'd just spent the evening camped out in a smokehouse. ORDER MS. SAMPLE RIGHT NOW!
By   - Antiquities from Los Angeles on 4/13/2006
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