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I've worn this for over ten years (My original review is below). In that decade I never stopped loving this scent, its truly unique and is what I reached for when i woke up 'in a mood'. Definitely a unisex fragrance, which I read is now 'the thing'. I highly recommend this scent to any one looking for something a little edgy but also classy,
By   - Business Analyst from Durham, NC on 7/17/2021
Wow this one is so different from strip to skin. On the scent strip I get heavenly plums, boozy davana, and a healthy inhale of patchouli. On skin this thing is knock-you-out strong. WHOA indolic jasmine and a whisper of patchouli- smells very classic and vintage. A floral animal that is a bombastic, sensual experience for the senses. The plum isn't present on skin and it's mellowing to a sweet musky powder... very interesting and I can't stop smelling myself. I'm going to wear this a little at a time to see how my man warms up to it. He appreciates more subtle perfumes and this is not that. If you want to turn heads and smell classically 40's this is for you.
By   - Carrot Peeler from Los Angeles on 12/9/2020
Lush, sensual, and one of a kind. So entrancing that this could become my 'go-to' for evening.
By   - retired from Allentown on 6/20/2020
"A purple cattleya orchid blooms in Palos Verdes, California. The cusp of Summer. Janis Joplin meets Priyanka Chopra. Quirky, cozy, juicy. Fresh jam. Buzzed in a Betsey Johnson dress." -AW Other notes: I can't stop thinking about this one. Last night, I pulled myself out of bed and put this on to sniff as I fell asleep. A true masterpiece.
By   - Artist from Pittsburgh on 12/4/2018
A plummy patchouli with a lovely smoky throughline. I'm not normally fond of fragrances with the jasmine dialed as high as this one is, but it's a pretty, airy note in this context.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/6/2018
This smells very much like Coco Mademoiselle on me..
By   - Teacher from Hilton on 5/4/2016
This is wonderful! Definitely a fruitchouli but not immature. Elegant. Has a smoky undertone that gives great depth.
By   - Mommy from San francisco on 3/5/2016
Pleasant enough fruity jasmine. i was disappointed by the lack of a patchouli presence in this one as I thought the patchouli-plum combo would smell divine. It's rather sweet and bubblegummy and pretty linear. Reminds me quite a bit of The Different Company Jasmine a Nuit. Pleasant and inoffensive but I have no desire to own it.
By   - RN from NYC on 9/25/2015
I really wanted to like this scent. When first applied it smells very lovely. I loved it for the first hour. The dry down on me turns into a very powdery, smokey scent. Not the one I'm looking for. I will give it 3 stars based on the top notes and the compliments I received earlier on.
By   - Pharmaceuticals Marketing from Bay area on 2/7/2011
Beautiful smell of jasmine! I love this scent very much. :)
By   - from Tokyo on 12/25/2010
My daily fragrance this winter. Love the sweet spicy notes. Has good staying power.
By   - from Prague, CZ on 3/7/2010
This was moved up to the #1 spot out of my 30 samples. I don't think I've ever smelled anything this beautiful. I've gone on to order other samples from Kurkdjian, but this one is my favorite.
By   - FA from San Jose on 7/28/2009
This is the weirdest scent I ever fell completely in love with. There's something mystical and magical about the combination of the plum tree and the patch. I can't smell the jasmine at all, and the whole composition is dark, woody, and wetly ripe unlike anything else on Earth. For the record, I usually hate (loathe) patchouli unless it is buried deep in the base of a perfume where it can't really be detected. When I first tried the tester of this and heroically got past the initial patchouli blast to the dry-down I thought it was really interesting, but "not for me." Over the next few months I kept going back to the tester for "just one more sniff," because I could not get the memory of that incredibly different scent out of my head. Now I love it.
By  on 7/19/2009
sorry i just dont get it, i thought i had just bought a sample for pot pouri,the smell was so overpowering the kids decided to leave home and join a chemical farm,not for the faint-hearted.
By   - fitter from london on 3/1/2009
I wish we were able to edit our reviews on this site because I'd like to cancel out what I wrote below...this does NOT smell like Chinatown. It is somewhat like Flowerbomb but I like FB better. I smell the flowers, the patch and it's pretty sweet. It's okay but not full bottle worthy or worthy of the price,
By  on 12/21/2008
ok, mine were mislabeled...THIS smells almost exactly like bond's chinatown fragrance. this may be slightly more wearable though, a little softer.
By  on 8/10/2008
Initial smell overpowering but does settle down to a soft round perfume that does have good staying power, not what I want so still looking/smelling.
By   - Manager from Australia on 3/18/2008
Ishvaraya reminds me quite a bit of a jasmine version of Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan. Something about the mix of patchouli and plum can really evoke the smell of a garden after a rainstorm, but in the case of Ishvaraya, I feel like I'm face down in mud and crushed fruit. Not bad, but a bit too heady for my taste. After an hour or so it really mellows out into something more delicate and lovely, and the jasmine rises out of the mud. I'm going to hang on to my sample and test this again in the spring, because I think it may be more agreeable with my body chemistry in the non-winter months.
By   - from midwest, usa on 2/8/2008
Forbidden nectar of the senses and completely erotic. Manages to be smooth and spicy without developing into the organic "grunginess" of most heady orientals. This is a fragrance of hypnotic enchantment--and worth its equally dizzying pricetag.
By  on 12/28/2007
Initially, I am reminded of Tom Ford's Black Orchid - which isn't a bad thing - I love it, but this one quickly evolves into something else - a little more powder, a little more earth in a scent that wraps around you like velvet. Still trying to choose between this and the other two in the line - I think they are all brilliant.
By   - from Calgary on 12/14/2007
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